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Frankie SorrentinoFrankie Sorrentino 
I want to validate/deploy some components that I didn not build (third party components tried ansd tested) when i validate i am getting erros relating to other stuff in the system.  SO, If i run specified tests, what info do i need to add the be able to select 'run specified tests'.
Please bare with me i dont know anything about code ...
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
Name of test classes with comma separated.
Imo JiImo Ji 
I want to run my batch every day at 4 o'clock in the morning.
If I use the 
String sch1 = '0 0 * * * ?';
BatchAccountRevenue sqrb1 = new BatchAccountRevenue();
system.schedule('BatchAccountRevenue ', sch1, sqrb1);
then it will run every hour. Please help.
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Imo JiImo Ji
I have found it:
0 0 4 1/1 * ? *
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Artur NovikovasArtur Novikovas
Which folder does this report sit in ? 
Darren BraddockDarren Braddock 
Hi i'm trying to use 

1 AND 2 AND 3 AND (4 AND 7) OR (5 AND 6)

says i need to add more parentheses?
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Darren BraddockDarren Braddock
I went with this eventually

(1 AND 2 AND 3 AND (5 AND 6)) OR (1 AND 2 AND 3 AND (4 AND 7))
Armin WeckardtArmin Weckardt 
Dear all, 
is there a technical Version number for the SF summer '19 release? 
Best regards
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
You mean this:
Version 46.0
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Prapti WadhwaPrapti Wadhwa 
I have a account detail page in community portal and in that I have created a tab named Related Cases. How to add related cases under that tab ?  Kindly help me on that .
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Tommaso BolisTommaso Bolis
Using the community builder you can drag and drop standard component in your tab. In you case you need to use the "Single Related List" one.
Maciej WisniewskiMaciej Wisniewski 
I have the administrator profile on my free developper instance of Salesforce. I can normally login as another user from "users" menu in setup. Though, once I am logged in as another user i am logged out from the session when I click on logout. I should come back to my administrator's profile. How to enable the option to go back to my administrator session when logging out as another user, insted of being completely logged out from salesforce?
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
Hi Maciej,
Please click 
Setup > Session Settings
Force relogin after Login-As-User
This checkbox will decide the same behavior.
You need to uncheck this option then save, if you want to come back as original admin session after Logout As.

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Sunny SSunny S 
Hi Guys, need urgent help...

We have created a new 'Lead Process' and this (new lead process) has been assingned to a new 'Record Type'.... 
**** Problem:  When trying to create a new Lead manully, we are seeing the new stages defined under the new 'Lead Process'... but while trying to convert 'Web Leads', it is still showing us the previous old 'Lead Process' ... 
We have tried every possible thing within my knowledge, to no respite... even tried making the new Lead Process as default Record Type for these profiles as well... Still not working.

*** Annoying thing is: Why are we able to see the new LEAD STATUS PROCESS for manualt leads, but a different one for 'Web Leads'...

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Sakthivel MadeshSakthivel Madesh
Hi Sunny,

can you double check the lead record type (while from web to lead) and alos manual creation?
Deborah CardosoDeborah Cardoso 
I am having a hard time to assign a task to a personal group I created, simply because the group does not come up as an option, even when I change from "people" to "groups" in the "Assign to" field. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Deborah CardosoDeborah Cardoso
Ok understood, thanks a lot, Meghna, very helpful! 
Tammy PenaTammy Pena 
Is it possible that a user cannot update the case status from New to In Progress while it is owned by the queue. I want them to take ownership first.

If this is not possible can they be alerted at the time of updating the status from New to anything else?
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Anel MalabananAnel Malabanan
You can use this
    ISCHANGED( Status ),
    TEXT( PRIORVALUE( Status ) ) = "New",
    TEXT(Status) = "In Progress",

Let me know if this works!