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Crystal GoodaleCrystal Goodale 
Here is my custom week number formula.  How do I adjust it to incorporate the year?
Example: 201901

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Try this

CEILING( ( DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) - DATE( YEAR( DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) ), 01, 01) + 1) / 7) > 52, 


CEILING( ( DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) - DATE( YEAR( DATEVALUE(CreatedDate) ), 01, 01) + 1) / 7) 

)), 2, "0")

Anthony BernardAnthony Bernard 
Im currently trying to do a lookup to the account object within a flow. 

When I go to debug my flow and I type something in the lookup area, no results show up. 

What could I be doing wrong ? 

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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Do it like this = 
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George LairdGeorge Laird 
Hello Smart People!

I got a report request today that I'm having trouble scoping out.  The report is generally on Accounts object and I have roll up fields for all of the metirics.  Except, the client want to add projections at the beginning of the year for each Account, by month.  So, the would enter the predictions for April 2020, May 2020, ect... for each metric that I currently have on the Account.  

My question is, how should I handle these predictions given the screen shot they gave me of how they want this report to look?  My first thought is to make a custom object (master detail) to Accounts called "Predictions."   But even if I do that, I'm not sure i can ever get this layout to exactly match what they are looking for.  

Someone help me out on this one, please!  Is this even possible? See screen shot of what they are looking for. User-added image
So, going from the left hand side, it's grouped by Account type, then Account name which I had to scratch out.  Each one of those fields below are roll ups on the Account page.  Ok that part is easy.  

If we move right, they want each one of those fields sorted by year.  That's OK too, I can roll up for each year 2018 and 2019.  Cool.   For lift percentage, that should be easy with a report formula.  

Then this is where I'm lost.  How can I show these predections for each month next to these other fields?  I can't right?  They have the columns grouped by the prediction month.  It just doesn't make sense.  

Any help appreciated!  Thanks in advance. 
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Okay, take a look at this, I built it for nearly this exact same requirement that got dumped on me over 10 yeards ago (it still works)

Tips & Tricks: Creating Sales vs. Goal Reports and Dashboards
khaviya G Senthilkumarkhaviya G Senthilkumar 
Hi all,
         I am trying to assign profile to a user and I have cloned a read only profile and I have set the permissions for it. But when I  try to assign it to the user, there's only one option availabler for me to choose which is "Standard Platofrm user"
Trailhead challenge "Session-Based Permission Sets and Security" 
Can someone please help me with this?
Thanks in advance
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khaviya G Senthilkumarkhaviya G Senthilkumar
I have retracted the license from another user and gave it to the one that needed it, since there are only two licenses available. It is resolved now. 
But, thanks for your help.
Ana BlancoAna Blanco 
Can you add this feature to a new profile? The System Admin has it.

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Jérôme PijpersJérôme Pijpers
Setup>profile>click the new profile>go to system permissions>check "Mass Edits from Lists"

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Jen HJen H 
How should I 'define the criteria for this action group' for this scenario:
If a field changes from a specific value to another specific value, I'd like it to trigger.

I need to get smart on Process Builder, but I'm not there yet. What I'm wanting, specifically, is that if an Order's Payment Status was at Invoiced and changes to Paid, it will trigger an email.

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Guy KeshetGuy Keshet
if you want to be more specific about changing from invoiced to paid than use this (I also added the TEXT function assuming it's a picklist)
TEXT( PRIORVALUE( Payment__status__c ) ) = "Invoiced"
TEXT(Payment__status__c) = "Paid"

Scott BrannonScott Brannon 
I have a validation rule on the FSL object Location. I want the message to fire when a user tries to make either a warehouse or a work order a mobile location. It fires with the pick list value 'Warehouse', but not 'Work Order'. The record saves on 'Work Order'.

ISPICKVAL(LocationType, "Warehouse"),
ISPICKVAL(LocationType, "Work Order")
IsMobile = True

Any ideas?
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Tommaso BolisTommaso Bolis
I suppose you have manually added the "Work Order" value to the LocationType picklist. I don't have it on my org.
Did you entered an API value different than "Work Order" value?
Mayara AssisMayara Assis 
Vocês sabem se existe quantidade limite de caracteres para e-mails acionados?
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Jérôme PijpersJérôme Pijpers
Consulte este artículo
o vea este video

Check this article
or view this video
Ekta GuptaEkta Gupta 
I have pulled out a Report on 'Contact with Accounts', where I have a field with lead score value but my Marketing team wants to see lead score for some specific contacts before July 30 2019.

Is there any way , it can be tracked through report. My marketing team is using  Marketo.
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Ekta, 

What you're looking for is to retrieve past data that you did not record anywhere. That is not possible unless you have backups of that data, or are otherwise able to calcate it using the data that you have. Alternatively, you may have to search for a Flux Capacitor at Radio Shack ;)

What you'll want to do is begin recording this data for the future. One way is by setting up reporting snapshots that can record reports in a custom object. 
Hi, I refreshed a sandbox and activated it yesterday, but today when trying to login I'm being ask to add verification code as well, but I never got the email.
Verification code has apparently been send to my email (not the .invalid :)), but that was an hour ago and clicking to resend the code didn't help
Any ideas please?
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Thank you both for looking into this so quickly
My sandbox's deliverability set to no access