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Kumar AbhishekKumar Abhishek 
Hi All ,

I have configured Omni channel for my service cloud console . I have Also Associated Routing Configurations and Agents with Queues. Although when i Test my Omni channel by using using "Web to case " & making myself status as "Avaible for case " -logged in as user assinged to case queue . I do get from "Web to case " but my console shows in Omni as mentioned below :
User-added image

Please help me out .
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Kumar AbhishekKumar Abhishek
HI Guys ,

Found the Gap due to which Pop-Up was not popluating into Dyamic Box of Omni channel , along with all these configuation we need to set up Permission set for this as mentioned below:
1.Setup>Administer>Manage Users>Permission Sets​ - 'New'
2.Label: 'General Support Presence Statuses'
3.User License: 'Salesforce'
5.In the 'Find Settings' search field, type "presence" and select 'Service Presence Statuses Access'
6.Click 'Edit' and move 'Available' and 'Busy' to the 'Enabled Service Presence Statuses' list.
8.Click 'Manage Assignments'
9.Click 'Add Assignments'
10.Check the box next to your user, and click 'Assign

@ Now the case comes into Dyamic Omni box with Option to "Accept " or "Decline " . 
Larry SchlichtingLarry Schlichting 
I have 400 companies that I'd like to work with for the next 20 years (that's the plan anyway). Is there any problem with me dumping all 4000 OneSource contacts for those companies into SalesForce so that they're available if I need them? My fear is that the database will slow down with that many contacts or that it will create some other unforseen problem. Can SalesForce handle that many contacts without slowing down?

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James GarfieldJames Garfield
Hi Lary,
Salesforce can handle that amount and many many many more. My org, for example, has over 100k accounts and they are growing daily.

Best of luck!

Oh and welcome!
James GentileJames Gentile 

I'd like to ask how you have managed an external lead source where some of the leads may already be listed as contacts and accounts in your org?

One thought I have is to set up the existing leads as an opportunity and setting up the "New" leads on the lead object.  Setting up the existing leads as an opp will eliminate dups.

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Susan ThayerSusan Thayer
Out-of-the-box: Whenever a new lead is first looked at click the "Find Duplicates" button to see if this lead already matches an existing contact (or another Lead). If so, then merge them together with the merge button (if enabled for the user). Depending on your settings this will append the new campaign lead source to the existing contact.
Garima GuptaGarima Gupta 

I am getting below error while validating the challenge.

"The validation rule does not appear to be working correctly. Marking IsEscalated to true and Priority to Medium did not fire the validation rule."

The formula I have used:

ISPICKVAL(Status, "Escalated") &&  IsClosed = True && ISPICKVAL (Priority,"Medium")

There is no error in the formula. Please assist.
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Ankush AgarwalAnkush Agarwal
Hi Garima,

You may try below formula:

IsEscalated ,
OR( IsClosed,
NOT(ISPICKVAL( Priority , 'High'))
Stephen ParkinsonStephen Parkinson 

I am trying to remove an expired Opportunity Record type but it still appears for Users. I have taken following actions;

1) Made Record Type Inactive
2) Checked available record types at Profile level and removed it
3) If I run report on Opportunities, the record type is not available in filters

However when I go to create new opportunity or if user does, the record type is still selectable

Does anyone have any ideas?
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Kundan Kumar JhaKundan Kumar Jha
Hey Stephen,

  Did you have any permission set? If yes then remove also from permission set.
Vince NatteriVince Natteri 

What I want to do is to have an email sent to me every time a user John logs in.

I tried creating a Workflow Rule (on User - Everytime it's created or updated)
then I chose these criteria for the fields:
Last Login equals Today
First Name equals John

Action: send an email to me as per a template

but I can never get this Workflow rule to work. Is it true that Last Login will not work in Work Flow rules? Is there any other way to accomplish this?


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Andrew FragiasAndrew Fragias
Hi Vince,

I would advise you try using Process builder and implement something similar to this

sunil kumar tuljsunil kumar tulj 
Hi i have Admin account in which i have created
User-added image

now i added on user
User-added image

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Andrew FragiasAndrew Fragias
Hi Sunil,

How did you go with this? has this been resolved? If so can you please mark the best answer so this can close
Shilo JacksonShilo Jackson 
I'm trying to create a validation rule that will prevent 2 separate picklist fields with the same pick values from matching. For example:

1st Month Credit (Jan, Feb, March) 2nd Month Credit (Jan, Feb, March) If January is selected in one picklist field, it cannot be selected again in the second picklist field.  
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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Hi Shilo,
Adding not-blank checks will make sure the rule fires only when both fields are filled and not when both of them are blank.
TEXT(1st_Month_Credit__c) = TEXT(2nd_Month_Credit__c)


sunil kumar tuljsunil kumar tulj 
Universal containers has two separate sales process: one process for domestic and one for international. Both sales processes have different stages. The executive requires a single page layout to provide the sales team with the same view both for domestic and international. Which two actions should the administrator take to support these requirements? (Choose 2)
a. Create one record type for the page layout
b. Create one sales process displaying all stages to keep sales teams on the same page layout
c. Create one record type for each sales process
d. Create two sales processes displaying only the stages appropriate to each process
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Kundan Kumar JhaKundan Kumar Jha
Hey Sunil,

  According to me : Correct answer : c,d
sunil kumar tuljsunil kumar tulj 
Universal Containers has activated Web-to-Case on their corporate website. IT configured Auto-Response to thank the customer for logging the case and activated Assignment Rules based on the state (USA) in which the customer resides. Case ownership is therefore determined and routed to the corresponding queue - North, South, East, or West. Customer Cases that do not meet the existing criteria should be assigned to Queue - World. Which solution will satisfy this requirement?
a) In Case Support Settings, change Default Case Owner to Queue-World.
b) Using a Trigger, change the owner of Cases not in the US to Queue - World
c) Using a Workflow Rule, change the owner of new Cases not in the US to Queue - World
d) In Active Case Flow/assignment, add a last entry criteria where Status=null then assign to Queue - World.
e) In the active case flow change the name of the queue-world
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Kundan Kumar JhaKundan Kumar Jha
Hey Suniil,

  Correct answer is : A 

You can assgn default case owner when non of criiteria meet for assignment then default optiion takes place.