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Satheeskumar ISatheeskumar I 

ADM201 Exam Questions

   I am planing to give ADM201 Exam within this week.
   As preparation alone not sufficient for the exam I need MOCK exam papers for ADM201 which will help me to clear this exam.
   If you have MOCK Exam papers for ADM201, please provide me.

Many thanks
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Matthew LambMatthew Lamb

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Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
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Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Forgot to say, good luck!
Satheeskumar ISatheeskumar I
Man, Thanks a lot, This is very helpful.

balu nbalu n
it is very healpful thanks a lot
Mohammad navedMohammad naved


Matthew You done a fantastic job,This is really helpful


With regards
Mohammad Naved

Kapil ChoudharyKapil Choudhary
This is certainly helpful. Thanks Matt
Rizwan MalikRizwan Malik
This does help you brush up on the core principles of SFCRM, but these are not the sort of questions that pop up in the exam! So don't expect to revise these and pass the exam as the exam questions are totally different and are senario based. It helps if you have a few months experience using the enterprise edition of SF!
Andrew EvansAndrew Evans
so Ritzan

where do you think we go for some qusetions that may pop up in exam
Anu MoorthyAnu Moorthy
I just passed the SF Admin exam.  It was easy as I prepared very well.  This web-site helped me a lot.

Good Luck.
Andrew EvansAndrew Evans
Well done Anu
sravanthi atmakurusravanthi atmakuru
Hi iam sravanthi,
I want to know the procedure how to to prepare for Admin certification exam. i havent took any course outside. i just prepared by watching videos and this enough or give me some suggestions please
Rose LRose L
Speaking of ADM 201 , I’m not happy about the pass or fail grading.  Why can’t Salesforce provide a post test breakdown of your strengths & challenges?  Doesn’t SFDC pride themselves on their  analytics?  Why such limited feedback?
Matt LairdMatt Laird
Hey all, I passed my ADM 201 and it would be nice to know what the breakdown was.  A website that I used to help me study was,  They have practice mock exams and practice tests and I feel that the quality to the answers was more reliable than some others. Their is a cost to it but well worth it. Also I had the SF for Dummies, read through it a couple of times before the test. Good luck
flashcardexchange offers alot of good example questions
Pratik MunotPratik Munot
Also refer and do hand on on developer org. It ll help u to clear the exam in a single go
chandra sabbamchandra sabbam
hi Mat, it is very useful
David ReeceDavid Reece
Serious warning about using third party resources for questions, they are not always kept up to date or are completely accurate. E.g Proprofs website is a good source for questions but the very first question (in the 90 question exam), the answer they have is incorrect. I counted approximately 27 of these 90 questions were wrong, out of date or at the very least debatable. Use third party sites with caution and always verify the answers. Don't take their word for it.
neha sinhaneha sinha
Heu Matt, I am also planning to give ADM201 this month, I will be very grateful if you provide some tips and study materials. Thanks, Taani
Matt LairdMatt Laird
Hey Sinha, I mentioned before that I used  They have practice mock exams and practice tests and I feel that the quality to the answers was more reliable than some others. Their is a cost to it but well worth it. Also I had the SF for Dummies, read through it a couple of times before the test. Was a big help for me, let me know how you do.
Sudheendra KarriSudheendra Karri
Hey Matt,

Have a couple of quick queries related to purchasing SalesForce certification training material

I am looking for training content  for the ADM201 Certified Administrator track and notice that you have duration linked Study Pack Subscription plans that can be purchased on the site.

Before making a purchase, I would like to know what is included in the study pack.
I can see links for Flash Cards, Study guides,Practice tests and Mock exams on the menu bar. Could you please advise on the same.

Secondly, is the material up to date to reflect feature updates through to the Winter '13 release.

Appreciate your advise
Matt LairdMatt Laird
Hi Sudheendra,  the site has 8 Practice test, mock 90 exams drawing from the 8 practice test and tip sheets.  If you can go through the practice test and get in the high 80's low 90's and then read the for dummies the understanding of what will be on the test should be engraved in your brain.  I took the ADM 201 three months ago and passed using this method.  So I believe it does cover the Winter '13 release.

Hope that helps and good luck!
Rose LRose L
Hi, what edition of SFDC for dummies is best? I have the 3rd edition , but I  believe it's outdated.
Matt LairdMatt Laird
I used the 2nd edition so the 3rd will work even better
Sudheendra KarriSudheendra Karri
Thanks Matt, sounds decent enough. Believe the content  too is par enough with the kind of grind we can expect in the actual exam :)
Matt LairdMatt Laird
Yep, you will pass I'm sure of it!
neha sinhaneha sinha
@Matt, Thanks so much..
sales jobsales job
I am taking the exam in 2 weeks. any suggestions from folks who recently passed the exam..
Sudheendra KarriSudheendra Karri
Hey folks,

Would you guys recommend of any sample applications or a sandbox environment hosted on the platform that could help try around and see Administrative tasks in action while we prepare for the Adm 201 certification.

I get a feeling that having hands on practice to supplement theoretical learnings might come in handy.

Appreciate your advise.

sales jobsales job
Friends can you please give us list of sample questions which actually appear in ADM exam?  Any resources will help?
Dave ColeDave Cole
Matt Laird ?
I am trying to subscribe to the and am not having success. It looks like a resource I could use.  I keep getting the message No Product to Registar message.  Do you have a hint on how to register?
Cameron ChapmanCameron Chapman
Hi guys, with the upcoming release of Winter '14. how soon before or after do the exam questions get updated to reflect the new release? Thinking of sitting the ADM exams but wanted to be sure to pick up new features if they will be in the exam. 

Is there any way of finding out what versions the exams will be based on?

