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Dan McKnightDan McKnight 
Hi again,
My 2nd question,
I was trying to find a module or a place that shows you how to do Reporting Snapshots.  I sure would like to learn how to do that.
Is there a trailhead lesson for Reporting Snapshots.
Still a fledgling.
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Ankush AgarwalAnkush Agarwal
Hi Dan,

You may refer below salesforce step-by-step guide for reporting snapshot: (

I found below link where reporting snapshot is explained with examples:
Nancy Magalhães CastroNancy Magalhães Castro 
Our previous system administrator created a validation rule based on a custom Formula (Number) field. The validation rule states 
Weighted_Revenue__c  > 200000
The error message that is supposed to be generated is 
Weighted Revenue should not more than 200K
However, when testing if the value is over 200K the field value an error messsage is not being generated. 
Is the reason an error message not coming up is because this is a custom formula field?
Thank you. 
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Ajit surendar RAjit surendar R
Please mark your answer as best and close this thread. In that way it will help others. Thanks!
Nate SchauflerNate Schaufler 
Would like to create Process Builder formula to update the following...
Opening Account Value (field name, currency) automatically updates if Account Value greater than or equal $1 and Opening Date (field name, date) = Previous Month

I am struggling with second part of the formula.  I would be grateful for any assistance.
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Tony TrinhTony Trinh
Hi Nate,

This is for a workflow criteria? Try something like this:
Account_Value__c >= 1,
MONTH(Opening_Date__c) = MONTH(ADDMONTHS(TODAY(), -1))
Maria Mischelle GuerreroMaria Mischelle Guerrero 


Probably a basic question here, but can someone please let me know how I activate the values listed as inactive? When I click on activate, I'm directed to the object manager and I've no clue what I should be doing there. Thank you!

User-added image

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Kiran KambleKiran Kamble
Hi Maria
Yeah ,looks like some UI issue, Ideally it should not take you to the object manager window, 
Can you try in classic and activate. 
Michael MMichael M 
Hello, We need to be able to report as follows. We have tasks being assigned on "Contact" records. For the "Related to" (i.e. "whatid"), we have a Process Builder that automatically populates this field with the Contact's Account. 

What we need to do is be able to report BY ACCOUNT. In other words, for each account, we want to be able to see all of the contacts associated with that account THAT HAVE ACTIVITIES assigned to them. 

What's the best way to build this report?
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Jonathan FoxJonathan Fox
If you create the report type of Accounts with Contacts with Activities(tasks)

You can then group rows by account and then you can see a sub total of tasks or group by account and contact. You can filter the activities to only shows tasks:

User-added image

User-added image
Brian BoyleBrian Boyle 
I've setup a process to update the native Amount field (Field A + Field B + Field C, below), but if one of the 3 values is blank, nothing returns. 
How do I set up so that if one (or more) are blank the formula still returns a value?


User-added image
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
You can use a BLNKVALUE function to provide a substitiue and allow the math to keep functioning, like this
BLANKVALUE( [Object].Field_A , 0 ) + 
BLANKVALUE( [Object].Field_B , 0 ) + 
BLANKVALUE( [Object].Field_C , 0 )

Kevin OakKevin Oak 
Hello, I'm trying to make a formula in process builder and am having a lot of trouble. We have a process that updates Contact lookup fields on an Account when the ContactRoles change. I need to add a node that removes the user from the lookup field when the role is removed. This is the criteria I need:
AccountContactRelation.role IS CHANGED
AccountContactRelation.role does not contain System Administrator

accountcontactrelation.role is a multi-select picklist. I currently have it set up as AccountContactRelation.role is changed = true AND AccountContactRelation.role Does Not Equal "System Administrator" and it's working, but if a contact is system admin and then has another role added to them, they are deleted from the lookup field. We don't want this so I'm hoping a formula will solve this issue.
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Prateek Kumar Singh SengarPrateek Kumar Singh Sengar
Hi Kevin,
You need to use Does Not Contain for your picklist value. However, there is no such option in the Process builder. The workaround is, you set the criteria as
  • AccountContactRelation.role Contains "System Administrator"
Then select customize the logic and in the filter-logic put NOT before that criteria row

there is a nice blog detailing out the steps as well, I hope it helps
Adhvika BalaAdhvika Bala 
I'm updating a Global picklist value set.which is used as values for a multiselect picklist in the Activity object.
When i update the Global value set i checked the "Add the new picklist values to all Record types that use this Global Value Set".
However the picklist value is not showing up the the Task.(It has record types). I have to manually add these picklist values in the record type Availabe picklist values even after checking this box.
Any suggestions on this please.
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Prateek Kumar Singh SengarPrateek Kumar Singh Sengar
Hi Adhvika,
This is a known issue with no workaround (other than manually setting values). Please follow this known issue to get updates when its resolved.
Pooja SharmaPooja Sharma 
Hi , I just wrote a sample code just to check the string variable is empty or not but im getting error.

public class DMLStatements {
    public static void Check()
        String Name1='';
        String name2='Hello';

Plz Suggest the solution
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Prateek Kumar Singh SengarPrateek Kumar Singh Sengar
Hi Pooja,
Use String.isBlank() function


Chad WaltonChad Walton 
Interesting Data manipulation via excel question.
Given my client's need we would like to add 32 new Asset Records to all existing Accounts in our instance. The difference between the 32 Assets are Names and the related Product (Two fields). I have an excel of all the existing Accounts (30K+) and an excel template of all 32 Assets to create (With Relevant fields/columns).
What I'd like to do: Create one excel from two (Existing Accounts (30k+) and 32 Assets) so that I have a total of 960k total Assets for Import with Account IDs.
I can do this the manual tedious way which would take a long time but just curious if anyone has advice on how to do this the most efficient way.
Thanks for reading!
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Chad WaltonChad Walton
There's a quick and easy trick with Excel's "Get Data" function that allows you to merge tables together. This has fixed my issue