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Matt BullockMatt Bullock 

opportunity sales stage best practice

We use the following stages in our opporunities to assist with forecasting.
Our company sells a product which  is high volume b2b sales of a low vlaue with a 3 - 10 week sales cycle.

opportunity sales stages
- prospecting
- qualificaation
- needs analysis
- value proposition
- i.d decision makers
- perception analysis
- proposal / price quote
- negotiation review

close / won
close / lost
close / duplicated
close / retired

The problem with the sales stages are the sales staff  get confused by the status, and often are unsure what is the correct status. ie its to complex and confusing for them

Does anyone know of a simpler list of stages to use for opportunities?

many thanks

Steve MolisSteve Molis
The best thing to do in this case is to sit down with the stakeholders within your organization and come up with a set of Opportunity Stages, Probabilities%, and Forecast categories that match your company's business process and sales cycle.
Matt BullockMatt Bullock
Its taken us a long time -  but I think we have it right now, buying cycles

- new
- awareness
- considering
- buying
- sold

and then all the normal closed stages

we then have list of road blocks and timeframes can be set for each
Matt BullockMatt Bullock
moving to buying cycles is the way!