Thanks in advance

Emiliya SuvandjievaEmiliya Suvandjieva
Hello Everyone,

It may be too late to share this information, but still:
I am taking the ADM201 on Tuesday. I spoke with a Salesforce representative and he confirmed to me via e-mail that all exams will be updated the 1st weekend of November to include the Winter 14 release. Until then, it is going to be on Summer 13.
I hope this helps all of you, Good Luck!
uday kumar karekalluuday kumar karekallu
@sateesh ..share your experiences for ADM201 preparation..and exam..
sfdevelop 01sfdevelop 01
Hi sateesh have you appeared in sfdc 201 xam? if, what is the result? how they asked questions in the exam? because am gonna write the exam adm201
Velu PalaniVelu Palani
you may try this -
Jesus DeBarrosJesus DeBarros
Just took it on Monday and passed on the first try.  In big part to the flashcards on this link. There are questions from here that actually came up on the exam Verbatum..... Also the questions are in the very same format as most of the test so you can strategize.
Reynaldo TanReynaldo Tan
Can someone give us an updated link for a reliable reviewer?
Chris HighChris High
I just tried this one from the 2nd post -

The very first question was a True/False - "A Workflow rule can only be triggered when a record is created." I answered FALSE and got at wrong?! I know with 100% certainty that a Workflow can run either when a record is Created, or Anytime it's modified, or anytime it's modified to meet the criteria. I stopped right there.

After doing a couple practice tests last night I'm really lacking confidence it my certification exam this morning. I've been doing this for 4 years, I can build & administer in my sleep. But in two mock tests I got a 60% and 72%. One of the big problems I think is that SFDC is updated so often, a lot of things change every quarter. And some of these tests are years old.
Jesus DeBarrosJesus DeBarros
Do not worry, you will do fine, just take your time on the test and think critically about what the question is asking. If you picked up on that trick question, you are tuned in and should not have an issue. I took it a couple of weeks back and used the flash cards referenced in this thread and I passed it. If you have been doing this as long as you have, you should not have an issue. Disclaimer: This e-mail is intended only for the person addressed. It may contain confidential information and/or privileged material. If you receive this in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete the information from your computer. Please do not copy or use it for any purpose nor disclose its contents to any other person.
Chris HighChris High
I passed! It wasn't bad - the toughest part is that when you're so ingrained in the way your OWN company does things, there are other features you never touch or configurations you have no reason to consider. While I preferred the mock testing style on, the "flashcards" on are MUCH more relevant to the test as you said. Thanks for the tip, good luck everyone!
Rose LRose L

Chris , Congratulations! I concur Salesforce is updated too often. The amount of hours I spend trouble shooting , training users , updating the company SFDC manual that I created and testing etc…. after every update is exhausting and time consuming. I'm so busy that I don't have time to review features our company has never / will never use. I'm taking the test shortly , and if I fail would like to see my challenges & strengths. But SFDC doesn't offer the analytics.

Admin UserAdmin User
I am very much raw to SFDC. Though being a DOT net developer ; I am aware about the functionality. I am planning to go for 201 certification probabably in last week of December. it would be great if you could help me in passing the same. Currently I am studying from
Is there any latest dumps available which could be useful ?
And do questions repeat?
Thanks in advance!
Chris HighChris High
Yes that is a good set of flashcards, I just took my test yesterday and I saw very similar questions. But if you really are "very raw" to SFDC, you will have problems. There's no mock test that will cover every question you'll get, you need to know how to use the system very well, either by training or experience. If you go to test and try to "guess" your way through, it probably won't be passable. There are too many questions that would make no sense to an outsider, no matter how logical you may be...
John CoppedgeJohn Coppedge
Also, check out - I've developed a study guide with questions.
Sandee MurraySandee Murray
@chrishigh did you use
Chris HighChris High
Nope, and one or two of the ones. But the latter had some outdated information.
Sandee MurraySandee Murray
yeah i tried to use the proprofs but got so fustrated at the way they worded the questions- would you SF words them like that? If they do... im going to be in trouble!
John CallJohn Call
Very usefull links for exam preparation.
Deimple LalaDeimple Lala
I am planning to give ADM 201 this january but came to know that course will be changed by this year end.  Will couse change? Can anyone tell me from where I can study for the new syllabus. Currently I am studying from
Plese provide me the link. Thanks!
Reynaldo TanReynaldo Tan
I passed the certification exam!!!
Deimple LalaDeimple Lala
Congrats.. Can u please share the link from where I can study? Thanks!!
vamsi mentavamsi menta
@Deimple: There are few practice tests on I have been going through They have really good information up there. Do you have any other websties that you could recommend? I took my test on 02/04/2014. But failed though :-( Looks like I need more practical preparation than reading. Just reading doesn't seem to help. 
vamsi mentavamsi menta
I found this site ( to be more helpful with really challenging questions. I am also putting together the questions that I got during my exam. I was able to recall about 40 questions (You know it is not that easy to remember all of your exam questions). I am giving it a second shot on 02/20/2014. Wish me good luck people :-) . By the way I am new to this community. I do not have any prior experience in SFDC or CRM software. 
vamsi mentavamsi menta
Just to concentrate on Admin - W114 Exam (One of the best work books that I've ever went through)
Ben SchauerhamerBen Schauerhamer
I recently took it a few weeks ago and received quite a few questions from the flashcards at is a good set of cards to look through.

Dimple PatadiaDimple Patadia
@Vamsi Menta,  What kind of question did you get during your exam,  I am studing for mine. 
Reynaldo TanReynaldo Tan
Pls. call me. +639156951015
Suresh PulipakaSuresh Pulipaka
Hello Vamsi,
How was your exam?
Reynaldo TanReynaldo Tan
I have an updated and effective reviewer. I've just been certified last January. Reply if interested!
Suresh PulipakaSuresh Pulipaka
Reynaldo, I am interested.
Suresh PulipakaSuresh Pulipaka
Vamsi Best of Luck! Fortune favors those who dare!

