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Pamela DujovnePamela Dujovne 
Every time the user calls the contact from our app, creates an "outreach" task automatically attached to that contact.
I need a report to show the number of contacts that have a task with "outreach" (task custom checkbox field) = true. in the last 7 days.
i got only the number of tasks and not the number of contacts. 
It could be that the same contact have a few "outreach" tasks in the last 7 days.
i made an activity report and also tried creating a contact with activity report. In both i get only the number of tasks and not the number of contacts that were contacted in the last 7 days. 
Any idea?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Which Report Type are you using?  If you're using an Activities with Contacts Report you can use Tom Tobin's "Power of One" technique 

Tips & Tricks: "The Power of One" the Greatest Formula Ever Written* 

If you're on Lightning you could try the new Count Unique feature, but it does have some limitations
Craig CrocombeCraig Crocombe 
Hi All, 

New to salesforce and still learning syntax. I am trying to create a button that can request a credit check on an opportunity from our accounts department. 

Ideally the body of the email will be preset and autofill the opportunity companies name, address and key info from the pre-set fields. Is this possible?

I've gotten as far as making the button, but the autofill is the issue.
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Sujay NadkarniSujay Nadkarni
Hi Craig -

Yes, you can.  I am providing an example below with quick action as it allows you to present values.  See Below:

User-added image

Click new to set Predefined Values.  In your example, lets use body:

Click on "Show Formula" Editor and Click on "Insert Field".  This will allow you to select fields from account.  See screenshot below:
User-added image

Hope this helps with your use case!
Akis AthanasiadisAkis Athanasiadis 
Contract renewals are related with the Maintenance Fees.
When a maintenance fee is updated and the contract renweal is not renewed(checkbox), then the contract renewal is updated via an autolaunched flow.
However, if the contract renewal is renewed(checkbox), then the change should be blocked.
That means, not only the contract renewal is not updated, nor the maintenance fee.
So i would like something a validation rule to run before the flow runs.
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Ronald DefeoRonald Defeo
Hi Akis,

Is Maintenance Fees child of Contract? If yes, then you can use the following formula on the maintenance fees object for you validation rule.
Contract__r.Renewal__c = True

Just change the field according to the field name in your org.
Bertram NehlsBertram Nehls 
Hi all,

I feel like I'm being an idiot about this one but I just can't seem to find the answer.

A couple of my users are dealing with humongous lists of records and are being frustrated by the way that Lightning presents them in a continous list rather than having the skip through options that Classic has. Does anyone know if there is a way to enable this/a similar feature on Lightning?

Thanks all, stay safe!
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Ronald DefeoRonald Defeo
Hi Bertram,

It looks like your, not the only one who's having difficulties with the list view in lightning.

Here's an Ideas Exchange link that you can upvote.

If you're familiar with Aura then here's a link to a custom solution that you can look at.
Max WinbladMax Winblad 
Hi everyone 

I need some help with a formula field. 

On the object with the new formula field we want to pull in values from two fields on different objects if one of them is empty.


Object Order - new field Owner Group

Owner Group 
should be a formula text field first looking at field Contract Owner Group on object Contract. If that is empty it should look at field Location Owner Group on object Location.

Contract Owner Group and Location Owner Group are both picklist fields.

Any help really appreciated! 
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Angus BrownAngus Brown

Max I think the formula will be some thing like this:

Ben ZBen Z 
Hello everyone!
One of my users suddenly doesn't have to ability to create a Post while being on the Chatter object.
I checked the profile but nothing has been changed so I don't really understand where the issue could come from.
Any ideas please?
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Ben ZBen Z
I found the answer!
Akis AthanasiadisAkis Athanasiadis 
I have created a fast update flow and it is not actually executing the result.
User-added image
When the maintenance fee is updated, then the contract renewals that are related to this maintenance fee, should be also updated. In the debug mode, i see that the loop records are updated but in sf i do not see this.
The fast update is only working on the same object? Not across the related ones?
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Angus BrownAngus Brown
Hi Akis, 
 Yep, I'm affraid you can only use before save updates on the records which launch the flow (not related records):

User-added image


Try to create processbuilder in Invocable Processes [  ISCHANGED(), ISNEW(), and PRIORVALUE().] is not working and showing this  error (The formula expression is invalid: Function ISNEW may not be used in this type of formula)

Need Alternet solution for avove Issue .

Thank you

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Ronald DefeoRonald Defeo
You can look at using Flow to replace the Invocable Process. As when you call a Flow, the formulas you need are accessible and can be passed as values to Flow Variables.
Shruthi NarsiShruthi Narsi 
 how to read a uploaded excel sheet in salesforce?
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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
How about using Quip? Quip is similar to Google Drive, and is integrated with Salesforce (
Sai AkhilSai Akhil 
I have a custom object payment__c
i want to get email of ownerId of a record in payment__c in apex
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Ronald DefeoRonald Defeo
Is Payment__c a child in a Master-Detail Relationship? If yes, you the PARENTFIELD.Owner.Email. 
SELECT Id, Battle_Station__r.Owner.Email FROM Resource__c
The query is just an example as a guide on how to accomplish this.