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Chris RobertsonChris Robertson 

Case Comments vs. Chatter Feed

Anyone have any best practices or guidance on whether it is best to use the Chatter feed on a case or Case Comments.  For this particular org, 100% of the users submitting cases are internal users.  Now that Chatter posts are reportable AND "mentionable" I'm curious as to the pros and cons of each.  Any insight is appreciated!!
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Mamoon HajjaMamoon Hajja
So, here is how it goes:

Case Comments are to be reserved and to be available for all those who see the case, it's meant for more important things AND for the owner of the case mostly.

Chatter is nice to have when co-workers are to interact and advise each other on that case. Or, for the case owner to notify his/her manager about a special issue hapenning on that specific case.

So, I would say, you would want to use both. Case owners are to record their information on case comments. External ineractions with users other than the owner can be chattered.

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