Angie MedberyAngie Medbery
@RenaldoTan I am interested.
Ketly HinojosKetly Hinojos
I took the exam last week. Honestly, it was hard, but I passed.The flashcard site and these different links (;; and really helped. Please do your due diligence and verify the answers are correct. Some of the questions have incorrect answers. Some of the questions from Vamsi's list referenced above were also on the exam. Again these were taken straight  from the flashcard website. Come prepare with a strategy to complete the exam on time and have time to review some of the questions you weren't comfortable with. Don't dwell too much on some questions you can't answer right away, just move on and mark those questions for review later. Good luck> Ketly
Valerio NoèValerio Noè
Hi all,  thank you for your useful suggestions. This morning I passed the Admin certification !
Suresh PulipakaSuresh Pulipaka
Congrats  Ketly! Thanks for your  your post.

Congrats Valerio, Please do share your exam preparation strategy.
Yogesh NakhateYogesh Nakhate
Hi Friends,
I am also planning to take the SFDC developer exam in near future.
Please update this thread with your strategy for the same.
Anna MakAnna Mak
I heard that the ADM201 exam passing rate is quite low. 

I am thinking to test my luck (in fact, hard work is required) before the coupon expired. 

Team,  Any strategy to prepare for the exam?   Appreciate for your sharing.

Sandra PetersonSandra Peterson
Some of the strategies I've been using: if you have access to the Premier service, watch all the videos for the Beginning Administrator or Advanced Administrator session depending on which exam you are taking. I've also been studying cram cards which are very helpful, just validate the answers as they are not always correct. Hoping to pass the exam in May and have been studying since January. I also started a study group with other users in my area which was very helpful.
Hi Friends,

I am planning to give the exam in two weeks, just curious to know if there is any latest exam patterns/release notes published by salesforce compared to winter 14 release

Cheers all!!
shraddha kawaneshraddha kawane
Hello guys,
can anyone give me latest study material regarding ADM 201 exam?
Sunil BagulSunil Bagul
i cleared the exam today.
read this book-Salesforce CRM: The Definitive Admin Handbook - Second Edition by Paul Goodey- nice book
and all mock exams and  flashcars mentiond above  in  this thread .
Jay VirgoJay Virgo
Hi ya,

I would like to write the ADM 201 this month.Any tips/suggestions please?

Many many thanks 
Hello friends ,i want to write the admin Exam.--pls suggest me the exam material in question answer pattern is thier any pdf or dumps for this exam --pls need your help and guidline
Chaitanya MadduriChaitanya Madduri
Hello Friends ,I am Planning to attend SFDC ADMIN 201 Exam. Going thru this blog links helped me alot.Thanks for sharing those links.
I found 945 Questions in Cram Flashcards.though there is some answers were not udated i feel it is good Sharaing with you who are attending this exam All The Best.
and the best one

Chaitanya MadduriChaitanya Madduri
Hello Friends I Appeared exam today as it was not so easy I lost it ..but not losing hope for next try ...If some one intersted for 201 exam   we can create a Group and study discuss further. Thanks 
Hi Chaitanya,
                          Are you still preparing for your exams? If yes let me know, I am planning to give it by month end. We can discuss.
Chaitanya MadduriChaitanya Madduri
Yes Iam planning to try next month again .Vamsi mentioned questions was there in the exam .
Vishnu SVishnu S
Hi Chaitanya,

I am preparing for adm 201 exam. If you gather some info on it, could able to share with me. I am planning to schedule exam this month.
Ramapriya NarasimhaRamapriya Narasimha
got thru Admin 201 exam today, thanks to all, cheers
Congrates ramapriya narasimha
Ramapriya NarasimhaRamapriya Narasimha
thanks rothi, please go thru, you will get to know the concepts
Chaitanya MadduriChaitanya Madduri
Congrats Rama Priya
Vishnu Will Share few links.....Practical questions appread more
Vamsi mentioned questions will be there 

Vishnu SVishnu S
Congrats Ramapriya..

Thanks for sharing those links ...
Nazrul AminNazrul Amin
Thanks for the above resources all, especially Ramapriya.  I have the exam in 2 days, so will revise these resourcees.  Hope to provide a PASS update to you in next 2 days
Vishnu SVishnu S

how is your exam. Any updates for us
Nazrul AminNazrul Amin
Hi Guys, happy to say I managed to pass the exam! :)

I must say it was tough, and from all the materials found above, only about 4 similar questions came up.  Luckily I did take the In class based training a few weeks prior, so my knowledge was quite up to date.  

I didnt have much confidence of passing while taking the test, so would suggest you dont spend too much time on questions, as you will have time to review them later, where you can spend a bit more time on the harder questions.  My strategy was to immediately respond with my best answers, and marking them for later review as I went through all the questions.

Good Luck!  now onto revision for the Dev Cert hopefully ;)

Rohit TandonRohit Tandon
Congratulations Nazrul!
Can you please share some questions, I have ADM 201 scheduled in another 3 days. Thanks for the help!
Suma GopalakrishnanSuma Gopalakrishnan
I passed the exam 201 today.  70 % of the questions were from this blog
Good luck to you all....
Vishnu SVishnu S
Congrats Suma Gopalakrishnan
Sam paulSam paul
Hi All,
I am willing to take exam in next week. I wanted to know about the latest pattern and template of SFDC ADM 201?
@Suma, Congrats on your success. Could you please tell me that how many questions came from this website link? I have prepared myself mainly from this website!!!

