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Katina DamKatina Dam 

Trouble Removing Assigned Users under Certain Territories

I'm having trouble removing a few users that don't belong in certain territories.
Why don't I have the option "Remove l Transfer"? the user highlighted in the red box?
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Alpesh ShahAlpesh Shah
I haven't seen this before but I can think of maybe two solutions

1. Has the user been deactivated in the system?
2. Is there another forecast manager assuming John was the forecast manager that can be designated that role?

KimChu PerringtonKimChu Perrington
I have seen this happen to us before.  It would appear to happen when you add a new user to the territory and then go to Remove the old user without assigning the oppoturnities to the new user. 

To prevent it from happening in the future you would do the following:
1.  Add the new user
2.  Select Remove from the old user (no longer in the territory)
3.  When prompted for who to reassign items to select the user that you added new to the territory.
Then the old user will be removed and no longer appear in the view.

To fix the issue that you have now (as in your screenshot) you will need to add the individual (John Osuyos) back to the territory.  Then once they are added select Remove.  Then when prompted for the reassignment select the current user in the territory.  This will then remove (John Osuvos) from the screen.   

Sharanya GunasundaramSharanya Gunasundaram
We can remove the old user and replace him with new user (as KimChu has explained above) in which case all the opportunities will also be moved to the new user.
If you dont want the opportunities to be assigned to the new user but just remove the user from the territory, then pull out all the opportunities of the user(to be removed from territrory) and change the Territory Name on Opportunity to NONE.This will remove all the opportunity from the Territory and also remove the user from that territory.