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Asw HAsw H 
we have a Lookup field (GlobalSource_c) which when a value of "ABS" is selected then Picklist (Source_c) should populate "Sourced by ABS" without which it will not allow to save the record.Any Idea
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Hi Asw,

Please try below formula for validation rule: -

If you wanted for all records 
    GlobalSource_r.Name ="ABS",
    TEXT(Source_c) <> "Sourced by ABS"
If you wanted only when creating the record
    GlobalSource_r.Name ="ABS",
    TEXT(Source_c) <> "Sourced by ABS"

Note: - Please use the correct API name and use insert field for selecting the fields.
Stijn TrochStijn Troch 

I currently have the below SQL Query:

SELECT SObjectType, Field, PermissionsRead, PermissionsEdit 
FROM FieldPermissions 
WHERE parentId IN ( SELECT id
                    FROM permissionset
                    WHERE PermissionSet.Profile.Name = 'BDM Client User')

This query returns field level security results for all fields for that profile (Or atleast I would like it to)

Currently we have a total of 4600 fields in Salesforce over all objects

The Query only returns 2240 fields, so a lot are missing.

Things I would like this query to do:

1) Return Field Level Security settings for all fields (Read/Edit) - Per Profile
2) Have the query return the FIELD LABEL instead of the FIELD NAME (The same goes for the object

In the example below, my query returns; the object name, the field name and the read/edit permissions, but for some reason not for all fields.

User-added image
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Amit Kumar GiriAmit Kumar Giri
@Stijn - There are restriction while you query for FieldPermissions.
>> Following field types don’t return a FieldPermissions record because they are assumed to always be readable.


>> Following field types don’t return a FieldPermissions record because they are assumed to always be readable and writable.

Master-detail custom (relationship) fields
Universally required custom fields

So for example , if you are trying to get field permission info for "Opportunity", you will not see permission for below standard field on a SOQL query results, even though you will have access to these fields


Complete info refer here
Renell CarpenterRenell Carpenter 
I have a flow that is attempting to update a Account Master/Detail field on a custom object with a new Account Id and I keep getting: "Error Occurred: Too many DML statements: 1"  The (wonderful) flow error report email shows it is only trying to update 2 records so I don't think it is a governing limits issue:

Find all CustomerSubAccount__c records where:
MasterAccount__c Equals {!varStartMasterID} (001E000000whvyeIAA)
Assign those records to {!sovsCustSubAccts}.
Save these field values in the variable: Id, MasterAccount__c
Successfully found records.

LOOP: LOOP_CustSubAccts
Loop Through: [a0AE000000CNeo2MAD,a0AE000000GlwDsMAJ]
Iteration: 0
Current value of {!sovCustSubAcct}: a0AE000000CNeo2MAD

ASSIGNMENT: ASN_CustSubAcct_NewMasterAcct
{!sovCustSubAcct.MasterAccount__c} Equals {!varNewMasterId}
{!sovCustSubAcct.MasterAccount__c} = "001E000001LsKM0IAN"

ASSIGNMENT: ASN_CustSubAcct_to_UpdatedCustSubAccts
{!sovsUpdatedCustSubAccts} Add {!sovCustSubAcct}
{!sovsUpdatedCustSubAccts} = "[a0AE000000CNeo2MAD]"

LOOP: LOOP_CustSubAccts
Loop Through: [a0AE000000CNeo2MAD,a0AE000000GlwDsMAJ]
Iteration: 1
Current value of {!sovCustSubAcct}: a0AE000000GlwDsMAJ

ASSIGNMENT: ASN_CustSubAcct_NewMasterAcct
{!sovCustSubAcct.MasterAccount__c} Equals {!varNewMasterId}
{!sovCustSubAcct.MasterAccount__c} = "001E000001LsKM0IAN"

ASSIGNMENT: ASN_CustSubAcct_to_UpdatedCustSubAccts
{!sovsUpdatedCustSubAccts} Add {!sovCustSubAcct}
{!sovsUpdatedCustSubAccts} = "[a0AE000000CNeo2MAD,a0AE000000GlwDsMAJ]"

LOOP: LOOP_CustSubAccts
End Loop.