Vatsal PatelVatsal Patel - - 140 Questions

I have gone thru all these web study materials.. can anybody tell all these are enough for preparation for ADM 201
Vatsal PatelVatsal Patel
Can anybody reply who passed adm 201 exam? 
Suma GopalakrishnanSuma Gopalakrishnan
Sam & Vatsal,

I think these materials are good enough to get thru the exam.  All the best.
Vatsal PatelVatsal Patel
Thanks Suma...!
Rob HawthornRob Hawthorn
I’ve created a blog to help users in the community pass the ADM-201:

How to pass the Salesforce Administrator exam with free resources (" target="_blank)

Let me know if this help and if there is anything else I can add.

Rob Hawthorn

Lead Salesforce Administrator
Faci FaciFaci Faci
Hi Suma, 

one of the resources that you used was, right? Just want to asked if you encountered any wrong answer in the blog? Thanks! cause I am comparing it to and so far i encountered 5 similar questions but different aswer. :(

For example:

1. Which data can be highlighted in a report using conditional highlighting?
Choose 3 answers
a. Date fields
b. Summarized totals
c. Group by field names
d. Summary formulas
e. Grand totals

srinusfdc answer: grand totals, summarized totals, and grouped by field names
cram answer: Grand totals, Summarized totals and Date fields

2. What is a method for adding content to Salesforce CRM Content?
Choose 2 answers
a. Attachments
b. Chatter files
c. Libraries
d. Documents

srinusfdc answer : chatter files and libraries
cram answer: chatter files and documents

Your reply will be very much appreciated. Thanks! :)
Rose LRose L


Thanks for clarifying. The discrepancies with support sites can be very frustrating.  

Vatsal PatelVatsal Patel
Now certified Administrator..!
Passed ADM 201 today  :) 
Faci FaciFaci Faci
Congrats Vatsal Patel!  :)

Can you please provide some tips and study materials/ web sites? I am planing to take the exam this month. Thanks! :)
Vatsal PatelVatsal Patel
Online Videos about Salesforce basic and functionalities
Read Study Materials - One got Idea about all..
After getting familiar with Saleforce, Go thru Mockup dumps which I mention above post
Vatsal PatelVatsal Patel
I am going to start preparing for ADM 211.
Can any body proviede me study meterials to pass ADM 211 please ?

Vishnu SVishnu S
Hi All,

I am planning to take adm 201 exam with in a week. Can anybody help me to provide practice exam questions to get thru my exam.
Prashant GPrashant G
Hi Suma Gopalakrishnan/Vatsal Patel

Please suggest me best material for ADM 201 practice. I already gave exam 2 months back but couldn't make it.

Now i am planning to give on next week

Need your suggestiond

Chow KingChow King
Hi Vatsal,

Did you find any helpful materials for ADM 211/301 exam? I am also planning to take the exam next month. Thanks! :)
Vatsal PatelVatsal Patel
Hi Chow,

I did not.. ! not concentrating much on 211 for now..! busy with work :)
but thinking to start prepare for dev 401 first before going to 211.

Vatsal PatelVatsal Patel
Hi Prashant, 
I gone thru video available on Youtube. and read Salesforce fundamental theory as well. After that I went thru online Question banks. Here are some links: - - 140 Questions

All the Best..!

Prashant GPrashant G

Hi Vatsal Patel,

Thanks for input...

However questions are not present in this blog, can you share it via email. My email id - - 140 Questions

Do I have study latest release/features or questions are focused on fundamentals only

gautam potlurigautam potluri

Hi Vatsal Patel/Suma Gopalakrishnan, - - 140 Questions
i tried to browse the above link you both provided  but it's not working 
can any one of you please send the valid link or send me the questions in blog  via email  
My Email id:
it will be very helpful for me 

Prashant GPrashant G

Vatsal Patel

Passed ADM 201 on last Sunday

hesham siamhesham siam
Hello All 

Can any one share the questions with me or the links as i see thair alot of links not working


Hi Guys,
Anybody given exam in month on december ?? I am planing to sdo this week...any input appericiated.

Joe SmithJoe Smith
Hi Vatsal Patel/Suma Gopalakrishnan, - - 140 Questions

the link both of you provided is no longer available.  can you please email me if you still have it?

Thanks Joe
p kumar.pp kumar.p
Hi Vatsal/Suma/All,

Can you please share below 140 questions to me please?

Girish ChhamunyaGirish Chhamunya

I just cleared my Dev 401 exam and planning to go for  ADM 201. Can anyone please share good pointers for ADM 201 practice questions set ? 


Admin UserAdmin User
Hi everyone,

I am planning to re-sit for my ADM201 exams before end of Jan.
If anyone has the 140 questions from
Appreciate your help ... so please email it to me at (

Thanks & best wishes to everyone for the new year.
shalini madhavanshalini madhavan
Hi all,

I would also like to receive any tips, documentation, sample questions to my email ID. I have my exams scheduled in some time.

Thank you.

Kaustubh LabheKaustubh Labhe
Hi Guys, 
I am planning to go for my ADM 201 in March 2015. Has anyone taken their test lately? 
Are the questions repeated? WIll reading from the CRAM flashcards suffice?

Prashant GPrashant G

I am planning to do  Sales Cloud Consultant (CON 201)
Please share sales cloud certification exam questions

Melanie ZillesMelanie Zilles
Hello Everyone! Congrats to all of you who have passed your tests! I am preparing to take the test soon and today, as I was going through various training sources, I found myself wondering about the question/ answer design on the tests.

Do ALL of the questions have multi-select checkboxes (there could be anywhere between 1 or 4 correct answers to the question), or do some of the questions have radio buttons indicating there is only one correct answer? Or does it tell you otherwise that there is more than one correct answer among the choices by using phrases such as "select all that apply"?

Having looked at a few "sample questions", it seems that most of the time that I get a wrong answer it was because I picked too many or not enough correct answers....

Thanks for your input!
Admin UserAdmin User
Hi Melanie,

Not all questions have multi-select.  Based on my 1st exam sitting for those multi-select, there were only 3 required correct answers.   The questions will indicate whether 2 or 3 correct answers.  So you need not worry whether you have input insufficient or too many answers.

