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Todd KerinTodd Kerin 

SalesForce Documents OR Google Docs

I am trying to decide where to store documents to be available to salesforce users and employees without salesforce licenses.  I am looking at either Documents within Salesforce or Google Docs.

I assume the short answer is that if I want people without access to Salesforce to see the documents, I would use Google Docs.

As a new user of Salesforce, I am wondering if there are any other things I should consider regarding where documents should be stored.

Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts.

Haribabu AmudalapalliHaribabu Amudalapalli
Hai Todd,

   Todd what your saying is correct,in salesforce to access Documents, he must be user of the salesforce.If you created google documents then no need you can share directly ,and you can give rights to another user.

Haribabu Amudalapalli
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Also I would throw in, I wouldn't use Documents in Salesforce at all. Content is the latest and greatest for where to store files in Salesforce. Content gives you version control, tagging, in-browser document previews, and supports full text document searching, none of which Documents does.
Todd KerinTodd Kerin
Thanks Matthew....didn't know Content existed.  It does look much better than document, although it also looks like a pretty good learning curve.

It also appears that Content has some integration with Google Docs, as I will need to have some non-licensed salesforce users access some of the content.
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
You're welcome Todd. Learning curve shouldn't be too bad, here's an overview video and some help content... on Content :)

Here's more info on the Content and Google Docs integration:

This approach (Content and Google Docs) is my strong recommendation.