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Joseph RyanJoseph Ryan 

Can I remove "Send Notification Email" on New Tasks page?

I would like to remove the Send Notification Email check box from my New Task page.  Is this possible?  We are not using Outlook Integration.
Karanraj SankaranarayananKaranraj Sankaranarayanan
Create a new page layout for the Task page.
You can create a new page layout under
yourname | setup | Activities | Task pagelayout then click new to create a new page layout and assign to the all user profiles.

Let me know if you have any questions
Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari

Click on Your Name ---> Setup ---> App Setup ---> Customize ---> Activities ---> Task Page Layouts

Click on 'Edit' button to edit task page layout.

Click on 'Layout Properties' button and uncheck "Email Notification Checkbox". This button will be removed from Edit page of the layout.
Nebojsa ZgonjaninNebojsa Zgonjanin
Here you go:

How do I change the default setting for the Send Notification Email checkbox for Tasks?

Knowledge Article Number: 105625


How do I change the default setting for the Send Notification Email checkbox for Tasks?



1. Go to the Home Tab (If you have an existing Task, click the Edit button, skip step 2 below, and go to step 3 below).  
2. Click the New button under My Tasks.
3. Click the "Send Notification Email" checkbox to either add or remove the check.
4. Click on the "Make this the default setting." checkbox, that appears under "Send Notification Email", to insert a check.
5. Save Task


NOTE: This default setting will apply to all Task creation/edit pages under all objects and related lists throughout the application, and can be changed back the next time a non-default value is selected.  For example, if you select "false" as the default, the next time you select "true" for the checkbox, you should be prompted with the "make this default setting" option again to make the "true" value the default if desired.

Lydia VianLydia Vian
Hello everyone!  I accidently chose the Default on this option, and now I cannot remove it.  I tried creating a task where did not choose the Default option but everytime I Log a Call (Task) I get an email letting me a task was assigned to me....frustrating because as admin, I assign tasks all day long....
Can anyone help?
Karanraj SankaranarayananKaranraj Sankaranarayanan

Answer is already here...
Did you read the NZgon answer?

Just follow the steps given in NZgon answer, it will work for you.

After disabling the Send Notification Emai, still you are getting email means, check do have any workflow rule or trigger to send email whenever task is created.