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Andy RouseAndy Rouse 

Merging success community Profiles - Possible?

Over time, I've ended up with a few Success Community Profiles (my usernames from a couple of companies I worked for, and then my "standalone" developer profile). Is there any way to merge the questions/votes/comments, etc of those profiles into 1? I'd like to have a unified presence in the community, if that's possible.

Over time, I could see this becoming a growing issue as multiple people move from company to company that all use Salesforce?
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Alex Twomey-McLeodAlex Twomey-McLeod
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Hi Andy,

If I understood your question correctly you want to have a single profile for all community Posts across organizations. Is that right ?

Michael GillMichael Gill
Difficult one - don't believe you can currently. 
Andy RouseAndy Rouse
Michael - Thank you. I assumed that was the case. A shame, but totally understandable. I'm going to have to get better at logging into here with my Developer Profile as through habit.
Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
It is a shame, I have a few old ones as well.  I keep it in a different browser for the most part, that way I know I'm logged in correctly
Glenn BarthGlenn Barth
Andy send me an email with your contact information.  I noticed you had a few different active records in our org. I will set the older ones to "No Longer With This Company"  perhaps this might help. thanks
Chris EdwardsChris Edwards
+1 Mike - full merging isn't possible. But you may be successful in getting the other profiles 'repointed' to your preferred one. (This won't move answers/comments etc but will serve as a kind of redirect, I believe.) I've seen this done before - try posting a message to one of the community directors like Phoebe Venkat.
Scott MorrisonScott Morrison
That's a shame I would like to do this as well. It's a good argument for not using an org tied to a particular organization but a personal dev org for success communites. It's inevitable that people will move between companies. 
Alex Twomey-McLeodAlex Twomey-McLeod
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Brian OconnellBrian Oconnell
I have 15 profiles on this site.
Toni LuceyToni Lucey
I've been SFDC consulting since 2006 and have almost 30 success community profiles. 
Tamal ChakrabortyTamal Chakraborty
i beleive its better to have one linked with your personal /professional email ID . So even after you change companies you dont need to reset/validate it . also i think you can have multiple profiles mapped to a single emailid