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what is the use of Data loader?

Hi All,
  what is the use of Data loader?I know the Data loader is used to importing & exporting of bulk data.I'am done the insert operation with the dataloader.insert operation was successed.Then next what i need to do?how can i export this data to other organizations?
Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari

Use the Data Loader when:

  • You need to load 50,000 to 5,000,000 records. If you need to load more than 5,000,000 records, we recommend you work with a partner.
  • You need to load into an object that is not yet supported by web-based importing.
  • You want to schedule regular data loads, such as nightly imports.
  • You want to export your data for backup purposes.
Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari

What are you trying to do using data loader? As you said, you have already imported data using data loader. Your import was successful it means your data is uploaded into SFDC. If you want to see them, either you can generate a report or use 'Export' option of data loader to export your data to excel file.

Data Loader Overview

More details on Data Loader -

"The Data Loader is an easy to use graphical tool that helps you to get your data into Salesforce objects. The Data Loader can also be used to extract data from database objects into any of the destinations mentioned above. You can even use the Data Loader to perform bulk deletions by exporting the ID fields for the data you wish to delete and using that source to specify deletions through the Data Loader. "
Manisha PalsanaManisha Palsana
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onfigero Data Loader for Salesforce. Configero's Data Loader for Salesforce is a native web application that simplifies and speeds up the task of inserting, updating, upserting and deleting Salesforce data.