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Pea O'DriscollPea O'Driscoll 

How do i add an item to a picklist?

I am trying to add some new options to a picklist within lead source. Can you tell me how to do this please? 
Sunil KeshariSunil Keshari
Your Name ---> Setup ---> App Setup ---> Customize --->Leads ---> Fields ---> click "Lead Source" field (do not click not 'Edit' link)

Now click on 'New' button to add new picklist values.

Nebojsa ZgonjaninNebojsa Zgonjanin
Here you go:

Updating Picklists

Available in: All Editions

Standard Objects are not available in

User Permissions Needed
To change picklists:“Customize Application”

To update any standard or custom picklist field:

  1. Navigate to the fields page for your object. For example, for account fields, click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Accounts | Fields.

    For custom objects, click Your Name | Setup | Create | Objects, then click the name of an object.

  2. Click the name of the picklist you want to update.
  3. In the Picklist Values section, click Edit next to a value.
  4. In the Picklist Edit page, you can change the name of the value and make the value the default for the master picklist. You can also assign a color for use in charts by clicking the button for the chart color picker button. To assign a color dynamically when a chart is generated, click Assign color dynamically. Note
    Chart colors aren't available for multi-select picklists, currency picklists, or Task Subject, Event Subject, and Opportunity Competitor picklists.
    • Some special picklists, such as Task Priority, Stage, or Partner Role, have additional information that you can edit.
    • If you use record types, changing the default value of the master picklist does not affect the default value of the picklist for a record type.
    • For Salesforce CRM Ideas, setting the default value of the Categories or Status picklists does not affect the default value on the Salesforce CRM Ideas pages.
    • If you change the label for a picklist value that is used as a filter criteria on a report, the picklist value is automatically removed from the filter criteria. For example, if your report contains a filter where Lead Source equals Email or Web and you change the picklist value Web to Referral, your report filter will change to Lead Source equals Email. If the changed picklist value was the only value specified for a particular filter, it will continue to show up in your report filters, but an error will display on the report wizard.
  5. Click Save.
If your organization uses the Translation Workbench, notify your translators that the translations may be out of date whenever you change picklist values.