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Ernie SchultzErnie Schultz 

Adding New Site Record - error

We have several national and chain accounts each of which is related back to a parent account.

Recently for one particular parent account, we pull up the Head Office Record, click on "New Site" and are presented with an incomprehensible error:

Unable to Access Page

Invalid parameter value for parameter "RecordType"

Error: The value of the parameter specified above contains a character that is not allowed or the value exceeds the maximum allowed length. Remove the character from the parameter value or reduce the value length and re-submit.


Could this be related to the number of site records already assigned? Since our users cannot access the "Record Type" parameter, they couldn't possibly have entered an invalid character here?

Any response would be helpful.
Charan VuyyuruCharan Vuyyuru
I think this is due to parameters  passed in the URL.

Check the URL once.. for New Site
Ernie SchultzErnie Schultz
The URL isn't displayed long enough to see what parameters are passed. Salesforce goes from the Head office page directly to the above error and the URL to "New Site" page is only up for half a second.

Anything else that I can try?
It sounds like there is an issue with the parameters thats passed to the url, what constructs the url? Do you have access to that.