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Bruce RobertsBruce Roberts 

How to delete multiple contacts at once?

I have many different accounts/locations that have the same contact information.  After having uploaded my accounts/contacts, I have many duplicate contacts. 

Is it possible to delete the duplicate contacts so that the particular contact is in there only once, but is still associated to all of those individual accounts?

David CarnesDavid Carnes
Hi Bruce,

Within Salesforce you can use the Merge Accounts and Merge Contacts tools to merge 2 or 3 of each at once.  You can find Merge Accounts on the Accounts tab in the Tools section.  You can initiate Merge Contacts while looking at any Accounts' detail layout, in the Contacts Related List.  

A significant step up for merging is using a 3rd party tool like DemandTools by CRMFusion.

What is nice about using merge tools is that they automatically reconnect other related records (ie Activities, Attachments, Contacts, etc.) from the losing to winning records.

Best of luck!

David Carnes
OpFocus, Inc.
Christopher TeachoutChristopher Teachout
Unfortunately, a contact can only be linked to one account. You could create a junction object to link a contact to multiple accounts, the non-profit version has affiliations, or use contact roles to display what a contact does at each account.
Fachrizal NugrahaFachrizal Nugraha
Indeed, 3rd party tools will give you more flexibility, and it will save your time.  
CRM fusion is one of the complimentary tool which provides that. 
There is a web-app called podbox, which is currently being developed, and acts as a complimentary tools for many CRM softwares. Not only merge but there is a complete package of clean features likewise.

Disclaimer : I currently work at Podbox.