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Fred KampfFred Kampf 

It concerns me that my sandbox has been down for almost 3 days.

Does anyone have any information about CS3 being down for 3 days?

I did look on to see they are working on it.  I would think that they would have sent some type of explaination via email regarding this issue.

Its very concerning to me.
Matt BrownMatt Brown
Yeah they normally do when they have identified the issue. You can always call support. :)
Fred KampfFred Kampf
I have not seen an interuption this long before.. after a day you would think they would notify those that are effected with something.

We don't have Premier support...I'm not sure what your experience has been (if any) with basic support.. : (

Thanks for responding!!!

Kyle ShannonKyle Shannon
Hey Fred,

I am also in the same boat, it seems at this point they have yet to identify the issue. I have also tried the basic support phoning, not much of a help. It seems we just have to be patient and wait.

Let us hope it is fixed soon!

Fred KampfFred Kampf
Thanks Kyle... I try not to call basic support as I usually end up more frustrated.  Hopefully, it gets resolved soon.  Thanks again!!
Matt BrownMatt Brown
Yeah sorry all but if I wasn't sitting in an airport I would jump on a call with Salesforce to get some answers for you all.
Patrick Bueno de MesquitaPatrick Bueno de Mesquita
This is indeed very concerning and also very costly.  This does not give us a lot of trust in