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Andrew NerneyAndrew Nerney 

Restrict picklist value based on user profile

Hi all,

I have two user profiles A and B. Users of both profiles work on Opportunities with a specific record type and the same page layout.

I want to remove some of the picklist options from the Stage fiield for users with profile B, but I want to leave them as available for users with profile A.

How can I do this without creating an additional record type?  Creating a new record type is going to cause me problems because of downstream effects on reports and other filters.  Thus far the only way that I have found to restrict the picklist values is to create a new sales process, create a new opportunity record type and assign it to that new process, and then assign the new record type to users with profile B.  That is going to be a major pain because of all of the subsequent changes that I will have to make to other objects.

Nebojsa ZgonjaninNebojsa Zgonjanin
Custom visual force page and APEX controller that will replace standard Opportunity page would be your next option.