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Devayan MandalDevayan Mandal 
Will be taking Admin exam @home - I live in the heart of the downtown of a very busy city. Whenever I'm doing any work/studying I have to wear ear plugs - usually 78 - 80 db outside

SF exam guidelines mention external webcam needed - ensure computer station free of any material. No other info

Test-taker wearing basic ear plugs concern for proctor? Friend of mine took online cert for another software company in a public library w/ ear plugs on - no issue w/ proctor
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Karthikeyan Thangavel (TK)Karthikeyan Thangavel (TK)
Note: The guidelines are specific for Salesforce certification and the rules differ depending on a company/type of exam.

The basic reason for the test takers not to have any ear buds / head phones is because they don't want anything on your face since you are not taking the exam in onsite proctor site.

Alternate solutions :
  • Look for the nearest onsite proctor site
  • Go to a friends place/library/quiet place with good lighting and take the exam
I would like to make a Dropdown list which depends on the industry an opportunity has, so if the industry is finance there might be "Option A, B & C", but if you choose hospitality it might be "A, C, D, & E"?
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Peterson,
If Industry is a picklist field and other field is either picklist or multi select picklist field, you can do this by creating a field dependecy between Industry and other field.
Create a field dependecy between Industry and other picklist field
Industry is Controlling field
other field is dependent field
Then create a field dependecy matrix by only showing the values that you want to display under the dependent field based upon the value selected in the industry field.
Please refer to the following links
Field Dependency
Field Dependecy Matrix

If Industry is not a picklist field or other field is neither picklist nor multi select picklist field, you will need to create a validation rule so that users can only input certain text into the other field depending upon the text etered into the Industry field
Chase DabneyChase Dabney 

I am building a process that creates an event when a Project is created.  I want the event to have a start date time that is 7 days after the Created Date of the project, unless that puts it on a saturday or sunday in which case it would be 9 days after the Created Date.  That part of the formula works fine.  The part that I'm having trouble with is getting it be at 8 am.  

I'm trying to strip the time off of the Created Date by using a DateValue function, converting it to Text, adding '00:00:00' , converting back to DateTime Value, and then adding 8 hours.  I set the Duration field to 60 minutes, so that it will end at 9am.  The event creates just fine, but it creates it at midnight.  I completely ignores the addition of the 8 hours.  Does anyone have any ideas?

if( or ( MOD( datevalue([MPM4_BASE__Milestone1_Project__c].CreatedDate )+7 - DATE(1900, 1, 6), 7)=0,MOD( datevalue([MPM4_BASE__Milestone1_Project__c].CreatedDate )+7 - DATE(1900, 1, 6), 7)=1)
datetimevalue(text(datevalue([MPM4_BASE__Milestone1_Project__c].CreatedDate +9))+' 00:00:00')+(480/1440)
datetimevalue(text(datevalue([MPM4_BASE__Milestone1_Project__c].CreatedDate  +7))+' 00:00:00')+(480/1440)
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Chase,
Please try the below
MOD(DATEVALUE([MPM4_BASE__Milestone1_Project__c].CreatedDate) - DATE(1900,1,7),7),
0, DATEVALUE([MPM4_BASE__Milestone1_Project__c].CreatedDate)+9,
6, DATEVALUE([MPM4_BASE__Milestone1_Project__c].CreatedDate)+9,
" " +

HH will be 8 + "Time Zone difference with GMT"
If your time zone is PST, HH will be 16 i.e 8 +8 , as the difference between PST and GMT is 8
DateTime values are stored in GMT in the backend and you will need to add the difference to show the right time.
Matthew PiazzaMatthew Piazza 
Came across this documentation page on Report Exports, which states that one can "export up to 256 columns and 65,536 rows of data in one report":

However I'm now questioning the accuracy of this, as we have recently been exporting reports containing hundreds of thousands of rows from our Org (Unlimited Edition).

This leads me to believe the number of rows that can be exported is actually dependent Excel Version ('03, '07, '13, etc.)

How would one go about asking Salesforce to update their documentation so this is a bit clearer?  Users with newer Excel versions seeing the linked page above might incorrectly think they're limited to 65,536 rows, when in reality they're not.

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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
You are correct in understanding/assuming that the linked help article isn't accurate. The limits vary depending upon the Excel version and the older ones support lesser number of rows (~65K) compared to the newer versions (~1m).

If you really want to get that changed, I would recommend logging a case with Support and leave the rest to them.
Hagai Bar AvHagai Bar Av 

In the colaborative page, at the opportunities view at the bottom section, the standard columns are Opportunity name, Account name, Forecasted Amount, Split, Close Date, Stage, Probability, Forecast Category and Owner. i would like to customize those columns and to add or replace one of the columns (for example - add the opp record type).

is this possible ? 
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Chris DuncombeChris Duncombe
Navigate to 

Setup -> Customize -> Forecasts -> Forecast Settings

Once there, click on the forecast tyoe you want to adjust, in this case, click 'Opportunities'.  Then it will bring you to a page that allows you to adjust the columns that are shown

User-added image

User-added image
Alex von RosenbachAlex von Rosenbach 
I am trying to use the standard "leads with converted lead information" report to show the value that various leads are contributing to my company's opportunity pipeline.

