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Camille WardCamille Ward 

Salesforce for Outlook - The sidebar is not showing up in Outlook 2007

We are moving to Salesforce for Outlook. I have a user that is on Outllook 2007. He has iinstalled Salesforce for Outlook but the Sidebar is not appearing in his Outlook.
I am running Outlook 2010 and had no issues the sidebar automatically loaded into my Outlook.
Tiffany ChenTiffany Chen
Is the user assigned to a different Outlook Configuration? If so, you will need to turn on Side Panel for the user's Outlook Configuration.
Setup | Desktop Administration | Outlook Configurations

Edit the Outlook Configuration and check the "Side Panel" checkbox.
Kathy ChilcoteKathy Chilcote
Camille, I'm chiming in here because I am having similar issues and want to see what answers pop up.  I have had more trouble with 2010 than 2007, but two machines haven't shown the sidebar upon installation.  I've looked for solutions but haven't tried anything that has worked.
Brian KwongBrian Kwong
The sidebar for Salesforce for OUtlook isn't supported in Outlook 2007. It's only available in Outlook 2010.
Kathy ChilcoteKathy Chilcote
Really Brian?  Because it is working for most of our people.  The only true failure we had was for the one guy who uses Outlook 2010. 

My understanding was that it was supported for 2007, and that Connect for Outlook would no longer be supported for 2010.  Otherwise, we wouldn't have switched.

Regardless, there must still be some bugs that need to be worked out.
Brian KwongBrian Kwong

That was the news delivered in my last User Group meeting. I was very disappointed since most of our users are on 2007. I have it enabled in our org and it only appears for 2010 users. All the 2007 users are without the side panel despite having the same config seutp.

You have Outlook 2007 users with the Side Panel on? 

The connector doesn't work for any of our 2010 folks and "works" on 2007.

The issue we've experienced with 2010 Side Panel users is it tends to hog the CPU and sometimes freezes or crashes.
Kathy ChilcoteKathy Chilcote
That is really strange.

We have some 2007 users for whom it freezes up, but they turn the sidebar off and on (under view/salesforce pane) and it seems to help. 

The one 2010 user had to uninstall because his issues seemed too troublesome. 

I'm on 2007 and it works fine for me, except that sometimes when I turn on my machine the sidebar takes some time (a few minutes) to appear.  In that situation, the on/off toggle under the view/salesforce pane doesn't appear either. 

Overall, I'm less than happy with SFO.  I didn't like Connect for Outlook, but at least it was consistent.
Brian KwongBrian Kwong

After further hasing it out with some UG members - I'm apparently the only one that remembers having the conversaion about the Side Panel requiring 2010.

The hat must have overheated my brain that day.

One things I was told was that users who didn't have IE8+ experience issues with the panel not displaying.

So in addition to checking configuration - check IE browser version. I'm not sure why it makes an impact, but it is a Microsoft product.
Kathy ChilcoteKathy Chilcote
Brian, I'm using IE 9, and have had issues myself, so I'm not sure that is it.  I just got a call from our IT people that another user on 2007 is getting error messages that are completely different than any other complaint I have seen.  I'm a little discouraged about the possibility that I'll need to find another solution for Outlook integration.  I was really hoping this would work. 

Anyway, the IT guy suggested that since I also use Chrome, there might be some confusion between Chrome and IE.  Not sure about that.
Carlos FriasCarlos Frias
What version of Salesforce for Outlook is your user running? In order for the Side Panel to display, you must have installed version 2.0 or higher
Robin MeadRobin Mead
We are running and we have a large amount of our users with this error. its also not consistent and fails to open 1/3 of the time.
Robin MeadRobin Mead
Oh and we are running ie8
Rich SnowdonRich Snowdon
upgraded from 2.1.2 to to get some chatter following to outlook contacts to sync.  which worked great but could not get the side panel to work at all.  Upgraded to v.2.2.6 and the side panel works.  You should try that.  Do not upgrade to v.2.3.2 because there is a bug where the side panel will show up in your mail when you compose a new email.

For me I have a user with Outlook 2007 and running v.2.1.2 and cannot get side panel to open at all.  user in the same group as me and it is working fine.  The only difference I know is Outlook version.
Iryna DIryna D
Hi Camille,

Salesforce App for Outlook is great for Office 365 users. But it doesn't work for native Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013. I suggest taking a look at ContactMonkey ( It not only let's you view a person's Salesforce record like Salesforce App for Outlook, but it also let's you edit their record right within the Outlook inbox. It also logs outbound and inbound emails into Salesforce including custom objects.

There is a free option so no need to pay for trying.

Hope that helps.