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Mckenzie EllisMckenzie Ellis 

how do I mass update account owners and contact owners?

I have an updated Excel spreadsheet with new account and contact owners. I would like to mass update these two fields into SF but was not able to under the normal import wizard under the setup toolbar.
Kristin FlewellingKristin Flewelling
The way to do this within the application is using the "Transfer Accounts" link at the bottom of the Accounts tab (or via Setup | Data Management | Mass Transfer Records").

Take note of the information on the Mass Transfer page.  When you transfer ownership of an account, the new owner will also gain ownership of the following records related to the transferred account:
  • Any notes that belong to the existing owner.
  • All contacts that belong to the existing owner.
  • All opportunities (including closed opportunities if you select the Transfer closed opportunities checkbox below) that belong to the existing owner.
  • All open activities assigned to the existing owner. Note that completed activities will not be transferred.
  • The new owner might need to edit sharing.
This means that contacts that DON'T belong to the existing owner are not transferred.

To have more explicit control over the transfer, you can do this update via the API using a tool like the Data Loader. Your .csv file will need the User IDs of the respective Account and Contact owners, as well as the record IDs.  You will also need to separate into an Account update and a Contact update as you won't be able to do both at the same time (at least not with the Data Loader).
Kristin FlewellingKristin Flewelling
One more thing -- if you update via the API, there are no cascading updates.  By this I mean, you update the Owner ID for an Account and that is all that is updated.  There will be no related updates to contacts, opportunities, etc like there is within the Transfer Accounts function in the app.