Each Opportunity has a Total Net Revenue field, as well as Stages (initial interest, reviewing, etc) that correspond to probabilities. Amount * Probability shows the Expected Revenue for every Opportunity. This is all pretty standard SF stuff. 

I'd like to use that Expected Revenue field field on my Leads with Converted Lead Information report. Unfortunately, it's not showing as an option - I can only see the ingredients (Opportunity Amount and Probability). 

Is there something about this report type that prevents the Expected Revenue field from showing? If so, can I recalculate it using a Custom Summary Formula? 


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Steve MolisSteve Molis
You can't access the standard Expected Revenue field in a Leads with converted lead information Report, but you can access Custom Fields.  

So you can create your own Custom: Expected Revenue field using the same logic as the standard Expected Revenue Field
Datatype = Formula
Result = Currency 
Formula = 
(Amount * Probability)

Rob GreenRob Green 

I have what feels like a very simple requirement but I am unable to achieve it using Process Builder and I would love some help please!
  • I have a process configured to update all child records in a related object when a field is changed on the parent object.  
  • The field I wish to update on the child record is a picklist.
  • I would like to advance the picklist field to the 'next' value in the list.
Here's what I have tried thus far:
  • Used a CASE statemenmt in a formula to define the new field value in Process Builder.  I keep getting an error of 'the field does not exist' which relates to the field on the child object that I am looking to update.  Do I need to reference this field in a particular way, perhaps stating the relationship to the parent object?  At the moment I am simply using the field API name (field__c).
  • As a workaround I created a formula field on the child object that contains the CASE statement above. This meant that I all needed process builder to do was update a field on the child record to the value held in a field on the same record.  I thought this would be super simple but alas I was wrong.  I can't seem to find a way in Process Builder to reference fields on the child object in the 'set the field values for the records you update' section.  It only lets me pick fields from the parent.

I hope that I am missing something simple here as I can't believe what I am asking for is at all difficult or out of the ordinary.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me.



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Mayank SrivastavaMayank Srivastava
Rob, you are right; that's a process builder limitation. To get around it, this is what I recommend doing as a workaround:

1. Change your above Process to update a hidden checkbox field on the child object.
2. Build another Process on the child object that fires when the above checkbox is checked and then perform the required 'Update Records' action to update the picklist.
Make sure you uncheck the checkbox as another action in case you want the 'update picklist' to fire again in the future.
3. Do not forget to check the 'Recursion' checkbox on the first screen when you build the Process on the child object:

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Matthew HauckMatthew Hauck 
I followed all the steps from a previous question with the same issues. I am a system administrator and have permission, and have no defaults set. 
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David CatindoyDavid Catindoy
Can you check the default record type for system admin?

User-added image

And also, you might want to clear your browser cache and see if that resolves your issue. Or try it in a different browser, might be a browser issue.
Josh GrubermanJosh Gruberman 
I am trying to come up with simple code to take 3 fields(Make__c, Model__c and Year__c) from the Inventory__c object and display those fields from all the records on the Inventory__c object.  I know I need an Apex Class to act as the Controller but am having trouble figuring out how to start.  If anyone could offer guidance, I'm sure I could pick up easily and go from there... pretty sure I can get the VF page portion figured out.
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David CatindoyDavid Catindoy
If your purpose is just to display the field values, then all you need to do is to setup a VF page with a standard controller so you can retrieve field values for a particular Inventory__c record. But if you want to interact with records, then maybe you have to setup a VF page with a standard controller and a controller extension (which is an apex class) to do some more logic behind the scene.

You can check this trailhead module ( to get an overview on Visualforce and to know what are the different types of controller you can use.
<apex:page standardController="Inventory__c">
     <apex:outputField value="{!Inventory__c.Make__c}"/>
     <apex:outputField value="{!Inventory__c.Model__c}"/>
     <apex:outputField value="{!Inventory__c.Year__c}"/>
Akshay KalariaAkshay Kalaria 

Current I have this formula below for the following logic but can't get the second half of logic to work. I always get the following error message  Incorrect number of parameters for function 'IF()'. Expected 3, received 4

Logic: If Status equals Completed 
- Count the # of Days between Actual Project Start Date and Actual Project Completion Date 

If Status is not Completed and Actual Start Date is populated, 
- Count the # of Days between Actual Project Start Date to Today.

IF( ispickval(Status__c, "Completed"), Actual_Project_Completion_Date__c - Actual_Project_Start_Date__c, Today() - Actual_Project_Start_Date__c)

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Chris DuncombeChris Duncombe
Try this
        ISPICKVAL(Status__c, 'Completed'),
    Actual_Project_Completion_Date__c - Actual_Project_Start_Date__c,
            ISPICKVAL(Status__c, 'Completed'),
        TODAY() - Actual_Project_Start_Date__c,