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Diana LustenaderDiana Lustenader 

How should I set up my Lead Source and Lead Source Details Fields?

I'd love your feedback:

I joined a company which has over 50 lead sources.  They used this field to track EVERYTHING and the list grows weekly and this messes up reports.  I'd like to transition into the "standard" use of having Lead Source be a short picklist of general buckets and Campaigns being used to track the details.

My plan is to make Lead Source be a short picklist and having another more specific pick-list dependent on it.

Example -
Say they select "Web-to-Lead" as a lead source.  Then the Lead Source Details list would pop-up with a list of web based options like "Whitepaper, recorded demo, etc,".  But if they select "Referral" the Lead Source Details list would show options like "Employee Referral, Partner Referal, etc".  Then the use would add the person to the correct campaign - "Whitepaper A" or "Referral Program C".

What would be the implication of this system I should know going in?  I am considering google Adwords in the future an know this could mess up the lead source field.  I am currently using Jigsaw and that auto-populates the Lead Source too.  I was thinking I could write a rule that changes lead source fro mJigsaw to "list build". Would that work?

I know I will have to rebuild a ton of reports to work around this.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
 I think the Lead Source>Lead Source Details will definitley help, but I can't speak for the implications of going down this road if you use JigSaw or Google Adwords.  

A Workflow Rule with a Field Update triggered by a source code or something like that might help

 (but I've been known to be wrong...  quite often in fact)
Janelle CalkinsJanelle Calkins
Hi Diana,

How did this work out for you? I am running into a similar situation.
Is it possible to choose a lead source, for example, "Social Media" and then have this prompt me to choose between, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc?