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Tara McLaughlinTara McLaughlin 

can you change state in the standard address field to a picklist?

We want to have a pick list for region and countries and states (US states), if i use the standard field for address, it doesn not have a picklist for these. How do I still use the standard address field but add in a picklist for country and state. I I want to still be able to use the street address and zipcode as they are in the standard address fields.

Or do I have to create new custom fields for each item:
Street address
state(this would be my new picklist)
region (new picklist)
country (new picklist

The main issue is that we have been using the standard address field for a few years, now we want to improve our data so we need to have picklist so we dont get a lot of variations of countries (US, USA, United States etc...)
but if we create new custom fields for the all the address details, then I have to still have the old standard address field on the page layout plus the new ones, or we will not beable to see the old addresses entered in when using the standard address field

I hate to have 2 lists for address in our lead page layout to show old leads addresses and the new ones with the picklists.


Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
You would need to create some kind of custom VisualForce page if you wanted to use the standard address fields along with your custom picklists.

The only other way to do this would be to create your own custom addres fields and then use a formula field to concatenate them all together to look like an address in a single field.
Peter AubreyPeter Aubrey
Have you looked at the Vlookup function?  Allows you to create a Custom Object that holds the valid values, against which you can then check.  Its not a picklist I admit and it may annoy your users however it is one way to enforce the correct data entry.

Alternatively take a look at data quality solutions such as DataScout.
Omar MansourOmar Mansour
CountryComplete works really well and is supposed to have great support. There is a trial version as well.