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Lesa DoyleLesa Doyle 
I am creating a few fields for reporting only, I need to create the formula to count the record as "0" if the date field is NULL and "1" if there not blank
ISBLANK  (Interview_Happened_Date__c_,)   0 , 1)
But this is incorrect
Suggestions as I will be using this field to due formulas on reports to pull ratio's
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
More specifically - 
Stephen ParkinsonStephen Parkinson 
I posted a similar question a few days ago but feel like I haven't explained it clearly so I will try again.

On the opportunity record we have the following fields

Opportunity Country - single picklist field
Product Type - also a single picklist field (not part of the Opportunity Product object)

I need to create a validation rule to prevent opportunities being created in countries where specific product types are not legally registered. I have a big Excel sheet with all countries served and which products we have legal approval to sell. So for example

Opportunity Country = UK
Product Types allowed to sell = Product A and Product B

Opportunity Country = USA
Product Types allowed to sell = Product Type = A, Product Type = B and Product Type = C

Please could someone try to explain the syntax required to get this Validation Rule up and running?

Many thanks

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Minkesh patelMinkesh patel
Hi Stephen,

Actully, this is dependent picklist query , you can solve easily . learn below link:

Nidhi SoniNidhi Soni 
I am working on workflow rule where users will get password expire notication email.
I have completed the whole process but how can use data loader for field update where all users will get notification email upon their password expiration ?
I set my org password expire (90 days).
Thanks in advance !
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Steve DoddSteve Dodd

Try this approach...

Knowledge Article 214139:

If you're doing this for that process I helped you find on the Automation Champion blog, I believe you would have to run an update to mark the boxes TRUE first then a second update to make them all FALSE so every User record would be queue'd for your workflow action.
Jonathan OsgoodJonathan Osgood 
Hi All,
I'm unable to successfuly data load a currency field in any format (I've tried number, currency, custom etc. formats in excel). 

Here is the error message from the data loader:

INVALID_FIELD:Failed to deserialize field at col 1. Due to, '24,000.00' is not valid for the type xsd:double

Error fields: Current_Purchase_Price__c 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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Aaron DeRanAaron DeRan
Remove the comma. Salesforce recognizes commas as OR, not as a seperator.
Bhaggs SBhaggs S 
I've installed SurveyForce App on my developer edition and trying to send a transactional survey upon case closure.Iam not how to start.There is a sample survey from SurveyForce that I'd like to try

I created a work flow rule on case object and selected email alert as action. My question is how do I construct the URL of survey force in email template so that it is tied to a contact and case object

Is there any documentation?

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Minkesh patelMinkesh patel

Here is the Documentation.
You can learn more , please refer this:

Debbie StapletonDebbie Stapleton 
I have created an email template which is part of an Approval Process. All merge fields are working on the first 3 templates but on the final approval email the merge fields (highlighted in yellow) are not showing on my email. I also tried to add the detail link and that did not show up as well. Can someone help

User-added image
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Debbie StapletonDebbie Stapleton
Ok I just managed to fix my own issue with the highlighted merge fields missing. when I copied over the Merge field "Rating recommendation I missed copying over the closed bracket. All working now.
Robert ThomasRobert Thomas 
I am preparing for my "Salesforce Certified Administrator" Exam myself using the Study guide and various study materials from Google/Internet.

Recently when I checked the study Guide for the "Platform App Builder Certification" most of the topics were already covered in "Salesforce Certified Administrator" but with different weight-age and except the topics under "App Deployment 8%" & "Social 3%"
  • Is this "Salesforce Certified Administrator" preparation is enough to cover the "Platform App Builder Certification"
  • Is there anyone who recently appeared for both exams to help me out to answer the above query, so that I can plan to attend the 2 exams?
Any help is appreciated & thanks in Advance
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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
Hi Robert Thomas,

Yeah I have comlpeted App builder,Little bit difference between both,
Business Logic and Process Automation (27%) [17 questions]
Data Modeling and Management (20%) [12 questions] 
User Interface (14%) [9 questions] 
Security (10%) [6 questions] 
App Deployment (8%) [5 questions] 
Salesforce Fundamentals (8%) [5 questions]
Reporting (5%) [3 questions] 
Mobile (5%) [3 questions]
Social (3%) [2 questions]
To complete App Builder follow this URL

To complete Admin certification follow this URL
contact me at for Notes and How I prepared.
Arun ViswanathanArun Viswanathan 
I've built a workflow that updates a field on the Account object with the value from a child object (Address).  So anytime an address is created and has a checkbox field checked, the phone number from there is copied to the Account phone numbers (intentionally not using Phone and Fax on Account objects).  An account can have multiple address records which is why the use of the checkbox.  Is it possible to have the workflow triggered if the Address phone number is changed?

For example, when the record is created with 555-876-9876 it is copied to the field on the account.  However, if the phone number is edited to 555-123-6574 how can I get that copied over as well?
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Arun, why not change the workflow rule criteria to something like this:
  Checkbox__c = TRUE,

That's it!
Samuel StevensSamuel Stevens 
I'm in PE, so can't use workflows and trying to do a workflow using Process builder.  I have a tick box field in Contacts called 'Invoice Recipient'. when it's true, I want to take the related email address for that contact and put it in an account field called "Email Invoice". 

The problem i'm running into is when i get to "Select a Record to Update" page and I choose "Select a record related to the Contact".  I don't know what to choose to access account fields? I tried Account ID, but then the field choices it gives me weren't helpful.  Even if it won't allow me to select the "Email Invoice" field, it would be helpful if I could put the email address into an account field and then set up another process from there.  

I guess my question is more understanding about what the related records means?

Hope this makes sense and appreciate any direction.
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Gerry SyjongtianGerry Syjongtian
You should be able to - its what they call cross object workflow. I have an existing one see screenshot below. Can you see any other fields at all?

User-added image
Jon SchantzJon Schantz 
Whenever we use the "Show this record..." option in the Lightning for Outlook plugin, it opens in IE instead of Chrome, which is the default browser.  I've tried it on several machines and they all do this.  Win 7/10, Outlook 2013.  Is there a way to change the browser that is used here? All programs should follow the default set on the machine.

For example, in the picture below, the little square with an arrow will open your salesforce home page. My default browser is Chrome, but if I click this it opens in IE.
User-added image
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Jon SchantzJon Schantz
I ended up opening a case with salesforce and they stated that opening in IE is the default functionality of this add-in and that it cannot be changed at this time. Unfortunate.  I've added an Idea if anyone would like to vote it up.