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Varun Prasad Yadav GunasekaranVarun Prasad Yadav Gunasekaran 

select query on salesforce records


how to run a db select query on salesforce records ?.

thanks in advance !,

Timothy FieldsTimothy Fields
 Take a look at

Note that you can't perform a Select * from Table
Joseph UcuzogluJoseph Ucuzoglu
 Hi Varun

There are different ways to accomplish this. As a first step I would reccomend installing the IDE

The IDE is very powerful and you have options to do many things including utilizing the Schema explorer which I think is one of the best ways to search your SFDC data.

Once you are in the Schema Explorer within the IDE you can run SOQL (note its not SQL) to gather information.

Its a bit different and like TFiel states there is no wildcard you can use in select statements. Aside from that the queries look fairly similar.

Select Id, FirstName, LastName from Contact Where LastName = 'Smith' Limit 2

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