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Sandra PetersonSandra Peterson 

Custom Formula

I have been trying to modify this,
IF(ISPICKVAL(cx__Payment_Type__c ,"Credit Card"), Amount - cx__Settlement_Amount__c, null)
so that in addition to Credit Card, Online Checkout is also included as one of the Payment Types. Every time I change it around I get different syntax error messages. If more information is needed I'll be happy to clafiry
Can someone show me what I need to do so Online Checkout is included with Credit Card in this formula?
Aiden MartinAiden Martin
Try this:

OR(TEXT(cx__Payment_Type__c) = "Credit Card",
TEXT(cx__Payment_Type__c) = "Online Checkout"
Amount - cx__Settlement_Amount__c,

Sandra PetersonSandra Peterson
Thanks so much, Aiden. That did the trick!