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Mike HepburnMike Hepburn 

Anyone know what this error message means?

Error: Your Salesforce session has expired or the Salesforce API Servers are offline. REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED: TotalRequests Limit exceeded.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
It sounds like you may have busted one of these API Usage Limits

Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Developer, and Editions

To maintain optimum performance and ensure that the API is available to all of our customers, balances transaction loads by imposing two types of limits:

When a call exceeds a request limit, an error is returned.

Concurrent API Request Limits

The following table lists the limits for various types of organizations for concurrent requests (calls) with a duration of 20 seconds or longer.

Organization TypeLimit
Developer Edition5
Trial organizations5
Production organizations25

Total API Request Limits

The following table lists the limits for the total API requests (calls) per 24-hour period for an organization.

Salesforce EditionAPI Calls Per License TypeMinimumMaximum
All Editions: DebuggingHeader on API testing calls for Apex specified. Valid in API version 20 and later.N/A1,0001,000
Developer EditionN/A5,0005,000 Free Edition
  • Salesforce: 1,000
  • Salesforce Platform: 200
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Professional Edition with API access enabled
  • Salesforce: 1,000
  • Salesforce Platform: 1,000
  • Salesforce Platform Light: 200
  • - One App: 200
  • - Free: 200
  • Content Only User: 200
  • Gold Partner: 200
  • Silver Partner: 200
  • Bronze Partner: 200
Unlimited Edition
  • Salesforce: 5,000
  • Salesforce Platform: 5,000
  • Salesforce Platform Light: 200
  • - One App: 200
  • - Free: 200
  • Content Only User: 200
  • Gold Partner: 200
  • Silver Partner: 200
  • Bronze Partner: 200
5,000Unlimited. However, at any high limit, it is likely that other limiting factors such as system load may prevent you from using your entire allocation of calls in a 24–hour period.

Limits are enforced against the aggregate of all API calls made by the organization in a 24 hour period; limits are not on a per-user basis. When an organization exceeds a limit, all users in the organization may be temporarily blocked from making additional calls. Calls will be blocked until usage for the preceding 24 hours drops below the limit.

In the Salesforce application, administrators can view how many API requests have been issued in the last 24 hours on the Company Information page at Your Name | Setup | Company Profile | Company Information. Administrators can also view a more detailed report of API usage over the last seven days by navigating to the Reports tab, selecting the Administrative Reports folder and clicking the API Usage Last 7 days report.

Limits are automatically enforced for all editions.

Any action that sends a call to the API counts toward usage limits, except the following:

You can configure your organization so that email is sent to a designated user when the number of API requests has exceeded a specified percentage of the limit. For more information, see About API Usage Notifications.

Example API Usage Metering Calculations

The following examples illustrate API usage metering calculations for several scenarios:
  • For an Enterprise Edition organization with five Salesforce licenses, the request limit is 5,000 requests (5 licenses X 1,000 calls).
  • For an Enterprise Edition organization with 15,000 Salesforce licenses, the request limit is 1,000,000 (the number of licenses X 1,000 calls is greater than the maximum value, so the lower limit of 1,000,000 is used).
  • For a Developer Edition organization that made 4,500 calls at 5:00 AM Wednesday, 499 calls at 11:00 PM Wednesday, only one more call could successfully be made until 5:00 AM Thursday.
  • For an Enterprise Edition organization with 20 Gold Partner licenses, the request limit is 5,000 (the number of licenses X 200 calls is less than the minimum value of 5,000).

Increasing Total API Request Limit

The calculation of the API request limit based on user licenses is designed to allow sufficient capacity for your organization based on your number of users. If you need a higher limit and you don't want to purchase additional user licenses or upgrade to Unlimited Edition, you can purchase additional API calls. For more information, contact your account representative.

Before you purchase additional API calls, you should perform a due diligence of your current API usage. Client applications, whether it is your own enterprise applications or partner applications, that make calls to the API can often be optimized to use fewer API calls to do the same work. If you are using a partner product, you should consult with the vendor to verify that the product is making optimal use of the API. A product that makes inefficient use of the API will incur unnecessary cost for your organization.