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Ray AustinRay Austin 

Email campaign

I am preparing an email campaign, first time, and would like to have a step by step recap of how do strt ad implement saem.  i have already reviewed and noted the tips to a successful Email Campaign (starting from 'Using a targeted list' to 'Nuture Campaigns')Eabntwould.

What do i now do as my next steps.

ray Austin
Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
Here are some great walk-though resources:

To summarize email campaigns, after you create the campaign, you need to add members. This can be done either through a Contact or Lead report (there is a button to add to campaign), or through the Add Members button on the campaign.

Once you have the members added as Campaign Members, you can use a Mass Email to send to all of them. You will first need to create your email template and then create a view that uses the Campaign members as the user list.

Then you can follow the Mass Email wizard to send off an email. There are limitations to using Mass Email through Salesforce. If these are something that will be a problem, I would recommend a 3rd party email marketing app from the AppExchange.