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Sheeba SSheeba S 

Hi All,

I am trying to set up a workflow where payment is received team has to confirm them (attendee) through Email Alert 
i have two objects one object has attendee name and email mail field and another object has payment details.

workflow is for payment object if payment is received =yes it has to trigger the email to the attendee.

here email recipient type Email filed is not popping up
User-added imageUser-added image

Any suggestion would be welcome 

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Evan PonterEvan Ponter
You can only target contacts or email fields that are on the object your workflow is setup on. You can create an Email field on the payment object and populate it with automation, sourcing the Email field on your other object. Once this is set up, you will be able to select your new Email field on the Payment object in this Email Alert
Racheal DalesRacheal Dales 
What would be the best way to accomplish this? I think my brain is officially fried from this week!

I need to have a text field on a Case that will autopopulate with a specific message (sentence).  This message will not be pulled in from any other field or object.  Can that be done with a formula field and if so what's the best way to write this type of formula? Or would it be best to use a Workflow?  Thanks in advance!
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Rachel,
the problem with the formula field is the field is not visible on the edit mode.
If you want the text within the field to be displayed in both edit and view mode then the best way to do is to create the default value for the field and make the field read-only for all users
navigate to setup - cases - fields and click on edit and set the default value for the field and any text that you want to display must be in either single or double quotes
maninder singhmaninder singh 
I am using the Schema Sobject describe command of SFDX CLI (Salesforce CLI) to get picklist values for a custom object picklist field in my org. Link: 

The issue here is that instead of showing the Picklist values the command outputs picklistValues: [Array] 
Below is an example of the output JSON i have for a field which is a picklist. Is this expected and how do we get the picklist values from SFDX CLI ? If I i use Force CLI it works fine for Sobject describe command.
{ aggregatable: true,
       aiPredictionField: false,
       autoNumber: false,
       byteLength: 765,
       calculated: false,
       calculatedFormula: null,
       cascadeDelete: false,
       caseSensitive: false,
       compoundFieldName: null,
       controllerName: 'REX_PS_Category__c',
       createable: true,
       custom: true,
       defaultValue: null,
       defaultValueFormula: null,
       defaultedOnCreate: false,
       dependentPicklist: true,
       deprecatedAndHidden: false,
       digits: 0,
       displayLocationInDecimal: false,
       encrypted: false,
       externalId: false,
       extraTypeInfo: null,
       filterable: true,
       filteredLookupInfo: null,
       formulaTreatNullNumberAsZero: false,
       groupable: true,
       highScaleNumber: false,
       htmlFormatted: false,
       idLookup: false,
       inlineHelpText: null,
       label: 'Location Agreed',
       length: 255,
       mask: null,
       maskType: null,
       name: 'REX_Location_Agreed__c',
       nameField: false,
       namePointing: false,
       nillable: true,
       permissionable: true,
       picklistValues: [Array],
       polymorphicForeignKey: false,
       precision: 0,
       queryByDistance: false,
       referenceTargetField: null,
       referenceTo: [],
       relationshipName: null,
       relationshipOrder: null,
       restrictedDelete: false,
       restrictedPicklist: true,
       scale: 0,
       searchPrefilterable: false,
       soapType: 'xsd:string',
       sortable: true,
       type: 'picklist',
       unique: false,
       updateable: true,
       writeRequiresMasterRead: false },

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maninder singhmaninder singh
I figured it out. Using --json actually prints the the picklist values as well.
Kayhon SazegariKayhon Sazegari 
Hi all! I am trying to create a round robin for a custom account field, "Handbook_Creator__c". My goal is when an opportunity is marked "closed won" that the field will be auto-populated with a user's name at random. Everything I have found related to round-robin assignments assumes that all account should be included rather than just accounts with an opportunity marked "closed won". I need to only include accounts that have opportunities that are listed as "closed won".

I have created an Auto Number field Account_Auto_Number__c as {0}. I was then going to create a Formula(Number), Handbook_Round_Robin_Assignment__c  as

MOD(VALUE( Account_Auto_Number__c),3)+1

but that would assign ALL accounts so instead, I create a Number field, Handbook_Round_Robin_Number__c and created a workflow that fires when an opportunity is marked "Closed Won" to make a field update to Handbook_Round_Robin_Number__c using formula MOD(VALUE( Account_Auto_Number__c),3)+1.

I thought that would fix the problem but I am still getting the same value in both Handbook_Round_Robin_Assignment__c and Handbook_Round_Robin_Number__c. I cannot find a way to get an auto number field that only includes accounts with an opportunity that is "closed won".

Lastly my plan was to make another workflow that when Handbook_Round_Robin_Number__c = x to assign it to xyz user.

Any thoughts on how I can get Handbook_Round_Robin_Number__c to differ from Handbook_Round_Robin_Assignment__c?
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Kayhon SazegariKayhon Sazegari
Hi Evan!

Thanks for your response. I actually changed  Account_Auto_Number__c to hit all accounts instead of new accounts and it worked!
Robert AlariRobert Alari 
Trying to create a validation rule that can look at a multi-select and determine if it has an option in it. 

