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Laura YatesLaura Yates 

I am the system administrator. I have created two new campaign record types and two page layouts to go with those, but when a user selects to create a new campaign, the campaign record type picklist does not appear. The page layout for users should change with record type selection, so how do I activate the "campaign record type" field?

It appears that i can only add the "campaign record type" field to page layouts where it is somehow set to a default, and therefore that page layouts will not update when users select the type of campaign they are creating.

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Laura YatesLaura Yates

Yes. Thanks for trying to help.

The answer was that I had to check "marketing user" - totally not even applicable in our NPSP instance, well logically anyways.

The most frustrating thing about salesforce is how much time gets wasted looking for stupid things like that.

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Mac,
You will need to deactivate the record type.
Navigate to Setup - Customize - Cases - Record Types - Click on Edit Next to RMA Line Item Record Type and Uncheck the Active Box.
The System will not allow you to Uncheck the Active box if the Record Type is a default record type for certain Profiles or if its used in Actions etc, so you will need to fix those things before you uncheck the Active box.
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Keena FloodKeena Flood

Hi Brendan this is not yet available functionality with Lightning.  However there is an IDEA for this idea which you can vote for! Here:

Hope this helped.  If so please close out this thread by hitting the Best Answer button! =)


JM WilkeJM Wilke 
Example here:
Current number = $100
22 business days total
Current date: 16th business day
Quota = $100
Pacing = (100/16 )*22 = $137.50 = 137%
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
So are you trying to do something kinda like this? 

Tips & Tricks: Formula to calculate % of Month passed

or this?

Tips & Tricks: Formula to Calculate the Number of Business Days in the Current Month 

or this?

Tips & Tricks: Creating Sales vs. Goal Reports and Dashboards
Caroline WojciechowskiCaroline Wojciechowski 
I am attempting to have Edit, New Note, Log a Call, New Task and New Opportunity in the salesforce1 app to Accounts and Opportunities, however I add them to the salesforce1 actions section of the page layout and do not see them in the app.

Please assist.

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Nissam PSNissam PS
Hi Caroline,

I think you missing the Actions itself, did you tried creating those first?
  • From Setup, enter Actions in the Quick Find box, then select Global Actions.
  • Click New Action.
  • Select the type of action to create.
  • Customize the action.
  1. For a Create a Record action, select the type of object to create. If the object has more than one record type, select the one you want to use for records created through this action.
  2. For a Custom Visualforce or Custom Canvas action, select a Visualforce page or canvas app, and then specify the height of the action window. The width is fixed.
  3. For a Lightning Component action, select the component to be called by the action.
  • Enter a label for the action. Users see this label as the name of the action.
  • Type a description for the action.
  • If you’re creating several actions on the same object, we recommend using a detailed description, such as “Create Contact on Account using New Client record type.”
  • For a Create a Record or Log a Call action, select whether you want a feed item to be created when the action is completed.
  • For a Create a Record, Update a Record, or Log a Call action, you can add a custom success message that displays after the action executes successfully.
  • Optionally, click Change Icon to select a different icon for the action.
  • Custom images used for action icons must be less than 1 MB in size.
  • Click Save.
Gladys MartensGladys Martens 
Hello. We are using web to lead form and I'm trying to pass a URL value to the Website field (it's a standard field), but the value is not coming over. I'm not a developer and I'm a newbie admin. When we opened a ticket with Salesforce Support they said this is outside of their scope, so I'm hoping I can get some guidance from the community on what's wrong with the HTML tag.

When I generated the HTML from web to lead setup, this is the code:
<label for="URL">Website</label><input  id="URL" maxlength="80" name="URL" size="20" type="text" /><br>

But, we updated it to this since we want it to be a hidden field and the same value to be passed everytime. Is there something special about URL type field, maybe we didn't tag this right?
<input name="Website" value="" type="hidden" />
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Gladys MartensGladys Martens
Thank you Michael! All this HTML code is so foreign to me, not quite sure which tag is which. This works great. You did bring up a good point on why I have the same value for Website. I found another field called Web Source that I will use instead. Thanks for pointing that out.
Megan FuquaMegan Fuqua 
I have to opportunity fields - probability (standard field) and "number of products" - a formula that counts the number of products added.

I am trying to add a validation rule that generates a prompt to add products at 50% or higher.   This is the validation rule I put in but it doesn't fire.

AND( Probability >= 50 , Number_of_Products__c < 1)
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Pruthvi RajPruthvi Raj
@Megan: Instead of .5 you have to write 0.5
Louisa PidcockLouisa Pidcock 
Hi Guys,

I am trying to implenent  something very simple that clears a date value if a picklist changes from one value to either of the other available ones. 

Currently if a certain value, "Confirmed", )is chosen, the appending confirmation date field is populated . I am trying to clear the value if the picklist is updated to a value of 'Not Confirmed' or to no value chosen at all.

I tried to do it ith a workflow formula but it tells me I cannot use PRIORVALUE with a picklist (???)  see below 
User-added image

 So I moved to Process builder which does not error but instead only works when the 'Not Confirmed' value is chosen, it does not work when the picklist is set to no value.

User-added image
My brain has given up on me today :/ Please help me!!!

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Louisa,
Please try the below
TEXT(PRIORVALUE(AFSL_Confirmation__c)) = "Confirmed",
TEXT(AFSL_Confirmation__c) = "Not Confirmed",

Please make sure the Evaluation criteria is set to Created and everytime its edited (2nd Option)
Andreia RodriguesAndreia Rodrigues 
Hi all,

Someone can helps me, to create some rule that shows some values from a picklist depending of the billing country field.


Picklist A:

Billing Country:

If the account has
- Billing Country=Spain, the picklist A should show me just the aa value
- Billing Country=Italy, the picklist A should show me just the bb value
- Billing Country=France, the picklist A should show me just the cc, dd and ee.

This values should be avaible for the users select it depending of the billing country from the account.
Notice that the Billing Country is a default field from SF.

Many thanks,
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Andreia,
Unfortunately, you cannot use Billing Country as the Controlling field in a dependent picklist fields.
You will either need to create a visualforce page or create a validation rule to ensure only appropriate values are selected under the picklist field based on the Billing country.
Your Validation rule will be as below
BillingCountry = "Spain",
TEXT(Picklist_Field__c) <> "aa"
you can either create a separate Validation rule as above for each Country or you can bundle all of them in one validation rule but I would recommend you to write a separate VR for each country for a better user expereince.

If you require this for just the 3 countries, I would write separate Validation rule for each country and please use the insert field button to select the field API Name of your picklist field.
Howard LubingerHoward Lubinger 
Looking to create a validation rule where the custom Opportunity Field 'Competitor-Primary' should be required on certain record types with certain user profiles.  This field is a picklist field.

Opportunity Field ‘Competitor-Primary’ should be required on the following record types:
Opportunity Record Type ID’s - 01280000000BiK0, 012800000002RyG, 01280000000BiIi, 01234000000Blyz, 01280000000BhcW, 01280000000BhdF

For the following user profiles:

Metrostudy - CS Application Support

Metrostudy - CS Application Support - Manager
Metrostudy - Marketing Manager
Metrostudy - Sales - Consulting
Metrostudy - Sales - Directors - InsideSales.Com
Metrostudy - Sales - Directors
Metrostudy - Sales - Management - Consulting
Metrostudy - Sales – Management
Metrostudy - Sales - REE
Metrostudy - Sales - Special
Metrostudy - Sales -BPM
Metrostudy Service/Operations

Any thoughts?




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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
then the formula will be as below
"Metrostudy - CS Application Support",1,
"Metrostudy - CS Application Support - Manager",1,
"Metrostudy - Marketing Manager",1,
"Metrostudy - Sales - Consulting",1,
"Metrostudy - Sales - Directors - InsideSales.Com",1,
"Metrostudy - Sales - Directors",1,
"Metrostudy - Sales - Management - Consulting",1,
"Metrostudy - Sales – Management",1,
"Metrostudy - Sales - REE",1,
"Metrostudy - Sales - Special",1,
"Metrostudy - Sales -BPM",1,
"Metrostudy Service/Operations",1,0
ISBLANK(TEXT(Competitors__c ))