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Chris UttleyChris Uttley 

How to add Record Count as a column on a summary report?

I have a pretty simple summary report on a custom object. It summarizes two columns, but I want to get the Record Count as a separate summarized column.
I cant figure out how to do this? Any suggestions?Summary Report Image
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Lucas NietoLucas Nieto
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Lucas NietoLucas Nieto
Add a formula field on the report, do "Record Count" as the formula itself, select all summary levels, and you should be good to go.
Lucas NietoLucas Nieto
- step 1

step 2

step 3

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Nebojsa ZgonjaninNebojsa Zgonjanin
Check this:

The power of 1 – counting many things, one by one.

A lot of reporting is often about counting. But when you use summary reports in and count, you’ll mostly get the same number. For example, if I have 5 Accounts each with 5 Opportunities, and I use the record count in a summary report, I will get 25 as the total of Accounts, and 25 as the sum of the record count of opportunities.

Something obviously isn’t as I'd expect… but what?

Well, there are 25 records in the list and you are looking at 25 rows on the screen. The counts are right in that respect - but how to get the counts of the exact number of accounts no matter how many rows are on the screen?

The solution

For opportunities – create a formula fields “# of opportunities� in the opportunity and make it a number, and enter the number 1 in the formula. Also, make it visible to all roles, and uncheck the box to no place it any page layouts.

Chris UttleyChris Uttley
Thank you Inieto.

That works! So I am happy.

There seems to be no need for me to add a 'count = 1' field to the object, which is good!
Bernard FrançoisBernard François
Note that this is only possible for reports using 'Summary Format' and 'Matrix Format', not for 'Tabular' - see screenshot.
It took me a while to figure this out, as I never noticed this drop down list before...

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Alon NirAlon Nir
Nice trick.
Any way to add the count as a new column in a matrix report?
Thanks :)
Vishal SharmaVishal Sharma
Hi ,

If we do not want to create any formual field and need to create a Record Count, then we can do the following:-

Click on the Show Drop Down and Un-Check the details drop down list value. A Record count colum will automatically be created.

Thanks :)
Robeela AliRobeela Ali
Robeela AliRobeela Ali
Hi All,

I am trying to do a very similar task.  I have created the row count in my report.  However, I now need to add a column which shows all the rowcount for the last seven days in the same report.  Could you please advise me of the formula for this or the best way to do this.

Many Thanks

Jason OldJason Old
Hi All

Is there any way to set the report or add a formula to only view those records with which have a duplicated field i,e. email address?
We have a too many records to sort groupings so are unable to use the sort function for record count.


Xuan Nguyen ThiXuan Nguyen Thi
Hi All,

Could you help how to count distinct mobile in Lead by sumary report ?


Peter ReidPeter Reid
this works great, but does anyone have a solution to export this to excel without data getting de-sorted by record count?  (and without having to use the printable view as a workaround)