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Julia SchanJulia Schan 

Not sure what happened here.  When I open a task, I can no longer see any related opportunities or accounts.  However, when I open the opportunity, I can still see the related task. I have looked into the page layout for Tasks and can't see how to add that information back in.  Any thoughts?

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Sarah KhalidSarah Khalid

Hi Julia,

The Task is usually related to an Opportunity or Account via the Related To field on the Task. 
I don't see that field on your page layout and it's usually field that you cannot remove from the page layout either. 
Can you check the page layout for Tasks and see if the field is available on the page layout and that you have the permissions to view this field? 

Merlinda LuMerlinda Lu 
A user has a permission set that gives them:
1. Manage Users
2. Manage External Users
3. Manage Customer Users
4. Edit on Accounts

This user is able to see the 'Enable Customer User' and 'Disable Customer User' buttons on the Contact record. However, this user is not able to see the 'Log in to Community as User' button even though the button is added to the Contact record page layout.

Based on this article, the user should be able to log in as a community user:

What permissions is this user missing in order to be able to log in to the community as another user?

Thank you in advance.
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Tommaso BolisTommaso Bolis
Hi Merlinda,
in order to use the the 'Log into Community as User' the User needs to have  "Manage Users" and Read/Edit on Accounts. 

The user must be included in a sharing group of the partner user's manager role.
If you navigate to a partner community user and click on the role, you see what role it reports to and in what sharing group the role is. I think per default this is "Role" & "Role, Role, Internal and Portal Subordinates". This means the user you'd like to have access to has to be in the reporting role or in a subordinate role of the reporting role

Here an idea you can upvote about "Allow login as Community user without "Manage Users" permission"

Since you said "this internal user is not above the Community user in the role hierarchy." I don't think it is possible.
Riley RoehlRiley Roehl 
I am trying to create a report type to show campaign member created/modified date as well as converted lead/contact information. Is there a report type that can show me all these fields together?
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Arijit MajeeArijit Majee
If the standard report is not enough for your need, you need to create a custom report type to include converted Lead details. Add Lead, Campaign history, and campaign member to the custom report type. Edit the Lead report layout and add converted contact and Account field as per your need.
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Michael DelyMichael Dely 
I am trying to create avalidation rule that says if a picklist value is any one of these selections, then another picklist field has to be "YES."  Please take a look at my rule and tell me where I am going wrong.  Appreciate it! 

ISPICKVAL(Compliance_Approved__c ,"YES"), 
"Open - Compliance Approved",1,
"Open - Board Approved",1,
"Open - GA Sent",1,
"Open - GA Received",1,
"Open - Wire/Check Instructions Confirmed",1,
"Open - Wire Sent",1,
"Open - Grant Receipt Letter Received",1,
0) = 1)

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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Hi Mike,

You will have to reverse the condition-:
NOT(ISPICKVAL(Compliance_Approved__c ,"YES"))

 As you want to throw error when Compliance approved is not equal to yes.

Hope it helps!
Thomas BeerensThomas Beerens 

I do not know where I can find the link to do a mail merge in the new version lightning experience

Thanks you for your help
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Sreejith PittonSreejith Pitton
You might still be able to access the classic version of mail merge in lightning
Try creating a button using the URL from classic mail merge.
Here's an example on contact record{!Contact.Id}&1={!Contact.FirstName}+' '{!Contact.LastName}&retURL={!CASESAFEID(Contact.Id)}/view?0.source=alohaHeader
Andrew KuharichAndrew Kuharich 
I'm attempting to update a group of records (Products) that have a populated LookUp field (related Product).
I want to set the LookUp field to NULL or blank.
Is this possible? I've read that I might need to reference an ID# of a Product in order to update this field, but I'm not sure that's correct.
Any guidance would be greatly apreciated.
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
there should be an "Insert NULL Values" option on Step 4 (Run) in the Advanced Settings
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Plamena MetodievaPlamena Metodieva 
Hi All - Please if anyone has recently integrated Salesforce to Xero - could you let me know what the process is?
Thank you very much in advance
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Javier GonzalezJavier Gonzalez
Have you looked at OneSaas? I know they have a product for this.

I recommend looking at Xero's blog.
John GuerriereJohn Guerriere 

I need to create an Active Core Products field on the Account. We have 3 main core products we need to focus on. Each one is tracked at the Account Level. Let's call the Products Red, White and Blue.  If the customer has one of these products the field value is set to 1.



I want to create an Active Core Products fields that will display something like this:

"Red, White"
"White, Blue"

We will eventually move all this to an Apex trigger/multiselect so this is an interim until we build it. 

Can this be implemented with a formula without listing out the all the permuations in a IF statement? How would you implement this?



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Eric PraudEric Praud
Hi John,

I have a better formula that will remove the last comma, as at the moment, it would show
Red, Blue,

MID(IF(Red__c=1,"Red, ",NULL)+ IF(White__c=1,"White, ",NULL)+IF(Blue__c=1,"Blue, ",NULL), 1, LEN(IF(Red__c=1,"Red, ",NULL)+ IF(White__c=1,"White, ",NULL)+IF(Blue__c=1,"Blue, ",NULL))-2)
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Wahib IdrisWahib Idris
Hi Jason, 

Initially, the timeline shows up to two next steps (Limitation) but 'More steps' button appears if you've more steps.
Clicking More Steps or More Past Activity shows eight more items at a time.

Next steps appear in this order from the top: tasks without a due date, future tasks and meetings in chronological order to today, and overdue tasks.

Marvis ZouMarvis Zou 
My boss has asked me to fix and add things to her dashboard. Is there a way to do it from my SF account? When I click on her dashboard, it is completely empty, but I know for sure that currently when she logs in, there are a few items there. Why can't I see her dashboard then? I know I can see some other people's dashboard.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks. 
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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Hi Marvis,

Check the profile System Permissions. You'd be surprised what's not auto checked, like View Dashboards in Public Folders. So, here are the things to confirm are checked for your user:
Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > [select profile of interest] > System Permissions> [confirm the following are checked]:
1) Create and Customize Dashboards;
2) Create and Customize Reports;
3) Edit My Dashboard;
4) Edit My Reports;
5) Run Reports and Dashboards;
6) View Reports in Public Folders;
7) View Dashboards in Public Folders. 

I am assuming you have access to folder in which her dashboard is present

Here's a link that describes the User Permissions around Reports and Dashboards. (

 You can also check which reports she has added to her dashboard?Can you access those reports?If you can access those reports then you should be able to see components on dashboard

Hope it helps