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Zoe MilesZoe Miles 

installing the Nonprofit Starter Pack

I was approved for a SalesForce donation, but it did not come with the NPSP installed.  I could not find where to install the package all at once, so started installing each of the 5 components individually from the App Exchange.  Two installed successfully - the Affiliations and Relationships packages - but the Contacts & Organizations package will not install.  I keep getting this message:

Package install error

There are problems that prevent this package from being installed.

Missing Organization Feature: Opportunity.RecordType

Any idea what I can do to have the package install smoothly, or is there a way to install the NPSP components all at once?  I have no data in the system yet, so there is no risk of losing information.

Tal FrankfurtTal Frankfurt
Hi Zoe, it is a known issue and I think that the new release will have a fix for that. In the meanwhile, a workaround might be to manually create the Record Type and matching Sales Process in order to get it to install correctly.

Zoe MilesZoe Miles
Thanks, Tal.  Where can I find information about creating the Record Type and matching Sales Process that the system wants to see?
Tal FrankfurtTal Frankfurt
To create a record type: click on Your Name > Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Record Types  > New . For more information, use the link below:

To create Sales Processes  click on Your Name > Setup > Customize > Opportunities > Sales Processes > New 
 For more information, use the link below: 

bart louwagiebart louwagie
When I click on the steps above to create the workaround to get the Non Profit Starter pack installed, I bump into the next error

New Record Type

Help for this Page
A opportunity record type must be associated with a sales process. You currently do not have any active sales processes. You must create a sales process before creating the opportunity record type.

For a non profit that does not sell stuff, this is a weird concept
bart louwagiebart louwagie
Seems like you may get help from

You will have to create a Opportunity record type. It seems like you may want to call that donation .. I called the recordtype donation too. Not sure if correct name, but at least, retrying the installation & it now does not error out.