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Joelle SedlmeyerJoelle Sedlmeyer 
Been working on this for a while and can't seem to get total amount of minutes from two time fields.  These are not date/time fields. These are two date fields- Start Time and End Time. The issue is when I run this formula I get 75,000 minutes instead of 75.  Basically I want to a number response.  I am looking for away to get time durations in reports and every formula I researched is more for date/time which this is not.
(End_Time__c -Start_Time__c)/60

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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
I guess the difference is returned in milliseconds , give this a try :

Croft CroftCroft Croft 

Hello Everyone, 

I am trying to complete this hands on challenge however when I go to create a new compact layout some of the available fields I want to add are not on the list. I can add Account Name and Phone but not Annual Revenue or Type. Has anyone run into this problem? If so, what was the solution??

Thanks User-added imageUser-added image

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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
You are creating this Compact Layout in 'Contact' object :)
This needs to be set up in the 'Account' object as per the steps.
Stephanie MuellerStephanie Mueller 

I have a field called Contract Close Date that mimics the actual Close Date field, and right now I have it set to when the opportunity is marked as Closed Won, it is auto-updated through a workflow to Today(). However, now I also want it to update if the Close Date is updated while the opportunity is still open. How can I accomplish this? I don't think I'm doing it right with this:

 User-added image
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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
You need 2 Workflow rules to do this, you already have one workflow rule in place.
So the next rule(to set it to close date when its open) will be this :
Evaluation Criteria:
created, and every time it's edited
Rule Criteria:

Add a Field update to update the "Contract Close Date" and set it to "Close Date" in the formula.
Mary CochranMary Cochran 
I want to remove the opportunity split "Amount" field from the multi-line layout...says I can't do this. Is there a workaround?
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Eshu KannaEshu Kanna
Hi Mary, 

You cannot remove the Mandatory fields from the Multi-Line layout. 
If the Amount field is mandatory and required on that object you cannot remove them. 

if the field is not mandatory field, then make sure on the Page Layout the Amount Filed is not (*) marked. 

Hope this Helps.

Trey STrey S 
Hi Everyone, 

I was looking of ways to to automatically cancel outstanding tasks when a picklist value of "Member terminated" is selected on the contact object. Is this possible through a flow? How would I go about setting this up? 


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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
No problem, Trey. Sometimes I don't make sense :P
Your only options are Flows or Apex Triggers. Those are the only two tools that can delete records.
If you were setting the Status of the Tasks to Cancelled, you could have used Process Builder alone to update all child tasks of the Contact.

For the Flow, you would need to create an auto-launched Flow that is triggered by Process Builder. The PB criteria would be when the picklist value of "Member terminated" is selected.
Pass in the Contact record ID as an input into the Flow.
Use a Get Records element to find all tasks where the WhoId is that Contact ID. This will collect all of the Task records that are associated with that Contact.
Then you can simply use a Delete Records element to delete them all.
Pedro ToscanoPedro Toscano 
I know this was released in winter 20. Within my org I can see the printable view button on my list views and my objects. However, when I enter either of my communities, the buttons are not there. Is there a workaround to make the buttons appear? Is this a feature that is currently not available?
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Chris GardnerChris Gardner
This isn't currently available for communities, but you can upvote one of the ideas on the exchange:
Jeffery WrightJeffery Wright 

I have a sales goal of X. I want to generate a chart that shows only one stacked bar (the variable there being individual salespersons' contributions) towards that goal. How is this done?

If it's too confusing, let me clarify. I want to show one bar that shows our annual sales so far, and how far we have to go to reach our annual goal of X. The bar will be multi-colored to show each salesperson's contribution to that goal. 

My problem is that the chart breaks up the individual salespersons' contributions into separate bars instead of one. I'm also not able to select "Stacked Bar." Any help? Thanks!
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Jeffery WrightJeffery Wright
Actually, I figured it out. I needed a column that combined all of the salespeople together in order to combine their individual contributions into one bar. All I did was add Fiscal Year (2020). Then their sales contributions combined into one bar, and thus I'm able to visually see the components AND the whole as one graph.
Philippe-Mathieu DionPhilippe-Mathieu Dion 
I would like to know how if I have to create the logo of the Badges that I give or SALESFORCE have some already? Also, if not, where I could fine some and how do I attach them?

Thank you,
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Chris GardnerChris Gardner
You could probably print them off yourself, but you'd have to download them from Trailhead. Just find the badge image you are looking for, and right-click to download the image (there are hundreds, so it will be time-consuming depending on how many you need). Then you can decide how to give them to your team (printed stickers, digitally, etc.).
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Jayson MoralesJayson Morales
Hi Erik,

A flow or process that makes a cross-object reference will fail when the foreign key (i.e. relationship field) the reference depends on is not populated.

To avoid this type of error, use criteria to check if the foreign key (aka relationship) field is null before making cross-object references based on that field.

Hope that makes sense.

Jeff HeiligJeff Heilig 
I'm at a loss here. I'm trying to get my System Administrator access to the Salesforce CPQ app.

The app won't appear for me. It's set as visible on the System Admin profile, and it's visible in App Launcher. 

In essence, I'm trying to edit the quote template. I can't access the object without the app appearing, and this is stressing me out.
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