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Carolyn PaolaCarolyn Paola 

How do I go about downloading the Salesforce for Outlook add-on application?

Is it an additional cost or just a plug in that I can download so that I can save emails from Outlook in salesforce?
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
No additional cost, you can download it by going to Your Name (top right corner of Salesforce) > Setup > Desktop Integration > Salesforce for Outlook. The main one you'll see is Salesforce for Outlook, but you can use the link on the right of that page to get the Outlook Connector as well.

Here's a couple of great writeups on the new tools:

Vikas GuptaVikas Gupta
Going to my name does not give me any feedback.  If I click on my name, I get my profile.  Could you please expound?
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Ah, go to Your Name in the top right corner of the app, shown below:

User-added image
Vikas GuptaVikas Gupta
I see.  So this would not work in the browser.  I would have to run the salesforce desktop app?

Vikas GuptaVikas Gupta
I see.  So this would not work in the browser.  I would have to run the salesforce desktop app?

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
A bit confused by your last comment, can you be more specific? The Outlook add-in installs into Outlook that you have on your computer. But you download the add-in from within Salesforce. The add-in for Outlook then pushes emails back to your Salesforce system.
Vikas GuptaVikas Gupta
Sorry, new to this.  I am not getting the "Setup" item.Menu
Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
No problem at all. It would seem that you're not an Admin, and apparently your Admin has disabled the ability for you to view the Setup area. You'll have to contact your Administrator for more help.

If that's not the case, what Edition are you using? If you look at the title of your browser when you're logged in it will tell you, Group, Enterprise, Professional, etc.
Vikas GuptaVikas Gupta

Thanks for all your help.  The title is "Customer Resources"

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Can you post a screenshot of that? The very top of the browser, when you first log in, from the Home tab. Should say " - <Edition name> Edition"

Does your whole company use Salesforce? Or do you use it as an individual?
Vikas GuptaVikas Gupta
Sorry.  Was looking inthe wrong place.  It is indeed "Professional Edition"  My company (EquiLend) is user of Salesforce.

Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Perfect, then that definitely means you're not an Admin, and your access to the Setup area (which is where you download the Outlook plugin from) has been turned off. Do others in your company also use the Outlook plugin? There's actually some setup for your Admin to do before you can use the Outlook add-in, so you'll have to get with whoever is the Administrator for your system, and they'll be able to help you from there.
George CatuognoGeorge Catuogno
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If you can't find the plug-in for Salesforce for Outlook by clicking your name and then setup, it's because the latest version doesn;t get you there that way.  The latest version requires you to click on your name, then "My Settings", and then "Desktop Add-Ons" which is located on the left-hand side toolbar. Under Desktop Add-Ons is Salesforce for Outlook.  Hope that helps.
Elavarasan NagarathinamElavarasan Nagarathinam
Hi Guys,

Please use the below navigation to download the salesforce connector for outlook.

Click on your name --> My Settings --> Desktop Add Ons --> Salesforce for Outlook.

​Elavarasan N.
Greg ThomasGreg Thomas
I can't find a direct thred to my issue  so I am hoping someone can see and postion this question.
We have just upgraded to Windows 10 enterprise 64bit, office 2016 locally installed. We use Enterprise vault for our backed up / older emails including the old .pst's.  Everytime we try to install salesforce for outlook 3.4.3 the enterprise vault throws a java script error and no longer can be accessed. Basically we can not run Salesforce for outlook and the enterprise vault. Has anyone  found a cure for this?
Jimmy SandsJimmy Sands
So if we are installing it on 140 tablets for end users, I cannot intsall for them.   We have to have them: 

Click on their name --> My Settings --> Desktop Add Ons --> Salesforce for Outlook.

Is this correct?