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Jocelyn PatchettJocelyn Patchett 
A previous administrator has setup a Public Group and there are many records (Accounts) shared in the group.  There are currently no users in the group.  Is it safe to delete the Public Group?  I can't find any existing Sharing Rules relating to this empty Public Group.

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Ines GarciaInes Garcia
Hi Jocelyn,

If records are only shared from elsewhere is fine to delete the group, it wont affect those.

Hope this clarifies,

Lakshmi PalnatiLakshmi Palnati 
How to show Opportunity amount field (from Opportunity object) on Contract object? Any suggestion please?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Does the Contract object have a custom Lookup(Opportunity) field on it?  If it does you could create a simple Formula(Currency) field on the Contract object and just insert the API Field Name of the Opportunity.Amount field using the Advanced Formula Tab in the Formula Editor and the Insert Field button
Canio CaputoCanio Caputo 
This really should be easy, for someone that's going to take the Admin test in 2 weeks....but I'm struggling to figure this out. I've created an Approval Process.  This process builder kicks off when the criteria is met.  But I need to exclude myself and 2 other managers.  

All I want to do with this is exclude three OwnerID's from this process flow.  I assume it's a simple formula...

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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Or you can do something like this as well:
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Cody BustamanteCody Bustamante 
Is this possible? Can anyone think of how this might be done? Would I need to create other fields to track this info or will the historical data from Salesforce be able to track this so I can use it?
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Well, you should have separate history lines for each time the opportunity went From a particular stage - so can you divide by rowcount instead? Maybe add a report formula and group by the From Stage field?
Diamond PollardDiamond Pollard 
Since there is a limit to how many process builders we can have active on our license, we would like to roll as many processes into one. Is there a limit to how many diamonds you can have on a single process builder?

Similiarly, is there a limit to how many actions (in this case tasks) related to a diamond
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Rachel M GriffinRachel M Griffin 
I am trying to calculate the number of days between two custom date fields (named Start Date and End Date). I can easily do this by using a formula field that is End_Date__c - Start_Date__c. However, if there is no End Date, I want it to calculate the number of days between the Start Date and Today. How do I achieve this in one formula?
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Like this = 
BLANKVALUE(End_Date__c, TODAY()) - Start_Date__c
Dana SanderDana Sander 
I created a workflow rule to send an email alert when a record type changes from one to another.  However, it's not sending the email.  Can someone check this out?  Thanks!

AND( ISCHANGED( RecordTypeId ), 
RecordTypeId = '000000000000000', 
(RecordTypeId = '000000000000001' ))
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Like this = 
    RecordTypeId = '000000000000001', /*Current*/
    PRIORVALUE(RecordTypeId) = '000000000000000' /*Old*/
Cory IlerCory Iler 
When you are on contact and you click "view all" on the opportunity tab, in Lightning, it takes you to a related list to view all opportunities related to that contact / account ect. Are you able to edit the columns, fields to display, for these views?
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Naveen DhanarajNaveen Dhanaraj
Like this,

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Vincent BartolomaVincent Bartoloma 
I'm confused on the whether or not Identity Connect is necessary when using an ADFS as the IP in a SSO solution. I thought it was absolutely necessary when mapping fields from AD to a Salesforce user account, but after reading this breakdown of configuring SSO w/ an ADFS it doesn't seem to be necessary :

Identity Connect doesn't seem needed in this solution. Am I missing something ?

Thank you.
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Avi RAvi R
Vincent - You are correct. You wouldn't need identity connect unless you wanted to map some fields from AD to Salesforce or you wanted delegated SSO (allowing selected set of users for authentication).

If you just want to implement SSO you could use SAML based using ADFS.
Ryan RobertsonRyan Robertson 
Seeking help with a quick formula for a WFR. Need it to fire if a First, Middle, or Last Name is New or Is Changed. Greatly appreciated!

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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Like this =