I was able to do it in line 1 of the rull but for "Dispensing Products" (Line 4) I need to add multiple options in. Dispensing products includes "1" OR "2" OR "3" 

Not sure how to add it in without messing up the validation rule.

AND (INCLUDES(Account.Patient_Type__c, "In-House Supply DM"),
AND (RecordType.Name = "Pharmacy Order Case"), 
AND (ISPICKVAL(Status, "Closed"),
AND (INCLUDES(Dispensing_Products__c, "Bundle"),
AND ((Account.Expected_Due_Date__c + 7)  < TODAY())
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Robert AlariRobert Alari
This worked.

AND (INCLUDES(Account.Patient_Type__c, "In-House Supply DM"), 
AND (RecordType.Name = "Pharmacy Order Case"), 
AND (ISPICKVAL(Status, "Closed"), 
AND (OR(INCLUDES(Dispensing_Products__c, "1"), 
INCLUDES(Dispensing_Products__c, "2"), 
INCLUDES(Dispensing_Products__c, "3")), 
AND ((Account.Expected_Due_Date__c + 7) < TODAY()) 
Alexander PinateAlexander Pinate 
Hi Team,

The formula editor is teling me that I am mising a ")" .

If(RecordTypeId = 0126A000000QSh2QAG &&  ISCHANGED(Autorenew__c)  && Autorenew__c = FALSE,TRUE,FALSE) 

Any thoughs?

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Nisar AhmedNisar Ahmed
Using process builder as mentioned in the below question/post.
Dane WagnellDane Wagnell 
Trying to create a 2 validation rules...

I have 3 field on the Lead object.

1. Lead Source
2. Internal/External Referral (lookup to Contact)
3. Campagin Source (lookup to Campaign)

Field 2 - Interna/External Referral
Lead Source must equal "Internal Referral" or "External Referral" to have a value populated

Field 3 - Campaign Source
Lead Source must equal "DBRS Corporate Event" or "Conferece" to have a value populated

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Nisar AhmedNisar Ahmed

Dane, Please try below formula,

Please replace CONTACT with your contact lookup field name

NOT(OR( ISPICKVAL( LeadSource , "Internal Referral"),ISPICKVAL( LeadSource , "External Referral") ))

Similarly for the Campaign
NOT(OR( ISPICKVAL( LeadSource , "DBRS Corporate Event"),ISPICKVAL( LeadSource , "Conferece") ))
Thank you.
Ian SlipicevicIan Slipicevic 
I have found a couple of references here to my problem, but none of them actually help me. So my problem is: I have a Master-Detail relationship between Account object and a custom object named Faxes, as an Account may have multiple fax numbers. Faxes object also has a checkbox field called Primary. I would like to display on the Account Details page one single value from the Faxes custom object, field named Number, where Primary checkbox is checked. I have tried to create a formula field on Account object to reference that field in custom object, but that custom object Faxes does not appear in the list of available objects. 

Any ideas?

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Nisar AhmedNisar Ahmed


You can't reference a child object's field on the parent.

You have two options.

  • Use process builder to update Account field when any Faxes record is created with Primary set to active.
  • You can create a lookup Primary Fax (Fax) on the account, then you can put your primary faxes on the account when primary fax is created. This allows you to create further formula fields. 

Hope this will help you. Please feel free to ask if you need more help on this.


Thank you
Nisar Ahmed

Daniel Ben-AtarDaniel Ben-Atar 
I have a workflow & Process builder that I can't get to trigger.  both of these things are active and I feel as if I'm missing something super simple.

here is the workflow 

Parent_Subscription__r.Zuora__Status__c ='Active', 
ISBLANK( Date_Saved__c ), 
Timer_Trigger__c >= 0.01 

Here is the process builder

User-added image

What am i doing wrong?  I'm just attempting to get this to fire when the Date field = NULL and the Parent Record status string = 'Active'
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Arianne Mae CruzArianne Mae Cruz
Hi Daniel, I think you would need to move the process to the parent object since at this time it looks like the change that should trigger the update is when the parent record status to "Active" correct? If your WF or Process is on the child and the change is on the parent, it will never run because a WF/Process only runs if you are editing the record where it is located. in this case your WF is on the child and the edit is on the parent. 

What you can do is to create a Process on the parent record where it will update the child once the Statis is changed to Active. 

hope this helps :)
Tarun MukhiaTarun Mukhia 
I want to set a CVI Expiry Date to the last date of the same month next year.
For example, if CVI is done on March 12, 2019, then the Expiry Date should be March 31, 2020

Want to change the formula below.

CVI_Inspection_Date__c + 365

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Nisar AhmedNisar Ahmed

Hi Tarun, Please try this

DATE(YEAR(ADDMONTHS(Date_field__c,12)), MONTH(ADDMONTHS(Date_field__c,12)),
	AND(MOD(YEAR(ADDMONTHS(Date_field__c,12)),4) = 0,
			MONTH(Date_field__c) = 2
	), 29,

Hope this will help you.

It also covers the leap year

Thank you
Nisar Ahmed