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Abraham KnellAbraham Knell 

can I turn off verification code?

Is it possible to turn off the need for verification codes?  I have a number of devices I use and I clear cookies constantly for some other softwares I have and I am tired of the verification process- as it is not convenient sometimes to get an e-mail.  Any ideas?
David ReeceDavid Reece
If you have a static IP address for your devices you can add that IP address to a list of trusted networks which will get around the verification process.

Navigate to Setup > Administration Setup > Security Controls > Network Access.

You can enter the trusted range in here.
If you are unsure of your IP address, check the login history.

If you do not have a static IP address then you need to keep the cookies to avoid the verification process.

Lakshay KatneyLakshay Katney
Yep agee with David, You can give range as to It should cover all ranges and your devices.

Do let me know if it works for you
Andrew HopperAndrew Hopper
@Lakshay, This did not work.  The IP range is too big.
Pooran Prasad RajannaPooran Prasad Rajanna
@Andrew this might help... 
Allen ShaoAllen Shao
how does salesforce determine you are from a new or different computer? 
It's not from an IP address, is it?
Benjamin BolopueBenjamin Bolopue
Hi Allen,
Please be aware, with the Spring '16 release, there has been an update with how Salesforce verifies user identity. The primary change is that Salesforce now utilizes the local browser to cache logins. This process updates the browser itself upon successful verification. Thus, if your browser blocks or removes its browser data, you will be repeatedly prompted to verify at the next login.

Ryan BarnesRyan Barnes
Hi Benjamin,
I have changed all browsers, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox, to not clear the browser data and I am still asked to verify every single time I log in. Even if I dont close the browser and log off and log in.
Benjamin BolopueBenjamin Bolopue
Hi Allen,
Alright... at this point, if you're not logging in from different geographic locations every time, and your browsers are not clearing browser data between browsing sessions... I think your next step would be to submit a Support Ticket to SFDC. This isn't how the verification process should behave.

Michael (Arch) FItzgeraldMichael (Arch) FItzgerald
Any resolution to this? I also have users that their cookie is not working.
Deepu BDeepu B

I am also facing the same issue, when i gave the IP range from - it firing an error "The range specified is too large" . 

What will be the solution for this to turn off the Email verification on login.

Lexicon NetworksLexicon Networks
You can get rid of the verification code by specifying the trusted ip range in Setup -> Admininstration Setup -> Security Controls -> Network Access.
Click 'New' and set the start and end ip address as follows: to
Jacqlyn CampioneJacqlyn Campione
@Lexicon Networks 

Gave that range a shot and still recevied the prompt for verification from a mobile browser. Any thoughts?
Honey FayeHoney Faye
Hi @lexicon networks Enter the IP range at the Profile under Login IP Ranges.
Michael ChanMichael Chan
I believe identity verification is a security feature which may not be turned off in Salesforce.
If the following 2 criteria occur, than you need to also entera 5-digit verification code. The code will either be sent by SMS or email - depending on your system configuration.
  • A user signs into the System for the first time.
  • A new IP or new web browser.

To answer Abraham Knell's question.
  • Identify Verficiation can not be turned off by the user
  • It is caused by using a new web browser and/or a new IP address
  • Adding an IP range to the trusted list is not enough to stop ID verficiations
Richard TurnerRichard Turner

On a related note

I've set up trusted IP ranges & so don't get verification emails when I log into Salesforce, however I do when I log into Tralhead

Is there anything I can amend that will prevent Trailhead needing to send a verification?

David SaxbyDavid Saxby
I m using the same IP address I have not cleared the cookies. I have the box checked that I don't want verification code and yet I am still getting the verification code request. Suggestions
Ranjith HaridasRanjith Haridas
@david check the box
Do not require Identity Verification for machines inside the whitelist and specify your IP range in whitelist.
it will not send verification code.
OCE AdminOCE Admin
Basically, you need to enter the IP range to at the PROFILE level.  That will work.
John LimaJohn Lima
The solution is HERE:
Suvasree BanerjeeSuvasree Banerjee
You can remove two factor authentication from Session Security Levels. You can navigate to Setup --> Session Settings --> Session Security Levels. Then select Two Factor Authentication and click Remove.