I think the questions are quite clear and wouldn't be so ambiguous such as "select all that apply"

Yes, the choices of possible answers are usually quite "close" so they are somewhat "tricky".

Hope that helps to clarify.
Sudip SahaSudip Saha
Hi everyone,

If anyone has the 140 questions from
please mail it to

Also appreciate any additional tips/links for ADM201

Kevin HastingsKevin Hastings
I just passed ADM201 Cert and it feels great.

I can tell you there were very few questions direct from online tests I reviewed.  There were also several questions that were vaguely worded - meaning they were testing how well I really understood the material.
I have 4+yrs exp with SFDC.  Studying definitely helped, but I relied as much on my experience to think-out the right answers.
I personally found DEV401 exam to be a little "easier" based on how the questions were worded (Aug 2014).  Just my 2 cents.

Good luck!

Neethu MohanNeethu Mohan
Hello Kevin,
                     Congratulations !!!!!! Feels good to hear the word "Pass: :-) ! I have my AMD 201 lined up for coming week and I am extremly nervous and confused arround the materials available. Really not sure what to learn and what not to !!!! Let me know if you have any specific link/material that you followed ! Appreciate your response ! 

Thank You ! 
Kevin HastingsKevin Hastings

I've worked very hard to become a better test taker.  What I have learned:

Whenever possible, answer the question in you mind *before* looking at the answers.  That keeps me from a) getting distracted by misleading answers, and b) it ensures I clearly understand the question being asked before I look at my choices.   This trick alone has helped me greatly.
Studying all the material you can is a must, but get into your personal and company SF orgs and look again at User Interface, Profile, Company Info, etc settings for yourself.  Setup Record Types, Products, Sharing Rules and Permission Sets, etc to remember the settings and why they are there.  Then when you get the tricky questions, you can think-out the answer from experience, or by thinking out what makes the most sense.
Salesforce wants us to prove our thinking and reasoning skills with these tests, so keep preparing and let us know when you pass!
Brad StrussBrad Struss
David Lui recently posted a set of tips on passing the certification exams that folks may find useful:
mitesh patelmitesh patel
Hello please guide me .
dont have too much work Expierence in sfdc but wan appeared for 201 exam .please suggest me thing to be taken care.
mitesh patelmitesh patel
Hello all ,
Please guide me i am going to appeare for 201 will it follow spring 15 release question or 2014 .
and i dont have much working expierence working in salesforce .i have 4 month of reading and excercise knowldge .shall i have to appear for this exam.
suja Martinsuja Martin
suja Martinsuja Martin
Please let me if this link works , am not able to get to it.If anyone has questions fro that site .Please forward to this Plzzzz
Alex RajaAlex Raja
@Anu Moorthy the site you provided is not available
Vidhya PrabhuVidhya Prabhu
Found a link for Winter 15:
Srinivasa PagadalaSrinivasa Pagadala
Exallent link...Thank you very much Vidhya Prabhu
Srinivasa PagadalaSrinivasa Pagadala
Hi Rahul,
You can follow the link given by "Vidhya Prabhu", I prepared the same questions and passed  the exam written on yesterday.
Rahul MishraRahul Mishra
Hello Srinivasa Pagadala,

Thanks much for your responce !!
Can you please let me approx how many percentage questions you got in exam from the link given by 
"Vidhya Prabhu". Based on that I will schedule my admin exam.
Thanks in advance, looking forward for your responce. !!
Vila ShahVila Shah
Best link. helped me a lot ...I passed the exam today at first try .
Aniket DalalAniket Dalal
Hi Vila,

The link you provided does not seem to contain any information. Any chance you can send the questions asap as I am appearing for the exam today.

Thanks in advance!
amine zakariaamine zakaria
Hi Vila,
Can you send me the questions for certification salesforce ADM.
The site does not cotient information.
Email :
Thanks in advance.
mukesh guptamukesh gupta
Hi Vila, 

Hope you are doing well!

I am doing preparition for Admin 201 Exam. your shared link is not working,

Could you pls share the relevent question for Admin 201 on my email Id:-

Thank's in Advance

Robert KamatariRobert Kamatari

Hello Vila,
Would you be kind to share the questions please?


mukesh guptamukesh gupta
Hi Experts,

Could you please share latest pattern of Admin 201 Exam, because i will appear in this exam soon.

Please any body that passed lates exam 201 share some resource links.

Many Thank's
Mukesh Gupta
Liubov KornevaLiubov Korneva
 Hi Vila, 
would you please kindly share the questions?

Thank you, 
my email:
Adriana TrejoAdriana Trejo
Can you also please share the practice questions to me? (

Nevetha SundararajNevetha Sundararaj
Hi Vila,

Hope you are doing good. I tried using the link you provided to prepare for admin certification, but that link doesn't workout. Could you please provide the questions to my mail id It will be grateful if you mail me.

Looking for your mail!!!!

Thank you 
Biswajit DasBiswajit Das
Hi Vila,
Appreciate if you could share latest pattern of Admin 201 Exam in my mail id

Thanks in advance
vj rajvj raj
Hi can you please share the practice questions to me.

Thanks in advance.
Srinivasan ManivannanSrinivasan Manivannan
Hi there Im preparing for the summer 2015 exam. Can someone provide me the latest study materials or mock exams for Admin certification? please and thank you. Please email me at
mohan kumarmohan kumar
I have planned to take up dev 401 certification on 2nd week of this month....guys please share me useful links for cracking my certification.....Where can in get the questions of recent exam.... I would be really grateful for ur support thank you thank you thank you..Please mail me: 
mukesh guptamukesh gupta
Hi Experts,

Hi there Im preparing for the summer 2015 exam. Can someone provide me the latest study materials or mock exams for Admin certification? 

