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Mike DwyerMike Dwyer 
I have multiple Permission Sets. Some show License as Salesforce and some show License as Salesforce Platform. How does a license become associated with a permission set, and how can I change that association?
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Sarvani VempatiSarvani Vempati
Hello Mike, 
Since Permission sets are primairily used for assigning permissions, you will have to select the user license associated at creation. (Screenshot below)

License cannot be modified on a permission set once it is created. 

Here is the Knowledge article in detail:
Hope this helps. 

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Chris KerseyChris Kersey 
I noticed the standard SF [owner] field (& global search) pulls from more than one source (user, group, etc.).

I need to reference at least 2 of my own data types as I have a field that could be one of a few different types - I'm not seeing any options to create such a beast in setup. 

I don't want to have 3 different lookups if I can avoid doing so, and I see SF using pretty much what I need at least for the owner and global search fields - Is my only option to design one in the form of a component? 

Field: Referred to me by : [a user, or a business, or a custom object]

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Sarah KhalidSarah Khalid
Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, you don't have an option to create a custom lookup in Salesforce (or modify one of the existing standard ones) that will let you lookup to multiple objects from the same lookup. Can you explain more what you mean by design in form of a component? Do you mean building a custom visual component?
Aaron PersichAaron Persich 

I have used the classic flow a lot and I am trying to use the new designer and I am having a bit of trouble.

I have a button on the contact and a flow connected to it. When the button is selected then I want a screen to pop up with questions. On the screen I would like to display the contact full name, email, and phone number. I think I have created the “Get Records” correctly and the display text on the screen. However, when I test the display contact information is for the same contact and not the actual contact I am on. I have tested this on multiple contacts and the Name, email and phone number is always the same.

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I am not sure what I am missing and any help is much appreciated.


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Praveen BattulaPraveen Battula
you have to link the flow to the Button using the Buton properties; Content Source = URL
Brian StoiberBrian Stoiber 
I am attempting to limit (hide) values available in a custom field (Activity Type) on Tasks. When I create a new record type to do this I can remove the values that I don't want to appear however when I save and apply it to a profile, the Log a Call button in the Activity History related list dissapears in LEX. It is still available in Classic though. What am I doing incorrectly?
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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Hi Brian,

refer this-:

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Kel HillKel Hill 
When I create a Dashboard for Opportunities and add a dashboard filter for each Fiscal year, what field does the system look at to filter records? Creation Date, Close Date, or something else?
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Srinivasa RayapuriSrinivasa Rayapuri
Depends on the field you use in the filter criteria Kel 
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Ashwini SukumaranAshwini Sukumaran 
I have a two custom objects "SwiftLease Lead Channels" and "SwiftLease Campaigns". SwiftLease Lead channel is a lookup field on the Swiftlease Campaign object. 

I have labeled the Related List as "SwiftLease Lead Channel".

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But its appearing as SwiftLease Campaign on the Page Layout. How do I change the label?

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Srinivasa RayapuriSrinivasa Rayapuri
If you go into the SwiftLease Lead Object and look up the field you have created to establish the relation between SwiftLease Campaigns (Parent) and SwiftLease Lead channel(child)  whats the name on the field? Is it named as SwiftLease Lead channel? 

My understanding is the lookup created on the SwiftLease Lead channel object looking up to SwiftLease Campaigns  is named as SwiftLease Campaigns  and hence you see the same name 
Jessica PeroneJessica Perone 
Hi Everyone,

I have created a few fields with links to our external system. I created them as a formula field with return type text. I have other fields already on the record that show the ID of each record page. The formula is the external web page url with the ID of the page I want it directed to from the internal field in SF. When I check syntax, all is good. However, when I try clicking the links, it doesn't work and I can see that the formula is not pulling in the value of the ID field. Instead it just shows the link as is in the formula. Does anyone know how to correct thi? Here are two examples:
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From the SF page when I hover over the actual links I can see the link is showing exactly the same as the formula. 
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any help is appreciated! 

Thank you
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Tommaso BolisTommaso Bolis
HYPERLINK("" & TEXT(Occupant_ID__c) & "/readonly/1","Click Here")

Daniel BennettDaniel Bennett 
I have updated recorded before using data loader but for some reason, I am unable to update record type ID. I have gone to the object and pulled the id from the url on the record types page but have had no success updating the records. I also checked to make sure the record type was associated with the owners of the record and the record type is so I just am not seeing what could be the issue.

Data loader says it was successful in updating the record but there were no changes made. Any idea on what may be causing this?
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Srinivasa RayapuriSrinivasa Rayapuri
Looks pretty straight forward. Can you check the field history on record type Name Daniel and the last modified date on one of the contact record to make sure there is no automation that is changing the Record type name? 
Jaime BlalockJaime Blalock 
Hello! I am trying to use the following formula for a field update and I am getting a syntax error. Any suggestions:

  Timestamp_Tech_Out__c - Timestamp_Tech__c > 0 ,
  TEXT( FLOOR( Timestamp_Tech_Out__c - Timestamp_Tech__c ) ) & " days "
  & TEXT( FLOOR( MOD( ( Timestamp_Tech_Out__c - Timestamp_Tech__c ) * 24, 24 ) ) ) & " hours "
  & TEXT( ROUND( MOD( ( Timestamp_Tech_Out__c - Timestamp_Tech__c ) * 24 * 60, 60 ), 0 ) ) & " minutes",
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Eric PraudEric Praud
Hi Jaime,

What's the exact error? Is it because you are maybe trying to return a number? This formula would return text
Ethan SeagravesEthan Seagraves 
I have a group of 5 checkboxes, and need to build a validation rule that requires one of these to be checked, but no more than one. I'm not even sure if that's possible, but wanted to put it out there.
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Srinivasa RayapuriSrinivasa Rayapuri
Try this Ethan
IF(Check_box__c1 = TRUE,1,0)+
IF(Check_box__c2 = TRUE,1,0)+
IF(Check_box__c3 = TRUE,1,0)+
IF(Check_box__c4 = TRUE,1,0)+
IF(Check_box__c5= TRUE,1,0)
) <> 1