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Trish RomanchukTrish Romanchuk 

Way to scan business cards into Salesforce?

Can anyone suggest a good scanner that would work for importing business cards into Salesforce?  Right now we are putting them into an Excel sheet then using Ringlead to import them to Salesforce.  Ringlead helps, but we want to avoid putting contact information into the Excel sheet manually-- way too time consuming.

Thanks for the suggestions!
David SchachDavid Schach
Scan them using NeatCo's scanner, then export to csv and import that using the import wizard.
Or contact CloudContacts and tell them I sent you.
Joseph UcuzogluJoseph Ucuzoglu
I have heard good things from using the Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner and its integration with Outlook which can then be further integrated with Salesforce. It may be a bit less time consuming than using Excel. Please let us know if you find a solution that works well as this seems to be a common request in the forums.
Steve MontagueSteve Montague
CardScan has a product that allows you to scan Business Cards Directly into  You can downlaod a free 30 day trial at .  CardScan for V4.1 allows you to scan business cards as leads or contacts directly into  The software checks for duplicatates and allows you to add Accounts if none exist when you transfer the business card directly to Click herefor the free download
Scan Business Cards into
Nancy JacobsNancy Jacobs
I'm checking it out thanks to your post, Trish.  How far away do you think we are from using smart phones versus scanners? 

If people would use QR codes on their business cards for this purpose that would be amazing! 
Chris PeacockChris Peacock
Kipp ChambersKipp Chambers
On the iPhone side, you might also check out CardShark Business Card Reader for Salesforce. (Full disclosure - my company made it.) We released it a week ago, and have been getting great feedback - would love to hear what you think!

CardShark lets you turn a photo of a business card into a Salesforce lead (similar to a lot of apps). The big difference is that we use human transcription (similar to CardMunch) to transcribe business cards 100% accurately. (That was the reason we developed the app, actually - we found we were spending as much time correcting bad data from business card scanners as we would have just typing in the contacts by hand to begin with).

In addition to Salesforce, it can also sync to FullContact, Google Contacts, and your iPhone address book.

Would love it if you'd try it out & let us know what you think.
Business Card Reader SupportBusiness Card Reader Support
Business Card Reader  ( from SHAPE is available for Salesforce1. It allows to export cards as contacts or leads right from Salesforce app. It's available here at Appexchange.
Lucia SantarsiereLucia Santarsiere
i'm searching a Card Reader Software for import lead-contact and account in Salesforce but for PC and not for mobile device!!  Can you help me? thank you in advance for your help!
You can use ABBY Businness Card Reader, you can scan multiple cards at once depends on the size of the scanner. You can export to salesforce.

Good luck
Craig NehrkornCraig Nehrkorn
Zoho offers a cheap and easy business card scanner that adds leads directly to Zoho, no exporting and importing csv files and just works and doesnt cost an arm and a leg.  I expect this will be a 99 cent app or even a free addition from all serious CRM companies
Denis KravchukDenis Kravchuk

Hi Trish,
try this app BusinessCard Reader Salesforce ( especially for Salesforce
and other app for multiple CRMs Business Card Reader - CRM Pro ( (1 app support more then 18 crm!!!)

this apps "recognition in 25 languages supported, including multilingual cards"

"Unique Features
- Get extended person and company information on the fly"

Maria SundströmMaria Sundström
Check out LiiD for CRM (
Iatsham JamadarIatsham Jamadar
Hi Trish,
You can try Bric app which works well as a business card scanner, has options to export data in CSV/Excel and also sync's data to Salesforce / phone book / Google contacts etc amongst many other features.