Thank's in Advance

Mukesh kumar gupta

Manasa ReddyManasa Reddy
Hi Vila,

Am planning to write Adm 201 by the end of july. The link provided by is no longer working. Can you please provide the adm 201 dumps if you have. it would be a great help.
I completed my dev 401 in feb and now planning to write adm 201 and adm 501 ASAP.
Can anyone help me with the dumps. You can mail me at

Thanks In advance.
Kristen RobertsKristen Roberts
Hi Everyone!

I am also looking for practice questions or study material for the 201 exam.  If you can email me at that would be fantastic.  Love how everyone comes together to support one another!
HelloSalesForce SalesHelloSalesForce Sales

I am planning to take certification exams - ADM 201 and DEV 401. Which one is better to take first ? Please let me know and also where can I practice mock exam questions please. Thanks.
Dilli MervalaDilli Mervala

I am Dilli, DEV401 certified, preparing for the 201 certification Exam. I can suggest you to take Dev 401 test first. Thoughly go through the workbook to practice Universal Containers recruiting application and practice flash cards. I believe you can pass.

Wish you all the best....

Amber LatifAmber Latif
i do agree with Dilli Mervala i also passed at first attempt with the workbook and soem practice question
this link has awesome real time practice question.
i am now preparaing for dev401 please anyone here can suggest me book i would appreciate for the referrals
Matthew KellyMatthew Kelly
Hi Vila,

I'm planning on taking the admin 201 exam very soon and was wondering if you could send the questions you posted above to, since the link you provided no longer works. Thank you so much!
priyadarshni kumaripriyadarshni kumari
Hi Eveyone,

I will be appearing for ADM 201 exam this month end. Please if you have any study material please share

Ami DamaniAmi Damani
Hi Vila,

Im appearing for the exam in 3 days.
Would really appreciate if you could share the questions with me as well.
Please email me on

Really appreciate it.
venkata s rudrarajuvenkata s rudraraju
Hello All-

Can some one please share me some questions on ADM 201?
Please either post the link or email me at
mukesh guptamukesh gupta
Hi Experts,

What is the best answer for this question:- 

 Which data can be highlighted in a report using conditional highlighting?
Choose 3 answers

a. Date fields
b. Summarized totals
c. Group by field names
d. Summary formulas
e. Grand totals

Many Thank's
Ron SicoliRon Sicoli
   I plan on taking the ADMIN certificatin test and was wondering if anyone can help me with questions that would be very much appreciated.    Thanks..  my email: 
Zulfiqar PraslaZulfiqar Prasla
Hello Experts,
I am planning to take ADM201 exam. Please send me the materials and questions to prepare for the exam at
Pooja AhujaPooja Ahuja
Hello Everyone!

I am appearing for the Dev401 exam next week.
Since most of the above mentioned links are no longer available, pls. share the related study material, questions or any latest dumps for the preprations at

indra reddyindra reddy
I am palning to appear for Adm201 and Dev401. Please send me the links for latest questions @ Thanks a alot in advance 
Humberto ReyesHumberto Reyes
Hello, I will have the certification test for ADM 201 next week, could you please send me any link or latest questions to study @ ( or ( thank you very much! 
Roopali NegiRoopali Negi

Hello Everyone, 
I will be appearing for ADM 201 exam this month end. Please if you have any study material please share at
Guys you are recent on search and I am sure you would have appeared on exam, if you could please help me out here, I would be grateful.
@priyadarshni kumari
@Ami Damani
@venkata s rudraraju
@mukesh gupta
@Ron Sicoli
@Zulfiqar Prasla
@Pooja Ahuja
@indra reddy
@Humberto Reyes

mukesh guptamukesh gupta
Hi Rupali,

90% of question was appear from flashcards website. so please read latest flash card to crack this exam.

Many Thanks
mukesh gupta
Amit BaggaAmit Bagga
I am palning to appear for Adm201exams. Please send me the links for latest questions @ Thanks a alot in advance 
Roopali NegiRoopali Negi

Do you have links for latest flashcards on ADM 201. Actually I tried to find in and got some questions with answer not matching to current version of Salesforce.

Shvedkyy VolodymyrShvedkyy Volodymyr

Hi Everybody !

I will pass my ADM 201 this month, coul youy give me works actual links for flash cards !

Jay EdinfieldJay Edinfield
Hello All,

I am planning to take my 201 & 401 certification next week. I need your help and guidance to channelize my efforts and getting it reach the goal. I would appreciate if anybody help me by providing dummps, model question and scenarios, study materials and certain URL and flashcards that give more details etc., My email ID is Waiting for a favorable reply at the earliest, please folks.

Thanks in Advance!!  Good day!!
shefali vermashefali verma
Hi All,

I am planning to take the ADM201 certification in 2 weeks. Has anyone of you bought the study guide from Certified On Demand? Could you please share your feedback on it?

shraddha kulkarnishraddha kulkarni
many of the website mentioned here are not working like
// , 
How is examdocs as they say gaurateed pass. 
Any comments or help regarding practice questions close to real exam will be appreciated.
gaurav tiwarigaurav tiwari
Hi Shradha,
I am planning to give 201 as well, can we buy the above questions you mentioned and divide the amount..please let me know..Regards, Gaurav 08447033993
shraddha kulkarnishraddha kulkarni
@Gaurav - can you share your email. Mine is
gaurav tiwarigaurav tiwari
@Shradhha mine is

Droping you mail as well.
Sina DashtipourSina Dashtipour
Please could I have a copy too. Going to sit my exam end of March. 

