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bhagavan dasbhagavan das 

What is URL parameter in apex ?

What is URL parameter in apex and How to create snapshots?
Francis PindarFrancis Pindar
What do you mean url parameters? how to get URL parameters? do you mean create sandboxes rather than snapshots?
bhagavan dasbhagavan das
What is URL parameter in APEX or what is URL parameter? and How to Create Snapshots ? these two different questions. I need information(answers) is descriptive for that. pls give help Urls to know.
Francis PindarFrancis Pindar
Well a url parameter in Apex is exactly the same as a URL parameter in any other language. Looking at this question it has the url:

So the url parameters in this url would be: qId
where the value of the qId field is a1X30000000JjYnEAK

You can access your analytical snapshots by going into your setup menu ([your name] > Setup > Administration Setup > Data Management > Analytical Snapshots)

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Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Here's information about the Apex PageReference class (for URL parameters):