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Michelle ArndtMichelle Arndt 
I am trying to create a validation rule where if Dental Quoted is checked and Vision Quoted is not check then only Dental Coverage Sold can be checked and vice versa.  Essentially if something isn't marked as quoted it cannot be marked as sold
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
I would create separate VRs for this = 

Dental Coverage
    Dental_Quoted__c = FALSE,
    Dental_Coverage_Sold__c = TRUE

Vision Coverage
    Vision_Quoted__c = FALSE,
    Vision_Coverage_Sold__c = TRUE
Russell McDermottRussell McDermott 
I have 10 checkboxes that I need a value assigned to each (Between 1 - 3 points) depending on the box selected. Then i need a formula that will automatically assign an account level (Beginner 0-10 points, medium 11-20 points, advanced 21-30 points) based on which checkboxes are selected 

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Russell,
Your first formula will be as below
IF(Checkbox1__c, 3,0) +
IF(Checkbox2__c, 2,0) + and so on
IF(Checkbox10__c, 1,0)
the general format is
IF(CheckboxField__c, x,0)

where X is the number of points assigned if the checkbox field is checked

Now, create a 2nd formula field as below
IF(FormulaField__c <= 10, "Beginner",
  IF(FormulaField__c <= 20, "Medium","Advanced"
There is a good chance that you may hit the formula compilation limits when you create the 2nd formula in that case you will need to do the below

Create a custom number field on the Object and label it something like total score and update this field using the workflow with a field update operation
use the first formula to update this field
save and activate the workflow rule
Now use the 2nd formula as it is.
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Saad,
Looking at the screenshot look like Q3 Target is a CSF field with number format
change the format of the CSF field Q3 Target to Currency
you will now be able to select this field in the combination chart.

with combination charts using bars you will need both columns to be of same data type.
John NouJohn Nou 
Hello everyone. I am trying to map an Opportunity Name field from the Lead page to the Opportunity page upon conversion. I can do this for Opportunity City and Opportunity State by going to setup>Lead Conversion Field Mapping but under Opportunity Name, that option is not available. Any ideas as to why I can't map the name of the Opportunity?
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John NouJohn Nou
That worked great... though bit of a roundabout solution. Any Idea why we can't just map the name of the opportunity like we can with city and state?
Cyndi JensenCyndi Jensen 
I am trying to run a report that will show me accounts where we have lost opportunities, but have NOT won opportunities.  So if we have won anything at the account, or if we have any open opportunities I don't want them to show up - only accounts where we have lost opportunities.
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
hit the enter button before completing my answer.
the other way to accomplish this is byusing the cross filters.
Accounts with Opportunities
              Stage equals Closed Lost
Accounts without Opportunities
               Stage equals Closed Won
Alberto MarroquinAlberto Marroquin 
What permissions are different between a standard platform user and a standard user?
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Steve BlackwellSteve Blackwell
This article breaks things down nicely:

Designed for users who require full access to standard CRM and AppExchange apps. Users with this user license are entitled to access any standard or custom app.
Each license provides additional storage for Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition users.

Salesforce Platform
Designed for users who need access to custom apps but not to standard CRM functionality. Users with this user license are entitled to use custom apps developed in your organization or installed from AppExchange. In addition, they are entitled to use core platform functionality such as accounts, contacts, reports, dashboards, documents, and custom tabs. However, these users are not entitled to some user permissions and standard apps, including report subscriptions, standard tabs and objects such as forecasts, leads, campaigns and opportunities. Users with this license can also use Connect Offline.
Minhaj ArifinMinhaj Arifin 
I want to enable field history tracking for the 'Name' field on the Contact object. When I navigate to the Contact object I see a button for 'Set History Tracking'. I am not sure if I should use this button as it would enable HIstory tracking for the object and I am only concerned with the Name field. 
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Steve BlackwellSteve Blackwell
That's the button you want! When you click it you'll be brought to a page with a list of fields and you can pick the one(s) you want to track.
Jessica CowanJessica Cowan 
We are trying to add a colored banner at the top of our leads and contacts with the following criteria.

If  field "DoNotCall" is check then show image banner named do not call, if "HasOptedOutOfEmail" is checked, then show image banner named do not email, if both "DoNotCall" & "HasOptedOutOfEmail"  are checked then show image banner named do not call or email.

I had this working with just 2 banners previously, but I can't figure out the correct formula to determine which banner to show based on 3 criteria.

Any help is appreciated.
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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
Hi Jessica,
Please post the current formula that you have and it would be easy to work based on that formula.
Your formula will be something in the below lines
     Your Image banner for do not call or email,
   your image banner named do not call,
    your image banner named do not email,NULL
Your Image banner - this should be an IMAGE Function with the IMAGE URL included in the image function.

Karen HigginsKaren Higgins 
When one of our users creates a recurring event for every weekday including a Saturday and Sunday, the events will not get created for the weekend.  Is there anywhere in SFDC that we can configure what is meant by a "weekday" for our organisation so the user can enter the event including Saturday and Sunday?  The only way around this at present is to create a "weekly" recurring event for 1 week that includes the weekend, and this works.
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Jeff MayJeff May
No. Salesforce defines weekday as M - F.  There is an Idea on the Idea Exchange that asks for custom-defined weekdays.
Marlon BandhoeMarlon Bandhoe 
Hi Guys,

Recently i got some news from our sales people that the Salesforce1 App is not working as it suppose to be. When searching for accounts they get the following error. See the attached image. I tried to troubleshoot the problem. Tried to deinstall the app reinstall the app, but no success. Weird thing is when i try search for random account or to search for the same accounts as one of my sales collegue's  i dont get any errors.  If i try to add the sales collegue's account on my iphone i getting error. In my understanding the salesforce1 app is configurable for company's is it ? Did anyone of ran into this problem and know how to solve it ?

Hope to hear from you guys soon :)
Salesforce1 search Error
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Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
This issue is related to your custom visualforce page. In your visualforce page If you then attempt to access an element at row 0, it'll throw an error as that row doesn't exist. It's good practice to check there are records first in order to make sure that the list is not empty before accessing it.  Take a look here System.ListException: List index out of bounds: 0 (    

I will suggest you to contact to your developer who developed this Visualforce page to modify that page.