Many thanks in advanced.
shraddha kulkarnishraddha kulkarni
@Shefali - I bought certifiedondemand. It is good. Consolidation of all. But I suggest trailhead too as they are very interesting and hands-on questions.

shefali vermashefali verma
@Shraddha: Thanks for your suggestion! Have you taken the certification yet? I am alos planning to take mine at the end of this month. Were you able to get hands on any good dumps?
shraddha kulkarnishraddha kulkarni
Yes I cleared ADM 201. Now preparing for Sales Cloud. anybody wants to discuss further you may email me
Reut ben dorReut ben dor
hi everybody! I'm planning to take the exam next week. do you recomend any specific websites where i can find good questions so i can preper well? 
Srija RSrija R
Hi Friends,

I'm Planning to take ADM 201 exam by this month end.Can you please suggest some reliable sites to take mock  exams.
pallavi marrapupallavi marrapu
Hello All,
  I took Salesforce 201 exam last sunday but could not clear. I did the trailheads and paid lessons on udemy. I am planning to take this week again. Could any one share any material to get through the exam? Any suggestions on how to rack the exam would be really great !!
Thanks in advance.
Kevin GinistyKevin Ginisty

Hi all,

Like evrybody in this topic, i would like to take my ADM 201 this month and i'm trying to prepare this exam myself, i would like to make sur that i didn't learn something that it can be old and useless. if someone could send me some flash card, Q&A of the latest realease that will help me very much.

thanks in advance.

Scott HarrisScott Harris
I just recently took the ADM201 and passed! The first time I tried I was overwhelmed with the amount of information that is out there, the SF guide is over 5,000 pages. I found a very resourceful guide online and that did it for me! It includes flash cards, sample questions, and specific links for online resources. Try it, you wont regret it.
Kena BhattKena Bhatt
Hello Everyone,

I'm Planning to take ADM 201 exam by this month end.Can anyone please suggest me for the studyguide or anyother studymaterial so I can clear my test with good scores. & anyother suggestions for the test that will help me to do better.
SFDC AdminSFDC Admin
Hi Kena, 

I've seen really good luck with: 

In case that helps. 
Golnaz HaghnegahdarGolnaz Haghnegahdar
@SFDC Admin 
Hi SFDC Admin, thank you very much for your comment it was very helpful. I've done my admin exam yesterday and passed it so I thought I share my experience here as most of the comments are just people asking for help and suggestions but a few people actually shared their experience about the exam to help others. 

I used couple of resources like SF AMD201 course and Udemy Mark Wheeler's course "The Complete Salesforce Administrator Certification". This udemy course is usefull in learning the admin exam concepts and the instructor tells you which concepts are important and come in the exam.

However, knowing  the concepts as per the study guide is not enough to pass the exam as in the exam there are many questions that are trying to examine you on obscure subjects. At the end, like any other exam it's good if you know what the actual questions are like and practice them before the exam. I tried and I'd say 50%-60% of the questions were exactly the same or similar to the questions of this site. So I'd sugget to go through the question and study them.

Hope this helps others trying to take the admin exam as I spent so much time on searching the web trying to find out others' experiene about this test but couldn't find anything clear.
Claudio BrunoClaudio Bruno
Hi all,
I would like to take my ADM 201 this month. I'm already trying: and I feel good. Someone could send me some flash card, Q&A of the latest realease that will help me very much.
My email address is:

Thanks in advance
Saluja AravindhSaluja Aravindh
Hi Golnaz Haghnegahdar / Claudio Bruno,
Am also planning to take up ADM 201 exam this month.I checked the link ""which you have shared but it says the following error message "No Results Found".May be this post is taken back.Can you please share me the questions if you have saved it locally by chance ?
Thanks in advance.
sri devisri devi

Till today afternoon i was practising that but all of a sudden page not found

kanishka singhkanishka singh

Hello everyone 

I am planning to give my first admin 201 certification by 22nd of sep but I am very nervous. Can you anyone suggest me from where I can study and question sets to clear the exam in 1 go. ?

Any help would be highly appreciated. 


sri devisri devi

i need answers for few questions.can any one help me

1.What item appears in a user's My Unresolved Items after synchronization using Salesforce for Outlook? Choose 2 answers.
a- cases not assigned to a contact
b- notes not assigned to a record
c- emails not assigned to a record
d- contacts not assigned to an account

2. A user profile has login hour restrictions set to Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 Pm. It is Tuesday and the user has logged in at   4:30PM and it is now 5:01PM 
Which behavior of the   application  should  the user expect? 

A. The user will be able to continue working and start new sessions.
B. The user will be logged out and any   unsaved work-in-progress will be saved
C. The user will be able to continue working, but will not be unable to start ay new sessions.
D. The user will be logged out and any unsaved work-in-progress will be lost

3.What should an administrator consider when setting up case feed?
A. Case feed requires the Service Cloud User feature license
 B. Case feed replaces the standard case detail page by default
 C. Chatter Feed tracking must be enabled for the case object.
 D. The Use Case Feed permission is automatically active for all profiles

4.What type of customization can be done on Activities? (3 answers)
A. Custom Fields(Missed) B. Assignment Rules C. Workflow Rules D. Field Tracking E. Validation Rules  

5.The marketing team at universal containers wants to send an email to each lead received from its website. The country of the incoming lead should determine the language of the email that will be sentto the lead. How can the system administrator automate this process?
A. Create an email template for each language and an auto response rule to send appropriate template \
B. Create an email template for each language and a workflow alert to send appropriate template
 C. Create a single email template and use the translation workbench to translate and send the appropriate template(Missed) 
D. Create an email template for each language and an assignment rule to send appropriate template
sri devisri devi
Can anybody correct my answers

2 d
Golnaz HaghnegahdarGolnaz Haghnegahdar
@ Saluja Aravindh : Unfortunately I don't have the questions saved anywhere. 
Saluja AravindhSaluja Aravindh
@Golnaz Haghnegahdar ,
No problem.I completed my Salesforce ADM 201 successfully last Friday.
Thanks for your reply.
Hi All,
I completed my ADM 201 certification successfully last week.I learnt the concepts through videos,Salesforce Summer 16 study guide and practiced in Quizlet which was very helpful to take up the test. Now I am  planning to learn Salesforce Service Cloud and take Salesforce Service cloud certification.I would appreciate if anyone let me know the ways to learn the concepts and guidance to take the exam.
sri devisri devi
@Saluja Aravindh

Hi Saluja Proprofs and quizlet more or less same type of questions. did u get similar questions there in the exam?

