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Piotr KublickiPiotr Kublicki 

Multi-currency reporting

Hi Folks,

I've got the question regarding multi-currency reporting. Corporate currency is GBP. When I do reports (opportunity line item level) using evaluation (i.e. summation) on different currencies it always gives me all values converted into GBP. Part of our business sits in USA. Is it possible for such users to see the same report but in USD? I've tried to change a user default currency to USD but a report still shows all summation converted to GBP. According to the Help site (Knowledge Article Number: 000005473): "In summary, everything is converted to the corporate currency before it is evaluated", so my understanding is that a report will show always values in a corporate currency and dividing by currency depending on a region (based on the same report) is not possible. Is it correct understanding?

Cheers, Piotr Kublicki
Pierre Despatis-DupontPierre Despatis-Dupont
It should be possible. For example, on our opps, the amount field will display in the currency of the opportunity. On reports, we have the option of including the amount in original currency and/or the amount in any currency. In the report customization page, under the SHOW drop down, there is an option to change the currencies on the report. 

So, there are ways to achieve this ... it just depends how you are set up. Where does the "summation" happen and what does it sum? 
Piotr KublickiPiotr Kublicki
You're the star Pierre - simply customising the report view from the 'Show' tab works perfectly well. The simplest solutions sometimes lie before your nose. Summation happens on the matrix type report on several grouping level, but it doesn't matter now as all results are now converted into an appropriate currency after evaluation. Thanks again.
Mark HaywoodMark Haywood
I have this exact problem and the solution from Pierre seems to be just what I am looking for but I cannot see where you are finding this option to select it.
Can anyone help me to locate the SHOW - Currency option at all.

Thank you
Pierre Despatis-DupontPierre Despatis-Dupont
See screenshot below. 

Let me know if it helps. :)

User-added image
Mark HaywoodMark Haywood
Thank you Pierre.  Perfect.  I've been looking for that for ages!
Yuen Kian ChewYuen Kian Chew
Hi all,

I do have a similar question as above. 

I have reports with summaries for currencies. I have added both the Sales and Sales(converted) fields to be summarized. However it always show the currencies as the Report -> show currencies as value. Hence I have a report where the Sales is in EUR, and corporate currency as USD, the report summaries always default both Sales and Sales(converted) to USD (or any other active currency I have selected to show as)

Is there anyway to prevent the Sales(converted) value from changing regardless of the report Show Currency As option?


YK Chew
Leticia AndrenacciLeticia Andrenacci
We sell in multi-currencies.  I have a similar question related to a custom link to a report on the Opportunity.  The report was created by me hence the report's default currency is in USD, which is our corporate currency.  However if the report link is run from an Opportunity that has AUD currency for example, the Report Totals are displayed in USD and the Opportunity detail are displayed in AUD currency.  

Is there a way to customize the report currency to be dynamic according to the Opportunity currency from which the report is run?  

I am aware how to manually adjust report to show a specific currency; however I would like to force my users to manually customize the report each time when /if the report is run from Opportunity that is in a different currency.

Thanks - Letty
Andrea MarinucciAndrea Marinucci
in this way i have to create many different report
Andreas MikedisAndreas Mikedis
Same here, we sell in  in multi-currenciies, but user's Currency is our basec.(EURO). We receive many complaints from the users, when they report on non-EURO Opportunities and the Totals appear in EURO. They could do this in the legacy 10-yr old CRM.....
Yves Saint ViteuxYves Saint Viteux
The "Show Currency Using" works indeed perfectly in Classic....but it seems this feature has disappeard in Lightning !! Any idea?
Edith KeelEdith Keel
@Yves Saint Viteux I have teh same issue, here's an idea to vote on as this is currently not a feature in Lightning.
Tamal IslamTamal Islam
If you are in the Lightning report, just go to the dropdown list and select 'Edit (Salesforce Classic)'. You can then follow the 'Show' instructions above and then save it. Voila!