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Claire WestwoodClaire Westwood 
We have some accounts grouped under parent accounts and want to be able to see the total spend for all child accounts rolled up to their parent account in a report, ranked with other accounts that do not have child accounts.
I could add a new custom field (eg total spend parent account) but don't know how to get the information from the child accounts to the parents. I have the free edition of Rollup Helper but I'm still not sure how that can help in this situation because there doesn't seem to be a way to determine which accounts are parents and which are children.  

I can see that lots of other people have asked similar questions about this - is there any simple solution? Thanks.
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
No, you don't need to "create grandparent / ultimate parent accounts. " you're just creating 1 Formula field on the Account object and then grouping the Report by that field and summarizing the Opportunity revenue in the Report, that's it 1 field, 1 formula, done.  

Otherwise you'll need to create a a custom $Amount field on the Account and then roll-up the child Account revenie using eith the Process Builder, or an Apex Trigger or something like Declarative Roll-Up by Andy Fawcett =>  

at the end of the day, it's your SFDC org, it's your choice what you do
Beth SaundersBeth Saunders 
I read this thread but am unable to add the "button" for New Folder to Reports tab. Where is this controlled?
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Beth SaundersBeth Saunders
Figured it out.  There is a setting that enables the folder permissions. However, you have to be in Classic to see it. Argh.

CLASSIC:  Set up > Customize > Reports & Dashboards > Folder Sharing.  Check the box. Then those permissions appear (System Permissions) and they are already checked. 

The 'New Folder' button appears!  Phew!  DONE. 
Carlos DelgadoCarlos Delgado 
Trying to create a formula on my report.
This formula works fine
Log_Trends__c.Final_Pay__c:SUM / Log_Trends__c.LogEntry_Hours_Worked__c:SUM 

Trying to get half of the total.  I tried
(Log_Trends__c.Final_Pay__c:SUM / Log_Trends__c.LogEntry_Hours_Worked__c:SUM) * .5
didn't work...
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Did you try using 0.5 ? 

excuse the brevity I'm on my mobile phone
Jackie TraviesoJackie Travieso 
What would the formula look like if I wanted to 'copy & paste' a value from a multiple select picklist from one object to another?

I tried this, but I get an error message.
TEXT( Opportunity__r.CPC__c )

Error msg:
CPC is a multi-select picklist field. Multi-select picklist fields are only supported in certain functions.
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Thanks @JackieT 

you could try something like this: 

IF(INCLUDES( Multi_Picklist_1__c , "A"), "A", NULL)  + BR() + 
IF(INCLUDES( Multi_Picklist_1__c , "B"), "B", NULL)  + BR() + 
IF(INCLUDES( Multi_Picklist_1__c , "C"), "C", NULL)

App SharkApp Shark 
I have a requirement to show billing Street in a single line.
For this i have created a formula field (TEXT) and i copied billing street  but it shows the same in 2 lines. how can i achieve this to show in single line.
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edgar Zamoraedgar Zamora
Actually Vinay came close. Here is the solution to remove line break in the billingstreet address.

Step 1. Create a custom label and name it linebreak ith a value of " 
-" do not include the ".

Step 2. use this formula on your formula field#

SUBSTITUTE( BillingStreet ,SUBSTITUTE($Label.linebreak, "-", "")," ")

Chandra KumarChandra Kumar 
I have registered for Salesforce certified Administrator now and writing exam in January 2018. At time of registration it is showing SU17. I want to know whether it will Summer 17 paper or Winter 2018 paper. Plz tell
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Chandra,
If you have registered for SU17 then it will be SU17 paper not Winter 18
Christy KendrickChristy Kendrick 
I have created a custom text field on our contact object called Last Engaged Compaign. We are wanting to fill this field in based on the contact campaign history, so it would show the name of the last campaign that their status is "responded". I am not sure the best way to approach getting this to happen. 
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Jeff MayJeff May
Instead of using the Campaign History, use the CampaignMember record. Build a Process Builder on CampaignMember and watch for the ContactID to be not null, and 'Responded' to be True.  Then, add an Update Record action to update the Contact related to the CampaignMember and set your custom text field to the CampaignMember > CampaignID > Name field.
Sameer AfsarSameer Afsar 
I have three distinct email address where I have setup Email on-Demand to utilize the email to case functionality within salesforce. When setting those up, the emails are coming to their specific queues. 

However, I have assignment rules as well. When I manually create a case, those assignment rules are working. When it comes from the Email-to-Case process, the assignment rules are firing off and they are just going to the queue established on the Email on-Demand record. 
User-added image
Can someone please help me understand why the assignment rules aren't firing. 
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Rick CraigRick Craig
Hi Sameer,

I actually had these same problem today! I solved it by removing the "Case Owner" field under "Case Settings" in the On-Demand record, and leaving it blank. Once I did that, the case assignment rules were used instead.

Chadia MokhchaneChadia Mokhchane 
Hi all,

As an admin I can see the section files and attachment on the related page of a case. But my users don't see these sections so they can not attach a file. They do have permission to edit cases.

What could be the issue?
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava

Hey Chadia,
Any chance the users have page layouts assigned to their Profile which don't have the Notes/Files  and Attachments related lists on them?

Did you check that?

Todd MillerTodd Miller 

I need to create a custom field on the Account page for Director of Sales. I'd like the field to auto-populate with the contact who has the name Director of Sales as their title connected to that account. What is the best way to go about this? 

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Ali MoshfeghianAli Moshfeghian
Hi Todd, 
The Type should be String so you can just type the Value.
On Actions, you can select the account (see image below)
Also: Just to confirm the Contact process builer should be: "A record Changes" under "The process starts when" which is set when you first create the process builder.
"Start the process" should be "When a record is created or edited". 
User-added image