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Richard SmithRichard Smith 

'value does not exist or does not match filter criteria' on case comment


I'm getting error 'value does not exist or does not match filter criteria' when I save a case comment. This is particular to one case but all users who try to update.

The error occurs regardless of the 'Public' checkbox value.

Any help greatly appreciated
KC ShaferKC Shafer
This error occurs when a value is entered in a lookup field that does not meet the criteria of a lookup filter defined for the lookup field. Do you have any lookup filters defined on the case or contact etc.? This is the only case that you are having this issue with correct?
Richard SmithRichard Smith
Hi KC, Thanks for your help. Absolutely spot-on. An invalid entry on lookup, now corrected and case comment has saved no problem.
Steven FoilesSteven Foiles
I wanted to add that this error can happen even with Look Up filters on related objects. This still led me in the right direction but sometimes the record you directly editing may not have the look up filter that is causing the error. 

We have object SRM that had master-detail to SR.
SR has a look up to RC with a look up filter on the RC field that is on SR.
If we want to edit SRM record and the filter is not met for RC look up filter, it throws the error until you meet the criteria.