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Annemarie HappeeAnnemarie Happee 
I'd like to restrict my users from creating list views ONLY for activities, but not for anything else. Is there a way to change this only for one object?

I already know how to change the permissions that affect list view creating, editing, etc, for ALL objects on/off.
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J. SteadmanJ. Steadman

No, ma’am. There is not an object specific list view control. 


Sheri JensenSheri Jensen 
We have a workflow that sends an email whenever a opp is created.  I am going to be cloning a large amount of opps over the next few days.  Is there a criteria that I can put inot the workflow so that it will ignore the opportunites that I create but leave it active for all other users?
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J. SteadmanJ. Steadman

Yep! You could do it by creating a custom checkbox field, and marking it TRUE whenever you are the creator. Then make sure the workflow only fires when this checkbox is FALSE. 

Good luck!

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J. SteadmanJ. Steadman

No, not necessarily. There are a combination of factors that can impact whether or not a user can change ownership, including Profile, Org Wide Defaults, and other considerations. 

I’m including a link below, which has a really great explanation of all the various settings. If this was helpful please consider marking this “best answer”. 



Élodie MartinezÉlodie Martinez 

I'm at loss of where to look for answers. We sync our ERP to our Salesforce. It works great but when in an opportunity or a quote, the products are not searchable so we can't add the products. Anyone knows how to fix it?
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J. SteadmanJ. Steadman
Hi, Elodie!

Products first have to be assigned to price books, and users need to have access to the price books. Can you confirm you’ve taken these steps?

Natalia KataokaNatalia Kataoka 
I am attempting to add Chatter to my opportunity record pages. However, because of the amount of space it could potentially take up, I want to to show as a tab in my Activity section, like it does on my Contact records:

User-added image
When I attempt to add the Chatter feed to my Opp pages via 'edit page', it is putting a huge feed that takes up a ton of space and I cannot figure out how to get this to be a tab on my Activity:

User-added image When I go to the page layout editor, I do not see where I can add Chatter as a quick action (or other), either. Anyone know how to do this?
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J. SteadmanJ. Steadman

Hi, Natalia!

To do this in the app builder you'll actually want to drop a tab component in first, and then name each tab. Lastly, you'll select each tab individually and drop in another component you'd like to see! In this way your tabs will be containers for other components, allowing you to take up less space.



Daniel GonzalezDaniel Gonzalez 

Hi SFDC Community,

I'm having a bit of trouble creating a percentage formula for my report. In looking at the screenshot below, here's what I want to do: I want to show the percentage each rep has in each stage in relation to their respective totals. For instance, you'll see that Ashley has a Grand Total of Total Price at $241,216.70 and that she has $10,500.00 in Stage 6. What I want to show is the percent of her total that's in each stage - stage 6 would show 4.35%, Closed Won would show 92.48%, and Closed Lost would show 3.17%

So far, I've only been able to create a formula that shows percentages in relation to the Grand Total, which is not what I'm trying to do.

Thanks!User-added image

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Daniel,
You will need to setup the custom summary formula field as below
User-added image

report screenshot
User-added image
Custom Summary formula
Just replace the AMOUNT:SUM in the above formula with the Total Price SUM , click on insert summary fields select Total Price and select SUM
Alexander PinateAlexander Pinate 

I want to manage the view settings in Desktop Vs Mobile for our users. Where can I accomplish this?

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Rajesh Varma MudunuriRajesh Varma Mudunuri
Hi Alexander,
Please look into the below thread.
Pavani AkellaPavani Akella 
How to write a process builder or workflow rule to say if the case record type is changed to "Warranty case" and the prior value is "service case" then change the claim_type__c to "warranty"
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
I would use a Process Builder for this and use a Formula and give this a shot - 
    PRIORVALUE([Case].RecordType.DeveloperName) = "Service_Case",
    [Case].RecordType.DeveloperName = "Warranty_Case"
Adam RycroftAdam Rycroft 

I'm trying to make sense of this. A previous employee created thousands of accounts attached to parent accounts which i believe would be better suited as records within an object.

Is it correct to say that any account will take up 4kb of space each while any record takes up 2kb each?
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Rajesh Varma MudunuriRajesh Varma Mudunuri
Hi Adam,
Please go through below article to get more idea about record storage.
Emma DiezEmma Diez 
Hello All! I'm attempting to set up a permission set so that a user can edit a certian field. The field is on the contact object, which is set to public read/write, and the permission set has been assigned to that user, yet the user can still not edit that field. What am I not taking into account? 
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Lalit AroraLalit Arora
Could be any one of the following Reason:

1. Field is read only on the layout
2. Formula field

Let me know if that doesn't help!