FAST UPDATE: FUP_UpdatedCustSubAccts
Update CustomerSubAccount__c records whose IDs are stored in {!sovsUpdatedCustSubAccts}.
Variable Values
Failed to update records whose IDs are in {!sovsUpdatedCustSubAccts}.
Error Occurred: Too many DML statements: 1
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Renell CarpenterRenell Carpenter
I was able to solve the problem by changing the readOnly attribute of apex:page tag as true on the Visual Force page that is used to call the flow per

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[amitashtekar] amitashtekar
Hi Devendra,
If you are facing the same issue then please check whether you have made readOnly attribute of apex:page tag as true.
If so then just make it false;
When you set readOnly attribute of page to true then it doesnot allow any DML statements.
kiran punurukiran punuru 
Hi All,

I can see only four fileds when i have clicked on Log a Call under activities in Lightining but i wanted add a custom field .

Does someone help here
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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman
HI Kiran - you can edit the Global Acton & add fields to the layout. 

User-added image
Janelle LJanelle L 

I am trying to do a report to show the YoY report on similar products.
Have created a report using "Report Type: Products with Opportunities"

There are some opportunities with Total Price being 0. How can i find out the Sum on the Quantity when Total Price is 0?

I did a Sum on Quantity which allows me to find the number of attendees for the product. However, i also wants to know how many are paid/free.

Thank you in advance!
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Deanne WaltersDeanne Walters
You could create a bucket field. That is looking at the Total Price and splits it into zero and not zero.
Samuel PittSamuel Pitt 
Hi there, community!

Our Org is outside of the US, and the News Component (Account Insights) is just clutter to us. I can remove the feed from Accounts pages, Opportunity pages, etc. but I am struggling to find a way to remove the News tab from the navigation bar in the Sales App.

User-added image

Can anybody help?

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Ricardo DiazRicardo Diaz
Hi there, 

I believe you can remove the News component from the Navigation Menu by: Setup -> Navigation Menu -> Edit the currently used one -> Hit "Next" until you view a screen with two columns and a left/right arrow in the middle of them -> click on News and click on the left arrow -> Save.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

User-added image

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Phil CuratoloPhil Curatolo 
How can I recover a deleted process in process builder? I create a Trigger which would create a new opportunity when a new Custom Object Record is created. Everything works perfectly, except th lookup. The custom object needs to pull the Account into the Opportunity. I tried rebuilding it and I cant remember what I did. It was something like: NULLVALUE([CustomObject__c].Account.CustomObject__c.Account_Lookup_field,[Item__c].CustomObject__c.Account_Lookup_Field).

Any Thoughts?
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
Are you want to look into your old process builder version ? You can get it by going to setup > process builder > your process name > you will get icon there click that icon you will get all old version of your that process builder and open that version you will get your formula there.
Andrew GAndrew G 

We have deployed the FSL Managed Package.
Looking at the Service Resource object, there is the User that is associated with the Resource Record.
The field is Labeled "User", the API name "RelatedRecordId" and it is a lookup to User.

However, I cannot work out how to get the User ID with process builder? 
I have tried in both Process Builder but the field does not show when trying to select via related records.
I have tried to do a computed field to hold the ID, but the "RelatedRecordId" does not show for computed field either. (even on the Service Resource object).

Use case is that I want to fetch the User record and set it as the Owner of the Service Appointment that the Service Resource has been assigned.  

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Andrew GAndrew G
SO update:
I found that the field is visible via a SOQL on the Workbench
SELECT RelatedRecordId, Name FROM ServiceResource
With no ability to retrieve it via formula, guess we are going to a trigger.

Denver BoyerDenver Boyer 
Trying to create a formula field and this issue keeps coming up. I'd understand what to do if it was saying a boolean or number was expected. No clue when it seems to say nothing is expected.
 $CustomMetadata.Opportunity_Stage_Limit__mdt.Qualified_Limit.Stage_Name__c, TODAY()+ $CustomMetadata.Opportunity_Stage_Limit__mdt.Qualified_Limit.Day_Limit__c,
 $CustomMetadata.Opportunity_Stage_Limit__mdt.RF1_Limit.Stage_Name__c, TODAY()+  $CustomMetadata.Opportunity_Stage_Limit__mdt.RF1_Limit.Day_Limit__c,
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Mary TaglerMary Tagler
I haven't used custom metadata types, but I've seen it with the actual string values used and that's what I would try.

So instead of this:

Brian StoiberBrian Stoiber 
Trying to create a report that shows each account and the last activity created by a sales rep (custom field). When I run the report, I am seeing the same company show every activity in the report. See image below for an example. I need to the report to only show, in tabular format, every account with the date field. User-added image
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Pattie HeintzPattie Heintz
You should be creating an Account report, not an Activity report then.