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Claude DouglasClaude Douglas 
Hi I am trying to add months to a date field based on the value of a picklist field and then subtract a day in the calculation.

I am getting the below error and not sure what is causing it? 

Error: Incorrect number of parameters for function 'ISPICKVAL()'. Expected 2, received 1

ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c), "1", ADDMONTHS(Date_Field__c,1) - 1,
ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c), "3", ADDMONTHS(Date_Field__c,3) - 1,
ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c), "6", ADDMONTHS(Date_Field__c,6) - 1,
ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c), "12", ADDMONTHS(Date_Field__c,12) - 1,


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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
"Ad Size" is the name of the picklist field with values 1,2,3.

Try this , let's see if this works for you and can simplify it later:
ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c,"1"), ADDMONTHS(Date_Field__c,1) - 1,
ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c,"3"), ADDMONTHS(Date_Field__c,3) - 1,
ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c,"6"), ADDMONTHS(Date_Field__c,6) - 1,
ISPICKVAL(Picklist_Field__c,"12"), ADDMONTHS(Date_Field__c,12) - 1,

Bill PhillipsBill Phillips 

I believe the problem was caused by putting an action in the wrong section.  I deleted it, and added it correctly, or at least I think it's correct.  But the challenge doesn't seem to think so.

I'm getting the following message.

The final approval is not configured correctly for 'Discount Approval Process'. Approving the opportunity did set the opportunity's Approval_Status__c field value to 'Approved'.

Image 1

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Bill PhillipsBill Phillips

The problem was that I deleted the action and created a new one.  I should have just added an existing action to move it to the correct section.  By creating a new action, the verify logic did not see the correct code.

I started over in a new org, and did the steps correctly and got the badge.  All the steps look the same, except I carefully put them in the right spot from the beginning, and didn't attempt to create a second action that does the same thing.

Erik PetersonErik Peterson 

I have created a flow that updates a cpq quote with a newly created quote line.  Then the flow will create a standard Salesforce order with an order product that matches the details of the newly created quote line.
I am receiving an error in the debug that states:
"Error Occurred: This error occurred when the flow tried to create records: REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING: Missing value for required field(s): Order."

Here's my set up of the order product creation.  I am using the orderID that was created when the order was created, but still get the error.

User-added image 
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Chris EagerChris Eager
I think I see the issue. It looks like you are trying to set the value in ther lookup fields instead of the Order Id variable at the bottom (this is a screenshot from a Spring 20 sandbox, but it should be very similiar). You want to assign the Id in the red box. I am also assuming that you are only inserting 1 instead of multiple.
User-added image
Jordan BJordan B 

I have a field which is an algorithm that shows characters like ABCDE
I want to create a formula that will always show the first 4 characters of the Algorithm. meaning it will show ABCD (for the example in this case)
what would be my formula?

Thank you
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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Create a Formula(Text) field like this : 

Ely NascimentoEly Nascimento 
Is it possible to connect Salesforce to Outlook AND Gmail? i have salesforce lightning sync setup with outlook but I also want to syn with Gmail. Is this possible or is it either or?
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Rabin BRabin B

Lightning Sync can be configured to work with either a single instance of Google or Microsoft Exchange – it cannot be set up to work with both simultaneously.

If you have multiple Orgs, then you can setup Lightning Sync for the Outlook users in one Org & then setup Lightning Sync for Google for the GSuite users in the other Org.

Below link might be helpful. (

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Rabin BRabin B
Hi Vijay,

Make use of the Process builder in achieving this requirement. Below screenshots will help you in doing so,

User-added image
User-added image

User-added image

Let me know if it helps.

Bryan LandBryan Land 
I have a flow that I would like to make available to all users in my org, but the flow involves creating a Case record type that none of them have (or should have) regular access to creating. Is it possible to allow all users access to create those types only in the flow without allowing regular permissions to that record type via perm set or profile?
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Anandakumar ShanmugamAnandakumar Shanmugam
Hi Bryan

Try running the flow in System Context , refer to the release notes of Spring 20 ( . This may not be available immediately in production.

Also you can use session activated permission sets , refer here ( and this trailhead (

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Amnon KruviAmnon Kruvi
Hi Sagar, 
I'm assuming you're referring to how events are handled in lightning web components. Those follow the standard HTML pattern of events "bubbling up" from child to parent to parent to parent. This has a very logical reason: imagine if two elements had click event handlers, and whenever I clicked something that event would move sideways or downwards in the node tree. This could cause both elements' click handlers to fire, even if I didn't click either of them. 

There are means of creating global events using This would allow you to communicate sideways between components if you wanted to. 
Sarah LeeSarah Lee 
Hi everyone,

I need to write a default value formula on a custom date/time field on Opptys. I have a start and end date/time field, and would like the end field to automatically populate with one hour after the start field. I want my users to be able to adjust this as needed, but I want to pre-populate it with the most common duration of meetings. The fields will be used to create a related event record via process builder. 

When I go to build the formula on the end date/time field, I'm only seeing these options, none of which hold the custom start field:
User-added image

What am I missing here?
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Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Hi Sarah,
You can't set up the default values like that. Its not possible to reference other fields in a default value.

Default values are populated at the time the form is rendered, to prepopulate the field and save the user some work, and also encourage the right values to be entered. At rendering time there is no data in any other field on the record, so any reference to another field on the same record would always return a blank value. 

You will have to write a workflow rule or process to populate the end date like you need. But this is going to work only after-save.
Tamlyn NakashimaTamlyn Nakashima 
I am trying to make a text field, Entered By Other, not available or blank if someone selects an option from the Entered By picklist. The picklist values are names of Cici, Sierra, Melissa, Karen, and Other.
I have a validation rule making the Entered By Other field require a value if "Other" is selected in the Entered By field. But now I need the Entered By Other field to be blank if an other option besides "Other" is selected in the Entered By picklist field.

I have tried:
IF(ISPICKVAL(Entered_By__c ,'cici quezada') , 
    ISPICKVAL(Entered_By__c,'sierra perkins'),
    ISPICKVAL(Entered_By__c,'tamlyn nakashima'),
    ISPICKVAL(Entered_By__c,'melissa somers-vera'),
    ISPICKVAL(Entered_By__c,'anjum herrera'),
    ISPICKVAL(Entered_By__c,'karen bengtson'),
 ISBLANK( Entered_By_Other__c )

But I keep getting the error message: Error: Incorrect number of parameters for function 'IF()'. Expected 3, received 7

If I try to fix the formula, I get the error message: Error: Syntax error. Extra ISBLANK

Formulas are not for me....
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Deanne WaltersDeanne Walters
I am assuming there is an option in Entered by that is Other. If so I would try this:

AND( NOT(ISPICKVAL(Entered_By__c, "Other")), NOT(ISBLANK(Entered_By_Other__c)))

Please note this will not require Entered by Other to be filled out when Entered by is Other.