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Charlotte VeyCharlotte Vey 

How do I delete a tab

Aiden MartinAiden Martin

To actually delete a custom tab, go to:
Setup...App Setup...Creatte...Tabs and click the appropriate "Del" link. 

To just hide a tab for yourself:
Scroll to the far right of the sfdc page in your browser, click on the tab with the little black arrow,
click "Customize My Tabs, and move the tab you don't want to see to the "Available Tabs" listbox.

To hide a tab for a profile:
Setup...Admin Setup...Manage Users...Profiles.. Edit Appropriate Profile.
Scroll to Tab Settings section. Select "Tab Hidden" for the tab you want to hide.



Praveen KumarPraveen Kumar
Try Deleting a Tab:
Click  "your name" --> "set up" --> Click "+" on the bar --> you would see a list of tabs available --> click on the one you want --> Click delete --> Result : Cant delete which are visible to all users or for some user groups.
Solution: Click on tab view --> scroll down to the bottom of the custom tab --> choose "visible to me only" option --> save it .
Click on tabs "+" --> click on your tab --> try deleting --> it works.

Easiest way:

"your name" --> Set up --> Create --> Tabs --> click "del" next to your app --> it works as well.

Thanks Martin! for your post. It helped me a lot!