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Cassidy HartCassidy Hart 
Can I remove the quarterly performance chart from my home page? My sales team is not wanting to use it...
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Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson
You need to click into the setup gear at the top of the Page next to your profile icon, and then there should be an option that says "Edit Page" you will be taken to the Home page editor where you can remove this component from the layout.  
Anna PowellAnna Powell 
Is there a way to block email addresses from submitting our web form (contact us)?  We have solicitors who are not customers or patients who try to reach us through web forms on our various sites and I would like to block their email addresses.
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Minh Khoi TranMinh Khoi Tran
Hi Anna,
you can use validation rules in the lead objects to block them. 
setup -> object manager -> lead -> validation rules 
(For reference:
and use something like 

CONTAINS(Email, "")
Caterina TorresCaterina Torres 
I don't know what I'm doing wrong and my brain is not comprehending how to fix it. haha

Basically, I pulled an Accounts report and we have a date field called "Contract Renewal Date." All I want to do is find all the Accounts where the contract renewal date is 120 days from now. 

I put Contract Renewal Date equals next 120 days, but that's showing me things due tomorrow and everything else going forward. 

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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Ah! I think I understand what is happening.

How about this = 
Contract Renewal Date greater than NEXT 110 DAYS
Contract Renewal Date equals NEXT 130 DAYS
Christian MillerChristian Miller 
I have recently set up our companies accounts and would like to be able to track what other users have done recently within the system, so I can make sure that they are entering all information correctly to help keep our data accurate/clean. Is there a way to view this information? 

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Ugh...  seriously?    Who the hell is asking for this?  

You could create a Joined Report and bundle them all, but be careful what you wish for

Lore BullLore Bull 
So I started challenge 1 yesterday and didn't complete it due to an error that I had to fix and then I had a meeting.  Today I am trying to complete challenge 1 and I am getting an error message "Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: We can’t find the four reports from the SolarBots Acquisitions folder reorganized into their new folders."  The issue is one of the four reports was to be deleted.  Can I get the report back somehow to move it to the recycle folder or do I have to re-import the data and start all over? 
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Priyanka DadhePriyanka Dadhe
In Classic, go to home tab, find Recycle bin and undelete your reports by checking checkbox. Let me know if you need help.
Azim MalikzadaAzim Malikzada 
SELECT Id, OwnerId, Owner.FirstName, Owner.LastName, Name 
From User
FROM Account 
WHERE Owner.IsActive = FALSE

** I want to get the user role name for each user that owns inactive accounts. Thank you. 
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Like this = 
SELECT Id, OwnerId, Name, Owner.FirstName, Owner.LastName, Owner.UserRoleId, Owner.UserRole.Name
FROM Account
WHERE Owner.IsActive = TRUE
Michelle ArndtMichelle Arndt 
I am trying to get a formula to calculate a date field to be the first of the month of the following month based on the Created date.  It is a WFR, that fires on creation for a certain record type.  It is updating the Start Date field (date field)  So if it was created 7.23.2019, start date = 8.1.2019

DATE(YEAR(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) , MONTH(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)+1) , 01)
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Try this = 
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) = 12,
    DATE(YEAR(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) + 1, 01, 01),
    DATE(YEAR(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)), MONTH(DATEVALUE(CreatedDate)) + 1, 01)
Ismail KhanIsmail Khan 
Hi All, 

I have a roll up field that rolls up the number of giveaways on the account. If the giveaways exceeds the cost of 75 dollars per fiscal year I need the field to be marked with a red flag. I was trying to do a workflow rule for this but it seems you can't update the same field that's in the criteria. Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance!

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
You mean like this?
IF(  How_much_beer_do_you_owe_SteveMo__c > 1000, 
IMAGE("/img/samples/flag_red.gif", "red", 30, 30),
IF( How_much_beer_do_you_owe_SteveMo__c > 500,
IMAGE("/img/samples/flag_yellow.gif", "yellow", 30, 30),
IMAGE("/img/samples/flag_green.gif", "green", 30, 30))) 
+" - You owe SteveMo " + TEXT(How_much_beer_do_you_owe_SteveMo__c) + " beers"

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Dea SimonDea Simon 
I am building a process to update a specific field when criteria are met.  One of the criteria is that a field is not empty - its a text field.  How do I indicate that in my process builder - see screen shot.User-added imageThanks for your help!
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Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson
Opposite of what I said - Does Not Equal with Global Constant or Boolean = False.  
Raquel RiemerRaquel Riemer 
I have a process to create a record in Alumni when a record with specific parameters is created in Travel.

The record is being create however 1 field is not getting populated.

I double checked that I was hitting the right field and that the properties of the two fields were the same and they are both Text(4) I am just populating a year
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Srinivasa RayapuriSrinivasa Rayapuri
Raquel, Are there any other meta-data components on the field that is not updating?
I will say, activate feed tracking on this field, run the process and see if your process builder is updating the field or not.