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Corinna RossknechtCorinna Rossknecht 

Call Tracking in Activity History not working (Skype Click-to-Call)

Hey there,

How can I start tracking calls and show the calling history in each Leads/Contacts/Opportunitites, when using Skype Click-to-Call? Any help appreciated!
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Pruthvi RajPruthvi Raj
@Corinna : I might not be of great help here . Can you try contacting the customer service of the app , as they are the right persons for solving the issue ?

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Pruthvi RajPruthvi Raj
@Corinna : Check this Free app Skype Click-to-Call for Mac and PC,

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***Complete Installation Instructions***
After installing the app "Skype Click-to-Call for Mac and PC" to your Salesforce account do the following:

1) Go to Setup > App Setup - Customize > Contacts > Page Layouts > Edit
2) On the "Fields" tab drag "Click-to-Call Phone" to page
3) On the "Custom Links" tab drag "Enable Click-to-Call to Custom Links section of page
4) Click Save

5) Repeat on the Account, and Leads page layouts.

6) Next go to Setup > App Setup - Develop > Custom Settings
7) Click "Manage" on Click-to-Call Configuration Manager
8) Click "New"
9) Enable Auto Call Log: Yes
10) Global Country Code: +1
(+1 is for US)
11) Click Save

12) Install the latest edition of skype to your computer.
Download available at: .

Let me know if you need more information / help . If helped , please mark best answer so that others can easily find it . Cheers !!!
Corinna RossknechtCorinna Rossknecht
@pruthvi, thank you very much for your quick reply, we are already using the app and installed it properly following the steps you posted but somehow the calls are not being tracked in activity history!

Do you have an idea why this could be? 
Pruthvi RajPruthvi Raj
@Corinna : I might not be of great help here . Can you try contacting the customer service of the app , as they are the right persons for solving the issue ?
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Corinna RossknechtCorinna Rossknecht
Thanks, I will! :)
Pruthvi RajPruthvi Raj
@Corinna : Can you mark a best answer , so that others will find the solution easily :) 
Corinna RossknechtCorinna Rossknecht

@Pruthvi, I'm not having any luck with the App's Support, however, everything works fine with the app, the only issue we have is that Salesforce is not creating a call history automatically in the activity history. Couldn't my issue lay within Salesforce where I have to enable "call tracking"/"auto creating tasks" or similar?

Any help appreciated!


Brandon BohlandBrandon Bohland
@Corinna, did you ever find a solution?  I'm having the same issue.  Installed as described and everything is enabled and Auto Call Log is also enabled.  Still no logged called.  
Chris WoodwardChris Woodward

Hi, Corinna and Brandon!

If you're still having issues, I suggest that you check 3rd party solutions that might help. I recommend Tenfold, a CTI that integrates Salesforce with Skype (and other phone systems).

One of Tenfold's main features is automatic call logging. All your calls, inbound or outbound, will be automatically saved in Salesforce. Yes, useless clicks are eliminated. Since it unifies two systems, even if you're not in front of your computer or you're not logged in Salesforce, all your calls are still gonna be automatically logged.

Tenfold's other features include click-to-call, a floating UI (screen pop/caller ID), a call analytics dashboard, and more.

To learn more about Tenfold and how it integrates Salesforce and Skype, you can check this link:

Michael PotterMichael Potter
Hi Corinna and Brandon,

Did you have any success?
Michael PotterMichael Potter
at the bottom of the appexchange page for this app:

4: Support and Feature Request: Please post your support questions and feature requests: