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Leo GuerreroLeo Guerrero 
Hi guys, I've been stuck on this trailhead challenge for quite a bit now. I was hoping I could figure it out on my own but I keep hitting a wall. I'm new to Salesforce btw. I've been, unsuccesfully, trying to install Data Quality Analysis Dashboard  app from AppExchange. However, I keep getting the same error message: Installation error due to duplicate name (41 counts, which lead me to believe the app was already installed but it was not)I even created a new TH Playground and got the same mistake but I obviously have never installed the app before. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Ben FullerBen Fuller
Have you done a quick search in reprorts to see if any of the names were there, maybe they updated the adoption dashboard to contain reports with the same name?
Anjli ChhatwaniAnjli Chhatwani 
I have a parent case and then related cases. I want to assign a different layout to related cases than the parent case. Is there a way to do that? Can't find any option.
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
You could build either a workflow rule or a process to change the record type automatically. The criteria for the rule would be that the field Parent Case is not empty: NOT ISBLANK(ParentId)
And if that condition is true, you can use a field update action to set your case to the new record type.
Patrick TrevenenPatrick Trevenen 
An administrator configured record types for the salesforce organizations. When users go in to create records, they are taken directly to the record entry page. What could be the possible reasons? (Select 2)

A.    User’s Account is inactive
B.    User’s Profile is inactive
C.    Record type not assigned to user’s profile
D.    Record type set as default in user’s personal settings

I Know D is a good answer, but A, B, and C?  If you make an account inactive, then you can't log in as a user to see.  To my knowlege you can't deactivate a User profile, and C makes no sense because if it is not assigned, then why would a record type come up.  Can someone explain to me or give me the link to explain the other "Correct" answer.
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Patrick,

C is the answer you're looking for.
Let's assume you have 2 record types in your org. When a user creates a new record, one of the following happens:
1. If the user has 1 record type enabled on their profile, they are taken directly to the new record page (the record type is assumed)
2. If the user has 2 record types (or more) enabled on their profile, they are asked to select a record type

Scenario 1 is what is described in that question.
Amar SureshAmar Suresh 
Hi, I need to activate a validation rule to check that the value in my Name__C field(datatype is text) must be text and if it's alphanumeric or number, it must throw error while inserting value in that field. Can someone help me to write formula for this. 
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Amar,

Let's try the following formula in your validation rule:
NOT REGEX(Name__c, "[\\D]+")

This basically allows only letters. You can add special characters to it if you'd like.
Kevin SirfaceKevin Sirface 
Hello fine people,
I am having trouble setting up a formula. Basically I have 4 text fields and 2 date fields. This is what I need:
If ANY of the text fields are populated
Then BOTH Date Fields need to be populated (required)

The Date fields can be filled out anytime otherwise.

This is as far as I have gotten with the 4 text fields but am not sure this is a correct start either:
 ISNULL( IP__c ),
 ISNULL( Subnet_Mask__c ),
 ISNULL( DG__c ))      

Any help in setting this formula up would be greatly appreciated
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Kevin,

I'm not sure what the date fields are called, so I'll let you write those in :)

    OR (
        NOT ISBLANK( Poll_Position__c),
        NOT ISBLANK( IP__c ),
        NOT ISBLANK( Subnet_Mask__c ),
        NOT ISBLANK( DG__c )
    OR (
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
I see, you want to sort the report by the number of open cases.
I'm assuming you've already created a report based on an Accounts and Cases report type, and grouped the report by the account name or something similar. If what you need is to sort, you will need to sort by the Record Count, like this:
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When I go to Permission Sets under Manage Users I found nothing there.. EMPTY (see below pic)..
At a previous training I took there was 5 sets available as default (CRM User, Salescloud User, Salesforce Console User, ..)
Any clue how to get them back??
Thanks a lot

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You are the best Deepak..
Yet now I have to move all my work to another browser.. which is not my favourate..
Thanks again and
Have a good one..User-added image
Tom KeefeTom Keefe 
Hi Everyone,

I have this formula and do not wish to include the false statement, but since it returns a # I need to put 0 as the false statement in order to save the field. Does anyone know how to avoid inputting this 0 so it does not skew my data? All date fields are Date not DateTime fyi

IF( ISPICKVAL(StageName, "Closed Won"), CloseDate -  Created_Date_Date__c, 0)

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Tom,
Instead of 0, the formula field returns a blank value
IF( ISPICKVAL(StageName, "Closed Won"), CloseDate -  Created_Date_Date__c, NULL)

Amanda ChrismonAmanda Chrismon 
Hi all!

I have created a formula field with the below formula that works just fine. I need to move this to Process Builder to make sure that the data is not changed if someone changes teams, but this formula does not work in Process Builder.

Formula Field that works:
IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Support_Request__c )),TEXT(Support_Request__r.Owner:User.Team__c ), "")))

Tried to update it for Process Builder: 
IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Survey__c].Case__c )),
IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Survey__c].Support_Request__c  )),
TEXT([Survey__c].Support_Request__c.Owner:User.Team__c), "")))

I am getting an error that says "The formula expression is invalid: Formula result is data type (Text), incompatible with expected data type (true or false)." The User Team__c field is a picklist field.
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Amanda,
Where are you using that formula, that formula should be used as part of your setting the value for the field in the record update action.
could you please post the screenshot of your process.
Lindsay LarsonLindsay Larson 
Hi everyone,

I just setup knowledge, following the same setup instructions in the knowledge trailhead.

However, I do not see the article details sections with the question and answer boxes. User-added image

When I follow the same steps in my trailhead playground the article detail section is there.
User-added image

Anyone know what I am missing? Is there an additional setting I need to setup in my real org? I'm stuck here. TIA!!
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Sebastian TorresSebastian Torres
Oh ok, so could you go to the fields section of you knowledge object article? Let's just make sure the Answer and Question fields are there.