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Nadine SzablyaNadine Szablya 

The picklist values I created are not showing up

I was successful in creating new picklist choices, however they are not showing up on the front end in the Custom Fields I was trying to edit. The other existing options were listed when I added the new options to the picklist and those are still visible in the existing picklist.
David PrestonDavid Preston

If you're on Enterprise edition check to make sure they're available to the record type or if there's a field dependency set up.  You can find the Record type area by going to Setup || Customize || Accounts(for example) || Record Type.  Then click on the Record Type name then edit next ot the name of the picklist field that you had added values to and make sure they are selected.  Field dependencies can be checked using the button at the top of the list of your custom fields.

Selah SSelah S
This worked! Thanks