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I am using salesforce professional edition and have exceeded my API requests?

I am using salesforce professional edition and have exceeded my API requests?  I have downloaded the vertical response app and today it failed to work. I contacted the VR people and asked why and they told me I have exceeded my API requests.  What is that?  I don't know how I did that and I don't know how to not do that.  Any help will be appreciated.
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David: This error is caused by a Salesforce user reaching the limit of API calls allowed for their SF organization. Per Salesforce: "To maintain optimum performance and ensure that the API is available to all of our customers, balances transaction loads by limiting the number of API requests (or calls) that any one customer organization may execute concurrently or within any 24-hour period. The limits are based on Salesforce Edition type. When an organization exceeds any limit, the organization may be temporarily blocked from making additional calls until usage for the preceding 24 hours drops below the limit. In the Salesforce application, administrators can view how many API requests have been issued in the last 24 hours on the Company Information page at Setup | Company Profile | Company Information." The limits for each SF edition can be found here:
David ReeceDavid Reece
When you perform a transaction with the Salesforce application outside of the browser this is known as an API request.

Tools like Vertical Response, Dataloader and others do not use a browser to communicate to Salesforce, they use whats called an API call to talk to each other.
(API = Application Programming Interface)

Because of the shared server resources (multi-tenant architecture) the Salesforce application limits how many times third party tools can talk to Salesforce in a 24 hour period. This is done to ensure that a single customer does not monopolize the resources for themselves.

In this instance, when you reach an API limit, this means that too many calls to Vertical Response have been made in a 24 hour period and you must wait before you can make more calls.

The limitation is concurrent which means that if you use 50% of your limit at 1pm today and another 25% at 3pm today, your total limit will be restored at the same time periods the following day, i.e tomorrow at 1pm you will 50% back and at 3 pm you will receive the remaining 25% that you used the previous day.

To see your API limit and how many call you have left you follow these steps:

Name > Setup > Administration setup >Company Profile > Company Information

You should see information that looks like this:
API Requests, Last 24 Hours 0 (5,000 max)

If you think the numbers are inaccurate or you don't think you made this many (or any) API calls then you may want to log a case with support. There may be other third party applications that are using your API calls.

Hope the information is useful.
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Good infromation
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Hi Vivian,

It will be automatically reseted after rolling 24 hours period. Also if you want to reset it now, do log a ticket with salesforce, provide them with a Strong Business reason and they will reset it for you.

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Jeff MayJeff May
You can also run the Administration Report called 'API Usage Last 7 Days" to see which SFDC Users are using the API and how many.
Vivian ParkerVivian Parker
Thank you for your help!
Vivian ParkerVivian Parker
Thank you!