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Goolshun BelutGoolshun Belut 

Restrict Picklist values depending on roles/profiles


Is there any way to restricct a user from moving 'Stage' to a specific Value.#
For E.g:  restricting a user from moving stage to 'Activated', depending on their roles.

Or make the pickvalue invisible to certain roles?

Please help.
Meryl FlynnMeryl Flynn
Yes, you can create Record Types with page layouts and assign the page layouts to certain profiles. Lets say you're looking at contacts, Go to set up - Customize - Contacts. Go to Record Types, and create your new record type. Create a page layout containing the picklist values that you want that user to see. You can assign page layouts to record types by going to the page layout assignment. You can then set page layouts to profiles by editing the users profile.
Goolshun BelutGoolshun Belut
Many thanks!

Really helpful
Saritha PulluriSaritha Pulluri
very helpful thank you
Janice LeritJanice Lerit
I tried this solution, but "Stage" does not come up as a Picklist Available for Editing. Is this because it is a standard field? I have the same requirement in that I only want my Sales team to pick certain stage values because another team needs to actually close them out. Any way to do this?