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Jerry OstradickyJerry Ostradicky 

how do I upload an image to salesforce

how do I upload an image to salesforce?  I'm trying to change the header for my email template, but can't choose the image from my desktop
Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
You will need to upload images to the Documents tab and then you can find them for use in your letterhead.
Karanraj SankaranarayananKaranraj Sankaranarayanan

You can upload documents,image in the document tab of salesforce.
Go to Documents Tab
then click New to upload Documents and Images or documents.

Then using letterhead, you can add image in your email template.

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Aiden MartinAiden Martin
As a follow-up to the previous two posts, make sure your select the option "Externally Available Image" or you won't be able to use the uploaded image in your template.

AnjanKailash IppiliAnjanKailash Ippili
select your app on right top then=>customise tabs=>documents=->new=>click on image check box=>browse image from computer=>then go to set up=>app setup=>create=>app=>edit=>on header image click insert image and slect the image from pop up,then save