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Celia LesterCelia Lester 

How do I assign leads and contacts to campaign in mass?

I have a very large list of contacts that we have sent previous email campaigns to. 

I have set up the various campaigns that I need in Salesforce, and have started to assign the contacts and leads to the relevant  campaigns individually.  However there are around 5,000 contacts and leads, for which I only have email addresses as contact information (as the emails where sent through an external campaign site). 

To put another spanner in the works, I am not certain about whether or not some of them are actually in our Salesforce environment!

Is there any way for me to assign people to the campaigns just through their email address?

Any help on this would be MUCH appreciated, as this could take me several weeks/ months to do manually!

Thank you!

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Hi Celia - First step is to determine if those emails are in Salesforce or not. There's not a really straightforward way to do this, unfortunately. Several of us on this board accomplish pre-import de-duplication in Excel by downloading the full table of Leads/Contacts, then using a VLOOKUP formula to see if any of the emails that are to be imported already exist in the Leads/Contacts.

After you identify the people who are not in Salesforce, you can import them and add them to the campaign at the same time. Go to the campaign and select Manage Members, then select Add Members - Import File. This will walk you through the process of importing the Leads to Salesforce while adding them to the Campaign at the same time.

One thing to keep in mind, Salesforce requires a Name and a Company for all Leads. So, if you only have an email address you will have to add something like "Unknown" for each person's Name and Company when you import. If you don't, Salesforce will write in "[[unknown]]" for you.
Celia LesterCelia Lester
Thank you Matthew. I'm relitively new to Ssalesforce, and don't have much CRM specific experience, so this should prove to be very helpful!

How would I then attach contacts & leads that are already in Salesforce? If I went the the manage Contacts, would that then create deup entries? Also is there a way of maping/ matching the emails to those that are already in Salesforce, and then assigning the campaign? (again I only have the email addreses for these contacts and leads)

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
You're welcome! You can go to Manage Members, then 'Add Members - Search' to search what you currently have in Salesforce and then add those people to the Campaign.

The only way I know of to map email that aren't in Salesforce to what is in Salesforce is in Excel. You have to download the entire Lead/Contact table into Excel, then use a VLOOKUP formula (more info here: to see if the emails you want to add are already in the list of emails you downloaded (i.e. the ones that already exist in Salesforce).

After you do that, remove the matching ones, then upload the ones that weren't matched by using the Import Wizard like I described in the previous post (Add Members - Import File).
Celia LesterCelia Lester
Thank you very much for your help on this Matthew!!

I may be in touch again some time soon! :D
mahesh sawantmahesh sawant

how to assign the lead to campaign using salesforce api in php

1. i created one  lead.
2.I Created one campaign
3. Now i wanted to that lead in the compaign using salesforce api in php .
Please give exmple . thanks..