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Robert AlariRobert Alari 
Hello I need to make a validation rule to block people from saving a case.

AND (RecordType.Name = "Pharmacy Order Case"), 
AND (ISPICKVAL(Status, "Closed"), 
AND (INCLUDES(Account.Patient_Type__c, "In-House Supply DM"),
AND (Expected_Due_Date__c < TODAY())

The error popped up when I added the date criteria at the end in.

Any ideas?
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Chris StegallChris Stegall
Getting closer!

Is that "<" flipped the right direction for what you're trying to do? Should it maybe be ">"?
Christian SilvestreChristian Silvestre 
I'm currently trying to set a workflow rule on a custom object based on 2 criterias, if Vendor(lookup) field is change while the Status(picklist) field is set to Submitted or In Progress. I'm struggling with the formula on multiple scenarios for example. it fires everytime I set status to Submitted without changning the Vendor, If I move from Submitted to In Progress again without changing vendor, etc. I'm in need of a formula as follow:
  • Vendor field changed when Status is either Submitted or In Progress. Do not send if only status is changing.
Here's some of the other formulas I've used which have failed:
  • ISCHANGED( Vendor__c )
    • Wrong: Sends when Vendor is changed regardless of status
  • AND( OR( ISPICKVAL(Status__c, "Submitted"), ISPICKVAL(Status__c, "In Progress")))
    • Wrong: Sends even if I don't change the Vendor and move status
  • AND(  ISCHANGED(Vendor__c), ISPICKVAL(Status__c, "Submitted"),  ISPICKVAL(Status__c, "In Progress"))
    • Wrong: Doesn't send anything because I'm not actively changing the stage. 
  • AND( ISCHANGED(Vendor__c), AND( ISPICKVAL(Status__c, "Submitted"), 
    ISPICKVAL(Status__c, "In Progress")))
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Anne RieckAnne Rieck
Hello Christian,

Could you try this?

(OR(ISPICKVAL(Status, "Submitted"),ISPICKVAL(Status,"In Progress")), (ISCHANGED (Vendor__c )))

It should be checking both the criteria: whether the picklist value is "Submitted" or "In Progress" and whether the Vendor__c field has been changed.

Not sure if you maybe tried this combination already, but cannot see it in your list! 


Richard ValenciaRichard Valencia 
I created an Approval process with 4 approvers (For the Case object) however I'm experiencing that some of the approvers are creating the cases and approving their own approvals. is there a way to where the creator of the case cannot approval the process?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
You add them as Steps within your existing process.  Basically at each step you'd have criteria to check if the Case Owner is one of the Approvers.  If it is, then the Case goes onto the next step where the Approvers are the 5 other Users.  If the Case Owner is none of the Approvers it goes into the last (Else) step  
Lori Anne GrazianoLori Anne Graziano 
Hello, I need assistance with creating an expiration date field based on a billing date filed and an initial term field.  So like a Addmonths but the number of months is based on the value entered in the initial term field.
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
PS.  The VALUE function turns Text into numbers, but the text can only be numeric characters, no letters, commas, or special characters. 

But if you could change it to a Number field that would be even better
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Not within a Report Summary Formula, you'd need custom fields, or you'd have to do something like this => 

Tips & Tricks: Creating Sales vs. Goal Reports and Dashboards

Joe McGloneJoe McGlone 
IF(Number_of_Campaigns__c = 0, 0, 0,
IF(Number_of_Campaigns__c = 1, 5, 0,
IF(Number_of_Campaigns__c > 1, 10, 0

Error: Incorrect number of parameters for function 'IF()'. Expected 3, received 4
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Jim CookJim Cook
Try this:

IF(Number_of_Campaigns__c = 0, 0,
IF(Number_of_Campaigns__c = 1, 5,
IF(Number_of_Campaigns__c > 1, 10, 0
Greg LarsenGreg Larsen 
I have created a custom object related to an opportunity for an in-depth Closed Lost Review.  I want to automatically create a Closed Lost Review record when an opportunity is marked as Closed Lost.  I think I can do that pretty easily within Process Builder.  

Is there a way to have the edit screen from the new Closed Lost Review record automatically open in a pop-up window/new tab?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
For that you're probably gonna been VisualFlow or something like that
Ankit AroraAnkit Arora 
Hello Everyone,

I worked on a Project at the end of 2018. I created a picklist having 3 picklist values. Now they want me to make some changes to it.
They want me to change the Field Type from picklist having three values to textbox having one box only.

My main concern is that, if I change the field type, is there going to be any loss of data and what will happen to the records they created earlier and already there in their organization related to that specific object.

It's not possible to make changes to all the records created earlier because there are thousands of records. So what can we do in this case?

Need Help.
Thank you

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Steve MolisSteve Molis
If you just change the datatype of the field from Picklist to Text you should not lose any data.  But this would also be a great time to do a backup ;-D
Steve ConnellySteve Connelly 
Good afternoon all,
We are a Lightning shop and I have a question about the Prinmary Contact in an Opportunity.

We have removed the new opportunity button from the Account object to push users in the direction of creating Opportunities from the Contact object. This automatically pulls the contact into the Opp as the Primary Contact.

But in the event that users go to the Opportunity object to create a new Opp, is there a way to required the user to enter a Primary Contact before saving the opp?

Right now it does not. In fact if you click to manage the Opportunity Roles, it advises quite clearly thatt the primary Contact is optional.

Can we do anything about that?
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
There a couple of Apps that will do that (otherwise you'll need to write your own Apex Code) 

Or you could do something like this without any code

Knowledge Article Use of Process Builder and Flow to automatically create Opportunity Contact Roles
John O'NeillJohn O'Neill 
In the attached report the formula I have created shows the row value as a percentage of the grand total.  I need to show the row value as a percentage of the column total but dont seem to be able to find a solution :-(

User-added image

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Sunil SarillaSunil Sarilla
sorry, you want the formula to return 21/166 as opposed to 21/287
the formula will be something like

when you select the PARENTGROUPVAL Function, make sure you select the right parent grouping level
User-added image