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Alon DafniAlon Dafni 

Adding standard buttons to a page layout

I'm trying to add into Opportunities the field of "Cases".
I've succeeded, but I cannot locate the "New" button of "Cases" and add it there.

Our plan is that every Opportunity should have a case related to it, that will be created through the opportunity (it's a must, and the "New Task" won't be a good solution for us).

Can you please help me how to add this button?  the + options of the button does not exist.

Any help would be much appriciated.

Matt BrownMatt Brown
So you have a Case field on the Opportunity record correct? I think you may have done it backwards. :)

I would go to the Case object and create a lookup field on the Case object to the Opportunity object and then as you are creating that custom lookup field there is a point in the wizard that you can add the Case related list to your Opportunity page layout. This means that rather than having a field on the Opportunity linking it to the Case you have a Case related list on the Opportunity where Cases can be associated to this Opportunity and where the New button for Cases lives as well. Now you Case will have an Opportunity field on it linking one Opportunity to a Case.
Alon DafniAlon Dafni

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your answer.
I tried it ,but I still don't have the "New" button.

I guess I did something wrong... :(

Since I'm new here, I didn't know how to reply to your msg, so I set it as "was not helpful". 

Anyway - What I did was:
1. I added a new lookup field in cases
2. I set it to be related to Opportunity
3. In the "Related List Label"  it is written "Caes"

but I have no "New" button when I have a new, or existing opportunity (although I do see the "Cases".

any idea? 

Matt BrownMatt Brown
Did you add the Case related section to the Opportunity page layout? If so the Case section should have the New button.
Alon DafniAlon Dafni
I did,

I even have 2 "Cases" that I can add under the "related lists" , and not just one. (so I guess it means that one of them was created by me manually).

anyway, both do not contain an opportunity to include the "New" button". 

All I can control is the columns.  

Any idea?  I'm lost :( 
Alon DafniAlon Dafni
Btw - I'll be happy to somehow send you screenshots or so, any way to do that?
Matt BrownMatt Brown
You can add a screenshot here using the text editor and the Insert Image feature. Also what you might try it accessing the Opportunity page layout and then clicking on the wrench icon on the right side of the Cases releated section and checking to see if the New button is enabled.
Alon DafniAlon Dafni
- You can see the 2 "Cases" , no "NEW" button, and no "+" to add buttons...
Matt BrownMatt Brown
Ok wow no button section on that pop-up window. Ok now that makes me think you are not using the System Administrator profile?
Alon DafniAlon Dafni
I'm using an administrator profile.
Basically, I'm using my own profile, which was set to be administrator.

if there's any difference, I can use (ask the owner of the profile that he will do it...)  the original administrator profile.

does it have any effect?

do you need any other screenshot?  Maybe I didn't set the lookup field correctly?  
(once I'm adding a new case, I do have an option there to relate it to an existing opportunity...)

Any idea / help would be much appriciated :) 
Matt BrownMatt Brown
Make sure that you have all the necessary CRUD permissions for the Case object on the profile. Create, Edit, Read, Delete etc.

From the looks of your screenshot it would seem you have two lookup fields on the Case to the Opportunity? I would delete them both and start over. I would delete any Case lookup field you have on the Opportunity as well.

Delete all of those and start again by adding on the Case object a lookup to the Opportunity object. Make sure that the Opportunity page layouts have the Cases related section and see now if the New button is showing on that related section.
Alon DafniAlon Dafni
I've tried now to do it with the original administrator user.
Same result.

Anyway - I think that you are right and it is best to start from fresh.

Can you please repeat the steps that I should do in order to have it?

Also, should I have a lookup field on both Opportunities & Cases (each look for the other?) - if so, I didn't have it now...
Matt BrownMatt Brown
Make sure that on the Case object Fields there are no lookups to the Opportunity object and make sure that  there are no Case lookup fields on the Opportunity object.

Now start afresh. Go to the Case object fields and create a lookup to the Opportunity. Go back to the Case object and edit the page layout and make sure that the Cases related list is showing up. If it is does it show the New Case button?
Alon DafniAlon Dafni
Nothing changed... :(

Perhaps I'm missing something, I don't know.

any specific settings should be made during the creation of the lookup field?

Btw - while I'm creating the field, and later go to the "Page Layout", for some reason I have "Cases" (the original) and another related list, which is the one I created (and is named the way I chose).

anyway, both don't have the "+" option to add the "NEW" button.  
Matt BrownMatt Brown
Ok that is interesting that it does not allow you to add the standard New Case button. The only other option is create a custom button on the Case object (Buttons and Links) and make it a List Button and then for the URL paste in but make sure the na7 is changed for your server instance (you can see which server instance you are on in the URL address bar). Now edit the Opp page layout and edit the case releated list and add the New Case button you just created.
Alon DafniAlon Dafni

It worked!

BUT....  Instead of automaticlly having the account name in it (which should be the same account of the opp, at least as default , it starts empty).

Any suggestions?

Colleen CookColleen Cook
I thought I should add more detail, as I've just encountered  the same issue.
It occurred to me that the "Add New" is not available on the opportunity case related list, 
since the cases are really attached to the accounts.  All cases for one account show up
on each opportunity related list.  When creating a new custom "Add New Case" button,
you can use fields to populate the account name.  
More detail about making sure that custom button shows up in the case related list edit view
can be found on #5 on this page:
Gaylene DickensGaylene Dickens
I already have this, but I would like to add all cases from an account to each case record.  This will allow the support team to see history of all cases.  Since the cases are already added to the account record via cases related list; how can I get this same list on each case record?