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Santiago SarquísSantiago Sarquís 

How too export act contacts too SF ?

How too export act contacts too SF ?
Steve MolisSteve Molis
To export contact data from ACT!, follow the steps below:

1. Launch ACT! and open your database.

2. Select: File | Data Exchange | Export.

3. Select the file type Text-Delimited.

4. Choose a filename and location for the exported data and click next.

5. Select contact records only.

6. Click the "Options" button.

7. Select comma for the field separator character.

8. Check the "Yes, export field names" check box and click OK. Click next.

9. Select "All Records" and then click next. Leave the export field order list alone, and click finish.

To export notes from ACT!, follow the steps below:

*NOTE: Before importing your ACT! notes, you must import your ACT! contacts. Using ACT!PAK!, you can export your ACT! notes into a file for import. You can download ACT!PAK! from:

1. Install and launch ACT!PAK!

2. Open the ACT! database from which you want to export notes, and set it up to export to Microsoft Excel.

3. In ACT!PAK!, choose "Transfer" from the Excel menu.

4. In the "Transfer" dialog:
-Choose Contact under Select Record Type
-Choose Lookup under ACT! Contacts
-Under Select Fields, make sure Contact Fields is selected in the drop-down menu.

5. Add the following fields from the field list on the left to the list on the right: Company, Last Name, First Name.

6. Change the select record type selection to "Notes/History".

7. Under select fields, make sure "Note/History Fields" is selected in the drop-down menu.

8. Under "Select Fields", add the "Regarding field" to the list of fields in the box on the right.

9. Under hold file, select a location for your export file, and click "Transfer".

10. When the transfer finishes, locate your exported file and change its file extension from .txt to .csv.

11. Open the file in Excel.

NOTE: If necessary, clean up the file prior to importing it. Common problems include notes that have been broken between columns (this occurs when notes contain quotation marks).
Jenna NelsonJenna Nelson
This is helpful to get the contacts out of Act! but the next steps to importing activity history in Salesforce is missing..

We have the Contact Manager edition and can't seem to find an easy way to import all of our notes and actvity history into Salesforce using the import wizard provided by Salesforce. We have been told by Salesforce support that it is not possible. Can anyone offer any other suggetions or help?
Kathryn BairdKathryn Baird
I am having the same problem. From what I know, a third party exporter is needed to export the notes and activity history. However none of these are free and most of them export everything from Act, however I have already exported the accounts and contacts imported into Salesforce which just leaves the notes and history to be exported. I do not justify paying a third party exporter to export everything which I do not require. Have you made any progress?
Natalia MyachinaNatalia Myachina
There are a few ways of how you can import your contacts from Act to Salesforce:

1) Import Wizard. To open it go to Your Name -> Setup -> Data Management. You will have to export your contact list to csv first.
2) Using Data Loader. It is a standalone application for Mac or PC and is available for download at This should work if you have API access. (You will have to export your contact list to CSV first like in the case with Import Wizard.)
3) Sometimes it's best to use Salesforce API directly (again, if you have API enabled). This documentation could be of use -
4) If you don't want to waste your time, you can use the service that we offer - It automates every step of data migration. You can read here about the procedure -