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Luke SmedleyLuke Smedley 

How can I remove roles in the forecasting hierarchy?

Want to remove roles and hence individuals from the forecasting hierarchy for the purposes of excluding them from forecasting (they don't own opps) but are in that position in the role hierarchy?  The only way at the moment is to reconstruct the role hierarchy and start using sharing rules so the forecast hierarchy can work?

Check out this post on a solution:

Where the user suggest:

"remove this role and all its subordinate roles from the forecast hierarchy BY NOT ASSIGNING A FORECAST USER TO THE ROLE." (accent added)

As I understand it, if I leave a role without a user assigned (such as when no user exists for that role), that means all the users under that role are not considered part of the roll-up."
Luke SmedleyLuke Smedley
thanks Chris.  i tried this but without a user in the role it doesn't roll up and the individual above never gets the visibility of the forecast which is really annoying.  It appears the only way to do this is by completely changing my role hierarchy.