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Amar NijerAmar Nijer 

How to sync salesforce calendar with google calendar?

How do I synchronize my salesforce calendar with google calendar? Is it possible to integrate by any setting present in salesforce or I have to use any application? 
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Amar NijerAmar Nijer
Thanks Karanraj, I got setting by this link.

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Karanraj SankaranarayananKaranraj Sankaranarayanan

There is no native support by salesforce for sync salesfrce calendar with google calendar so you have to use this app,
Amar NijerAmar Nijer
Thanks Karanraj, I got setting by this link.
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Caroline HenryCaroline Henry
Hi Amar,

You can use the new application AutoMagic Sync (, the smartest Salesforce - Google Apps integration.

Regarding calendars syncing, we do what other existing apps already do, but better :
- Google and Salesforce calendars are automatically synced both ways,
- Google events are automatically written under the related account, contact(s) and lead(s) in Salesforce
- Past events are automatically imported in Salesforce at installation.

But AutoMagic Sync is much more than syncing calendars.
We're now live in beta version, ask an invite here ( to experience the magic, for FREE!

No plugin, no browser extension, just 3 easy clicks to set-up your company!

Hope that will help,


Martin BrossmanMartin Brossman

Amar, it installed but I have not idea where to go next to get it to sync with Google Calender?
There is no native support by salesforce for sync salesfrce calendar with google calendar so you have to use this app,
Erico FeitosaErico Feitosa
Hi everyone.. I saw this post about syncing Google Calendar with Salesforce calendar. But the post is 2012. Now you can do this integration, this synchrony? How do you do? Tks
Maria PrietoMaria Prieto
Hi all, 

From Winter 18, both synchronization is available using the free and native extension lighting . 
You can find it in the Google Extension market for Chrome.
Hope this helps!
Erico FeitosaErico Feitosa
Only available for GSuite, right? 
Brad BartonBrad Barton
Hi Everyone, 

New to salesforce and also trying to get the sync working with Salesforce and Gsuite calendars.  I have set up the integration so I can send emails through salesforce, but calendars will not update. Any ideas as to what could be wrong?
Jen Mallett KelmerJen Mallett Kelmer
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Maria PrietoMaria Prieto
Hi Jen, Your salesforce calendar is automatically sync and embedded with your Google (primary) calendar. There is no special setting to tell SFDC which is the calendar you want to sync. For private events, SFDC recommends to create an specific calendar on your Google account as just the primary will be sync. Hope this works! M.
Scott McNelleyScott McNelley

How do we get Google Calendar events to sync, show in Salesforce? We just dont use Google Calendar. We use Outllok & Salesforce. Hoping to get all connected to one calendar in salesforce.

Thanks in advance
Brad BartonBrad Barton
Scott, what level of subscription are you on? I have realised that without upgrading to the Lightening Professional. On Lightening Essentials, the calendar sync will not work. 
Hayley ZeffHayley Zeff
Hi all.  I'm using Salesforce Lightning and can't sync my google calendar and my salesforce calendar - my emails are syncing fine.  Any help much appreciated.
Graham FindlaterGraham Findlater
Does anyone have an answer to this question? I just want to have my salesforce event reminders pop up on google calendar. I am using Salesforce Group Edition. Is this possible? If so how? I have salesforce sending gmail emails. Any help is very much appreciated
Niklas SluijterNiklas Sluijter
You can do this, and much more with Sales Activities by Zero Keyboard. ( You can sync Outlook and Google Calendars with Salesforce and automatically log meeting details and notes. Updating and adding data is effortlessly done through guided workflows, so you always add the right data at the right time.

Robert WaltRobert Walt

@Graham Findlater

It is possible to have salesforce events as reminders on Google Calendar. Check out this video - with more details here ( 

This video goes on a deeper dive -