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Robert HagensRobert Hagens 

Can't drag report formula into report preview pane

 I am creating a summary format report. When I drag "Add Formula" over to create a new column, the entire grid highlights and I get the formula builder screen. I create my formula and it passes syntax check. When I exit the formula builder screen, I have a new row under "Formula" with the name of my formula, but I can't drag it onto the screen to become a column. If I try running the report, the formula doesn't show up.
Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
Have you created a grouping on this report?
Andy OgnenoffAndy Ognenoff
I think @MarkPass has got it - you need a field to group by before you can show a summary formula.  You've selected that its going to be a summary report but haven't told it what to summarize by yet.