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kalyani selamkalyani selam 
HI I completed my admin certification in August 2018.I didnt get notified any before december 2018.Now after completion of winter 19 , i am notified with spring 18.  Spring 18 is for  the people who are certified before april 2018, but why i am getting
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Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
Hi Kalyani,
Does it also say you need to pass Spring 18 in your maintenance status email?
Bridget AbercrombieBridget Abercrombie 
After a little research, I have tried everything and the log a call button still does not display in the Activities component of Lightning.
  • Log a call been added to Salesforce1 and Lightning experience Actions
  • No activity record type
  • Global Publisher layout includes log a call
  • No additional buttons have been created (so no duplicates)  
Not sure what else to try any help is appreciated. 
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Bridget AbercrombieBridget Abercrombie
Finally got it to work after finding this knowledge artical:
For what ever reason in the Global Actions it was not showing "Task" in the record type field.  Once added it worked.   
Robert GilmoreRobert Gilmore 
I have a login flow built, and the users who view the flow have the ability to mark a checkbox to "True" if they do not want to see the flow again. I don't know how to make the flow not launch if the user has a checkbox on their user account marked true. Can anyone send me in the correct direction?
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Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
I managed to get a conditional login flow running, albeit rudimentary.  You can hopefully tweak it from here.  The post I liked above links to another post that would go through actually updating the checkbox with a RecordUpdate element

I didn't have any issues testing it, but this is new to me as well so do some testing for sure.

I created a formula field on the User object called "User Checkbox"

I have a flow that looks like this:

User-added image

I created a formula value within the Flow that looks like this:

User-added image

to bring back my User field.

I then used that formula value in a decision element:

User-added image

I then applied the RunFlow decision to a screen, and left the other one open-ended

User-added image

I then made this a Login Flow and boom goes the dynamite.  During testing I made sure to use a dummy account and profile, so that I didn't accidentally lock myself out of my own developer org if I threw an error, which would have been bad.
Andrea SloanAndrea Sloan 
I know how to customize my users' tabs through Navigator items on the backend but how do I customize my Personal view Lightning that woulnd't affect the users?
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Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson
User-added image
User-added image
Smriti SaxenaSmriti Saxena 
Hi Everyone
Was just setting up Duplicate Management on the Spring Version. Matching rule under duplicate management is not taking date of birth field. I tried separating date of birth into day,month and year but it still is not coming in the picklist for matching. Is there some rule that states date of birth cannot be a matching criteria? Request help.
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Hello Smriti Saxena,
                              Yes unfortunately in duplicate management its not taking date of birth field. If you don't want to allow users to enter duplicate date of birth you can use validation rule or trigger as per requirements. If you are not clear and then let me know.
Pritam Shekhawat
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Judith AlexJudith Alex
Thank youn Ben and Christopher. It was resolved from the developer's end. Using Duplicate rule header.
Krzysztof NowackiKrzysztof Nowacki 
 As I read it should work automaticaly when the duplicate rule is true and set to report. Im testing it on sandbox and after connected Duplicate Record Sets to duplicate rule the record set do not show new items (I've simulated some duplicate behaviors ). I can add the new item manualy but this should rather work automaticaly?

Do you experiance this behaviour?

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Nathalie BringelandNathalie Bringeland

Hey Krzysztof, 

You might have solved this already but I just ran in to the same issue in our Sanbox and found a solution if there's anyone else that runs into this problem! 

Background and problem: I wanted to test prevention of Contacts with the same email address so I created and activated a matching rule and a duplicate rule for this. My next step was to create a duplicate record set associated to the matching rule I just created. I created two new contacts with the same email address and no contacts with duplicate emails were added to this Duplicate Record Set.

What I tried then is that I removed my Duplicate Record Set, and tried adding duplicate Contacts again and it worked! Now when I created a duplicate contact a new Duplicate Record Set was created automatically and the duplicate contacts were listed in there :).

It says in the Salesforce Help documentation:
hen a user saves a record that’s identified as a duplicate by a duplicate rule with the report action:

  • The saved record and all its duplicates, up to 100, will be assigned to a new or existing duplicate record set...
I belive the "existing duplicate record set" refers to a duplicate record set that has been created automatically the first time and then it just continues existing there.

Solution: It seems like the Duplicate Record Set needs to be created automatically and should be triggered by the first duplicate created, it should not be created manually. 

pooja Rajpooja Raj 
Hi Folks,
User-added image
I have followed the steps but couldn't complete it. Do someone have any idea about it? Please Help
Thank you
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Pattie HeintzPattie Heintz
The Task should be created from the Case.  So after you create your Case, open up "Related", go to Open Activities and create the new task from there.

Hi Alicia - are you experiencing the exact same error as Raj or is the trailhead telling you something different? ("We can't find the task associated with the Case")
Brittaney Benson-TownsendBrittaney Benson-Townsend 
As an admin, I would like to know what percent of sales users are utilizing the Salesforce inbox add-on we purchased? Are they using it at all? How often are they using it? Did the product add value to our organization? So far, I haven't come across a field I could use to build a Salesforce inbox adoption report. 
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Thomas JonesThomas Jones
Salesforce Inbox data is stored entirely outside of Salesforce in Amazon S3, so unfortunately there is no way to report on Salesforce Inbox adoption within Salesforce. The Activity Storage screen in Setup > Einstein > Einstein Sales > Inbox > Activity Storage might be helpful to you, as it shows the # of records captured and connected accounts. Let me know if this is helpful!

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Shaina SugarShaina Sugar 
We currently subscribe to both Apsona and Conga. We use Conga for all acknowledgement letters, pledge statements, billing, etc. We would like to scale back and use only Apsona. Would you recommend Apsona for these uses? Pros? Cons?
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Shaina SugarShaina Sugar
Thank you for your repsonse. I found this which addressed my question.