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Austin HaynesAustin Haynes 

Is there a way to track incoming emails to Salesforce?

I have enabled the Gmail to Salesforce feature, and it currently works great for tracking outgoing emails to my contacts.  When I send an email to a contact (bcc Salesforce) the message sends perfectly and the email gets stored on the contact's object in Salesforce.

So when that contact replies to my message (and doesn't know to bcc the same address in Salesforce) the message doesn't get stored on the contact's profile in Salesforce.  

My Question: is there a way to store the contact's email in Salesforce?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly apprecited!

Thank you.

Srikanth GoatiSrikanth Goati

Salesforce for Outlook can indeed help with tracking incoming emails. There are also other 3rd party tools that can do this as well such as iHance,vcs smartemail.



Brandon BruceBrandon Bruce
Hi Austin,

We make an app specifically for integrating Salesforce with Gmail.  It allows you to log incoming and outbound emails to leads, contacts, cases, and opportunities in Salesforce with a click.  It also shows you profile information for leads and contacts alongside emails in Gmail.

Matthew MorganMatthew Morgan
Brandon, I do love Cirrus Insight, but is there a way for incoming emails be logged in Salesforce as incoming (mail type?) and outgoing be logged as outgoing? This is important for us for reporting purposes.
Iryna DIryna D
Hi Austin, I suggest trying ContactMonkey. It logs inbound and outbound emails into Salesforce. It also tracks how many times emails were opened, when, where, with what device and what links were clicked. You may download free trial here: