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Abhi LakshayAbhi Lakshay 
Throwing an incorrect parameters error in process builder: 

Today() > [Account].Enrollment_Date__c, 

ISPICKVAL([Account].Subscription_Status__c, "Active"), ISPICKVAL([Account].Subscription_Status__c, "Pending Start Active")

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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
So your formula should look like this:
Subscription Status           Equals          Formula

And for the formula use this:
  TODAY() > [Account].Enrollment_Date__c,
  "Pending Start Active"

That's it.
Jaime GutierrezJaime Gutierrez 
I need to create a validation that if my GL object has a value of 1 in a formula field i'm only allowed to select one of the listed dimensions below.  i can't seem to get it to work.  this is what i have so far:

AND(c2g__GeneralLedgerAccount__r.Allowed_Dimensions_A__c = "1",
AND(NOT(OR(c2g__Dimension2__r.Name = "24 - Repairs")),
NOT(c2g__Dimension2__r.Name = "25 - Maintenance"),
NOT(c2g__Dimension2__r.Name = "26 - Restoration"),
NOT(c2g__Dimension2__r.Name = "27 - Construction"),
NOT(c2g__Dimension2__r.Name = "29 - HVAC")))

thanks in advance for your help.  
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Jaime, use this:
  c2g__GeneralLedgerAccount__r.Allowed_Dimensions_A__c = "1",
    "24 - Repairs", 1,
    "25 - Maintenance", 1,
    "26 - Restoration", 1,
    "27 - Construction", 1,
    "29 - HVAC", 1,
   ) = 0
Sandi MainSandi Main 
How do I move content from my private library to a shared library? Is there a privilege that I need to be able to do that? 

I reviewed this document, but I don't see anything about moving content:
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Kiran RavikantiKiran Ravikanti
Hello Sandi,

You can click on the content itself and Edit -> Library Actions -> Move to Another Library. shown in image below. You have to be a content Admin for the Library in order to do this.

move content between libraries

Nidhi SoniNidhi Soni 
not able to see picklist value in opportunity object.
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Nidhi, Stage values are controlled via the Sales Process. So find the Sales Process that corresponds to the record type (of the record that you are on) and then edit the sales process to add the Stage value.
Abhi LakshayAbhi Lakshay 

DATE ( IF(MONTH(TODAY()) = 12, YEAR(TODAY()) + 1, YEAR(TODAY())), IF(MONTH(TODAY()) = 12, 1, MONTH(TODAY()) + 1), 1 )

This formula returns the 1st day of the next month. The requirement now has changed to :

If the record is created on or before 15th of the month, the formula returns 1st of current month and if its after 15th of the month, its returns 1st of next month(like in the case above)

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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Abhi, the formula should be this:
  DAY(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) > 15,
    IF(MONTH(TODAY()) = 12, YEAR(TODAY()) + 1, YEAR(TODAY())), 
    IF(MONTH(TODAY()) = 12, 1, MONTH(TODAY()) + 1), 1 
  DAY(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) <= 15,
This says that if the record is created on or before 15th of the month, the formula returns 1st of current month and if its after 15th of the month, its returns 1st of next month.
Joe NaimoJoe Naimo 
Accounts are being created wihtout the address/phone/website/other custom fields.
New accounts with those details are created but only with the company name but creates an associated contact with all the details.
So, if a new row does not have a contact person etc., an account is created but the address and other fields are vapor.
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Patrick SullivanPatrick Sullivan
I would use standard field names whereever possible. Changing/Update/Duplicating just creates a headache. Generally, if you don't have to re-invent the wheel, don't. 

Data Loader is a free tool in setup. You download it and can Create/Update/Delete. Just be careful, there are more access, so you can do more (damage). 

You can also use Workbench or which are external sites that authenticate and do what you need. They are also fantastic tools. 
Sarah RuesewaldSarah Ruesewald 
I have created a process to clone an opportunity when it is a closed won renewal. After the criteria is met, the record is created but I have to search for it to view it. Is there a way to automatically view the newly created record?
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Jeff MayJeff May
You can't.  Process builder doesn't have a "UI context".  
Karleen MendozaKarleen Mendoza 
Just created a few articles - utilizing the same article type I've utilized before and for some reason I cannot edit them anymore? Thoughts?

User-added image
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Karleen MendozaKarleen Mendoza
Figured it out... for some reason these got stuck in drafts even after the published button was hit.
Katherine RoweKatherine Rowe 
Below is a custom link that we have on the Campaign object, that opens a report. It doesn't open a specific, saved instance of a report.... it builds a report on the fly using the fields mentioned in the syntax.

1. Where can I find documentation on this syntax? 
2. Why would someone use this method instead of creating a specific saved report, and making the link reference it? Like the link from shell black blow mentions. 

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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Katherine, I have seen those kind of dirty URL hacks in a lot of old client orgs that I have worked with and my first instinct is to ditch them and replace them with a dynamic report link which is slighly more reliable.

Folks who have built those kind of URL hacks probably just went to a report , reverse engineered the report URL and then hacked it to generate a report on the fly. This is so much prone to errors and I would totally get rid of them if possible.  You wouldn't find any documentation (not even blog posts) because this approach isn't recommended anywhere and hopefully not by anyone.

I would hands down choose #2 over #1 anyday.
Jonathan YernJonathan Yern 
Not sure what the issue is with my validation rule: What it should do is provide the error message when:

1. Renewal type is selected
2. User's profile is not (for example system adminitrator)
3. If the Close Date, probability or Stage is changed.

- The error message comes up even if a user with the admin profile updates a field in criteria 3 above. 

ISPICKVAL(Type, "Renewal")  
($Profile.Id <> "00e70000000vix3"  || 
$Profile.Id <> "00e70000000woVd"  || Post to Community
$Profile.Id <> "00e70000000wTfp"  || 
$Profile.Id <> "00e70000000x1Aq")
(ISCHANGED(CloseDate) || 
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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Jonathan, use this instead:
ISPICKVAL(Type, "Renewal") ,
$Profile.Id <> "00e70000000vix3" ,
$Profile.Id <> "00e70000000woVd" ,
$Profile.Id <> "00e70000000wTfp" , 
$Profile.Id <> "00e70000000x1Aq",
ISCHANGED(CloseDate) ,