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salesforce as a ticketing system

Salesforce as a ticketing system, what are the pitfalls and gotcha, what will salesforce will be lacking compare to other normal ticketing system like: Remedy, OTRS, Sysaid ect...

Also what is the best practice to follow as a guidance for a succesful completion
Jayant JoshiJayant Joshi

Well, you can develop anything and everything using platform. Having said that, the available software’s like Remedy, OTRS, HP Quality center etc. are well developed, sophisticated issue tracking system. They have all the features that are required in an issue tracking system. You need to compare the price of developing the issue tracking system in SFDC + monthly subscription fee Vs purchasing a Tracking tool. Other option could be to use freely available tracking tools like Bugzilla.



Jayant JoshiJayant Joshi
You can even try Remedyforce. It is a cloud based ticket management system.The trail is for 30 days.

Harry JosephHarry Joseph
Call center in salesforce

Can a queue be setup easily

Can a ticket be converted in to a faq

Can knowledge base or FAQ be created base on category

Can ticket have followed up reminder

Can you assign a ticket to another queue

Can you add category,

Does it meet ITIL basic requirement

In other what should use it at all the reason we have it for free with sales
but does not appear to meet the minimum standard

For tracking or ticketing in other words what is callcenter used for
Harry JosephHarry Joseph
very helpful answer