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Kimberly (Jimenez)  PhillipsKimberly (Jimenez) Phillips 

What is a User Profile ID?

We have Professional Edition.
I am adding a lookup field to Cases and want to be able to pick a user rather than a contact. I'd like to limit the selections to System Admins only but when I try to add the filter I don't have a profile name option, just profile ID. I can't figure out what this is or how it works. 

Any assistance is appreciated.
Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
first make sure you have created lookup to USER object 
Then when you go into filters...
Current User Profile: Name EQUALS System Administrator... See the screen shot. 

You will first need to click on Current User Profile:  ==== once you click it will automatically show you profile fields.... just select "Name"    

User-added image
Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
Can you also post screen shot of the lookup filter
Kimberly (Jimenez)  PhillipsKimberly (Jimenez) Phillips
I don't have the same options as you. I double checked the lookup field and it is for a User, which is what I want: Lookup(User). I tried to do a screen shot but I can't seem to figure out how to do it without exceeding 32,000 characters.

Here are my filter selctions:

Current Lookup
User: Profile ID
User: Manager: Profile ID

Current User
Current User: Profile ID


Matthew LambMatthew Lamb
Profiles have Ids just like all other things in Salesforce, and you can get it from the URL. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Profiles, click the profile of interest, then check the URL. You'll see a standard Salesforce 15 digit Id number in the URL (same as you'd see if you went to any other record like a Contact or Account). Copy that 15 digit Id value, and use that as your filter criteria.
Brent MellowBrent Mellow
To find the profile ID in Professional Edtion, create a custom filed on the user record called "Profile ID".  This is a formula field where you insert User.Profile ID.  You can then see the profile ID on each user record and can now use that in formulas that reference Profile Id.
Nathan MyersNathan Myers
I struggled with this for a while.  I wanted to set a validation rule that threw an error if the user trying to save a record with too big of a discount and was not an administrator (we are on Professional edition and don't have workflows & approvals).  I needed the Profile ID because the systax for the validation rule was 

AND(Discount >= 0.2, $User.ProfileId <> "00eA0000000nJER")

To find the Profile ID, I went to edit a user screen which is where you'd be able to change the profile from one profile to System Adminstrator.  Then you right-click ont he screen and "view page source".  If you can read this kind of code, you'll find something that says the Profile ID right before the "label" for that ID.  If you keyword search the profile you're looking for you'll find it.  My page source looked like this:

Profile=['00eA0000000nJEY','Content Only User','00eA0000000nJEX','Contract Manager','00eA0000000nJEW','Marketing User','00eA0000000nJEU','Read Only','00eA0000000nJEV','Solution Manager','00eA0000000nJET','Standard User','00eA0000000nJER','System Administrator'];

Hope this helps!

Jagannath BirajdarJagannath Birajdar
I was trying to find the profile ID, as suggested below, I followed steps and found Profile ID. It has worked for me. I have used it in validation rule to restrict field update once the opportunity is "closed won" stage.