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Rajiv SachdevaRajiv Sachdeva 

Need to change a standard field and replace it with a custom field in user stand

I am not finding the option to change the settings for division field in the User standard object. As per our requirement I need to replace the standard field division with custom field Division which needs to be of type picklist. The problem is that I am not able to change the page layout for user object and hence am not able to hide the field. As the normal procedue in this case that we follow is that we hide the field on page layout and then make a custom field that is replaced with this on page layout. But due to some reason , I am not able to modify the satndard fields on user page layouits and because of which I am not able to make this change
Sandeep MahalSandeep Mahal
You can not modify standard fields on User Page Layouts.Even if you create new Page Layouts for user, you won't be able to modify the standard fields.