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Sreejesh NairSreejesh Nair 

unable to obtain exclusive access to this record

I have this error in my organization. It happens rarely. The situation by which it happened early was, when user tried to upload a list of opportunity which triggers the deleting or insertion of records into a custom object which in turn is a child of Campaign. there will be dml happening in 3 objects

1) Uploaded opportunity
2) Custom_object_based_on_opp (child of master-detail relationship from Campaign
3) Campaign roll-up summary field

I am getting "unable to obtain exclusive access to this record"
Joseph UcuzogluJoseph Ucuzoglu
 This problem usually will go away with time, but if not you can open a case with Salesforce and have them take a look. I had an issue with a record in my Sandbox that they needed to attend to.