Saluja AravindhSaluja Aravindh
Hi Sridevi,
Almost the exam questions were similar to Quizlet.
All the best !
sri devisri devi

Hi Saluja

Thank you!!!!

sri devisri devi

can any one help me to answer this please
which one is the correct answer

The marketing team at Universal Containers wants to send an email to each lead received from its website. The country of the incoming lead should determine the language of the email that will be sent to the lead. How can a system administrator automate this process?

1. Create an email template for each language and an auto-response rule to send the appropriate template
2. Create an email template for each language and an assignment rule to send the appropriate template
3. Create an email template for each language and a workflow rule to send the appropriate template
4. Create a single email template and use the translation workbench to translate and send the appropriate template

Universal Containers uses a custom field on the account object to capture the account credit status. The sales team wants to display the account credit status on opportunities. Which feature should a system administrator use to meet this requirement?
1. Workflow field update
 2.Roll-up summary fields
3. Cross-object formula field
 4.Lookup field

What type of customization can be done on Activities? (Tasks and Events) (3 answers)
o Workflow Rules
o Custom Fields
o Field Tracking
o Assignment Rules
o Validation Rules
sri devisri devi
Hi All

 Passed my examination

kanishka singhkanishka singh

Hello everyone 

Thanks guys for helping me a lot. I cleared my certification in just 20 minutes. 
Those who are going to give examination in upcoming days please follow this website .
It helped me a lot and the 80 t0 90 % questions were similar and it is absolutely free.

Kaitlyn CurranKaitlyn Curran
Jumping in on the late - I am studying for the exam (retaking it - bummer) and need a good site with mock questions that are accurate and of the same level of complexity of the actual exam.  I have looked for a handbook/manual to study from and havent had any luck there either.  Can someone give me some advice or point me in the right direction?

What I had access to in my first attempt was littered with incorrect answers or just elementary level test questions.
janice hsiajanice hsia
I passed my certificate last Friday. I am so glad I found this forum. First, I bought the TestingKing which is ridiculous outdated!! I found the site mentioned by Kanishka singh: is most helpful. 
Rajesh Adiga PRajesh Adiga P
Hi All,

Happy to say, I passed my ADM 201 exam..!!!!!!

Thank You,
Rajesh Adiga P.
Sreeharsha VenkataSreeharsha Venkata
Thank you for sharing the link for ADM test. Its not just copy paste kind to pass but the topics covered really gave deep understanding of what we were looking. Worth $200 :) 
Sri SaranuSri Saranu
Hi All,
I am taking ADM 201 exam next week. Did anyone do the exam with Winter 17. where do i see, what is changed between Summer 16 and Winter 17.  I went through objectives guide it looks more or less the same.
Going through Trailheads,, Quizlets from sdfc99guru website? Any more suggestions please?

Nidhi SoniNidhi Soni

Hi all,
A very Happy New Year !

I'm going to take my Admin (201) on this weekend. Practicing on Trailhead and 201 SFDC quiz.
Any suggestions and tips would be highly apperciated
Chris HighChris High
Tomorrow after 11PST is best for me. My Friday is also wide open, though there will be extra kids running around here (school starts back up next week for us) [cid:image002.png@01CD2C3D.06AE8420] Chris High Global CRM Administrator Alere 105 Pine Street Broomfield, Colorado 80020, USA 303-249-6156 Office / Mobile
Nidhi SoniNidhi Soni
Hi All

I passed my exam today.
Most helpful website was mentioned by Kanika Singh

70-80% questions were from this website and it's completely free.
Divya SingireddyDivya Singireddy

Has anyone finished the winter '17 maintenance exam yet?

Pavithra SrivatsPavithra Srivats
HI Nidhi Soni, Did you learn only these? Is this sufficient to clear the exam? Pls help. Thanks.
Nidhi SoniNidhi Soni
Hi Pavithra !

This is the only quiz I practiced including Quick Quiz, competitive quiz and summary quiz. I practiced until i scored more than 90%. Most of the questions were from this quiz.
and keep practicing on Trailhead too. you will be fine, trust me !
I was scared like you, but I made it.

Good luck !
Pavithra SrivatsPavithra Srivats
THANK YOU Nidhi. Can you please share the links for Quick Quiz, competitive quiz and summary quiz. Whats the Trialhead? I'm learning a document which was given by Salesforce. Is that fine?
Nidhi SoniNidhi Soni
Go to this link once again and you will see everything there.

Trailhead is designed for practicing in Salesforce org.
here is the link. Check out
Promila BhatPromila Bhat
Hey Nidhi
I am just new to start salesforce want to start with admin certification. Can u pls help me how should one start.
Many Thanks in advance
Pankaj NamdeoPankaj Namdeo
Hi All,

I am planning to take Salesforce Admin certification exam in the next few weeks.
After going thru recent posts, I have found out the below links for preparation:

Are there any other links which might be helpful for ADM201?


Golnaz HaghnegahdarGolnaz Haghnegahdar
Hi Pankaj,

It's good that is available again as it was down for some time. I beileve studying the questions will help you a lot to pass the exam but you need to know the concepts to be able to answer the questions so it's best to study the course contents and then parctice these questions. Mark Wheeler's course is a good course which covers the exam topics and highlights the areas that needs more focus.

Good luck.