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Kimberly WargoKimberly Wargo 
Hey all, So here is what I need

A Formula field that returns an eligible date( Dte can be displayed as text)
Start with "Hire_Date"
I have a formula field already that extracts "Hire_Month" from that date but need a formula that says:
If Hire Date is:
January 1st "Current Year" through March 31st "Current Year" Return July 1, "Current Year"
April 1st "Current Year" through June 30th, "Current Year" Return July 1st, "Current Year"
July 1st "Current Year" through September 30th, "Current Year" Return October 1st, "Current Year"
October 1st "Current Year" through December 31st, "Current Year" Return January 1st, "Next Year"

I was think creating a Month/Year extraction from Hire_Date and create a case formula to say if this then this.
Would that make sense or is there an easier way?
Again my result can be in text since it's going in toa document as a merge tag

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Are you looking for something kinda like this?
YEAR( Date ) = YEAR( TODAY()),
MONTH ( Date ) <= 3,
DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), 07, 01),
MONTH ( Date ) <= 6,
DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), 07, 01),
MONTH ( Date ) <= 9,
DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), 10, 01),
MONTH ( Date ) <= 12,
DATE(YEAR(TODAY()) + 1, 01, 01),

Anthony JoverAnthony Jover 
Hi - I'm using Datauploader and trying to upload tasks but i can't find the Createdby field to map?
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hi Anthony,

The CreatedBy value is not allowed to be set. When you are importing Task records, the CreatedBy person will be the individual who is inserting the records (i.e. it will be CreatedBy you, "Anthony Jover")

You can, however, set who the Tasks are "Assigned To"
Spencer BerkSpencer Berk 
I am receiving this error when using the below formula.
VarCheckboxText (Formula) - The formula expression is invalid: Incorrect parameter type for function 'IF()'. Expected Boolean, received Text

This is my formula for my Variable in my Flow:
IF({!StartingaFamily}, "Starting a Family"+ " ", NULL)+
IF({!Retirement}, "Approaching Retirement" + " ", NULL)+
IF({!Home}, "Buying or Selling a Home"+ " ", NULL)+
IF({!Married_Remarried}, "Married or getting Remarried"+ " ", NULL)+
IF({!Inheritance}, "Inheritance or Windfall"+ " ", NULL)

Pictures of my Checkbox Group in my flow:
User-added image
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hi Spencer,

Yes that's doable like this:
IF(CONTAINS({!CheckboxGroupScreenComponent}, {!StartingaFamily}), "Starting a Family"+ BR(), NULL)+
IF(CONTAINS({!CheckboxGroupScreenComponent}, {!Retirement}), "Approaching Retirement" + BR(), NULL)+
IF(CONTAINS({!CheckboxGroupScreenComponent}, {!Home}), "Buying or Selling a Home"+ BR(), NULL)+
IF(CONTAINS({!CheckboxGroupScreenComponent}, {!Married_Remarried}), "Married or getting Remarried"+ BR(), NULL)+
IF(CONTAINS({!CheckboxGroupScreenComponent}, {!Inheritance}), "Inheritance or Windfall", NULL)
Replace the + " " with + BR()
which is a Line Break.
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Kiran KambleKiran Kamble
You can build a custom object /field on standard object and populate the respective city/state combination, you can download the state/city list from here -
Timothy WilliamsTimothy Williams 
I have a number automatically assigned to projects. However, through some internal affairs, I need to assign a specific number to a few specific projects record. Can I edit this this number in some way.  Or am I pretty well stuck in the mud on this one?

I am wanting to change specific records (a handful of them), not wanting to change the entire numbering scheme.  Is this something that can be done via another way, whether click or code?
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Eric PraudEric Praud
Yes you can! 
Jonathan BureauJonathan Bureau 

Hi, currently if I add quote lines to a quote with say 36 term and save the price are valid. 
Then if I go to change that value on the quote to 60 and then back to 36 the prices are wrong. But then if I go edit lines and save prices are valid again.

How can I replicate the on save of quote line editor when I save a quote ?

Any help is appreciated

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Matthew GodfroyMatthew Godfroy
Hi Jonathan - Are you referring to the Subcription Term field on Quote?  If this field is added to the Calculating Fields field set on the Quote Object, it should trigger a recalc/save whenever this value is changed.  Do you know if this field in included in that field set in your org?
Brian RicherBrian Richer 
Is there a way to quickly freeze my org so that no one except admins can do anything temporarily?
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Ajit surendar RAjit surendar R
you can use data loader to freeze multiple users, Please refer
Brian RicherBrian Richer 
How do I block the ability to allow one contact to many accounts
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hi Brian,

Go to Setup and search for "Account Settings." Uncheck the option to allow Contacts to multiple Accounts.
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Megan BlotzerMegan Blotzer 
We have a custom field that calculates the Product End Date on Opportunity Products. I'd like to pull that field up to the Opportunity but can't quite figure it out. Is this possible?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
For that you could use a Roll-Up Summary field on the Opportunity object to pull in the MIN (first) or MAX (last) Date value from the Opportunity Product
Jacqueline PoweJacqueline Powe 
I'm receiving a syntax error from the Validation Rules Unit exercise.  can someone help what's wrong see below syntax:

on Opportunity obj -
ISPICKVAL( StageName ,"Closed Lost") && ISBLANK( Close_Reason__c )
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Eric PraudEric Praud
What is the data type of your Close Reason field? It should be a multi-select picklist