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Asw HAsw H 
we have a Lookup field (GlobalSource_c) which when a value of "ABS" is selected then Picklist (Source_c) should populate "Sourced by ABS" without which it will not allow to save the record.Any Idea
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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Hi Asw,

Please try below formula for validation rule: -

If you wanted for all records 
    GlobalSource_r.Name ="ABS",
    TEXT(Source_c) <> "Sourced by ABS"
If you wanted only when creating the record
    GlobalSource_r.Name ="ABS",
    TEXT(Source_c) <> "Sourced by ABS"

Note: - Please use the correct API name and use insert field for selecting the fields.
kiran punurukiran punuru 
Hi All,

I can see only four fileds when i have clicked on Log a Call under activities in Lightining but i wanted add a custom field .

Does someone help here
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Tom HoffmanTom Hoffman
HI Kiran - you can edit the Global Acton & add fields to the layout. 

User-added image
Denver BoyerDenver Boyer 
Trying to create a formula field and this issue keeps coming up. I'd understand what to do if it was saying a boolean or number was expected. No clue when it seems to say nothing is expected.
 $CustomMetadata.Opportunity_Stage_Limit__mdt.Qualified_Limit.Stage_Name__c, TODAY()+ $CustomMetadata.Opportunity_Stage_Limit__mdt.Qualified_Limit.Day_Limit__c,
 $CustomMetadata.Opportunity_Stage_Limit__mdt.RF1_Limit.Stage_Name__c, TODAY()+  $CustomMetadata.Opportunity_Stage_Limit__mdt.RF1_Limit.Day_Limit__c,
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Mary TaglerMary Tagler
I haven't used custom metadata types, but I've seen it with the actual string values used and that's what I would try.

So instead of this:

Brian StoiberBrian Stoiber 
Trying to create a report that shows each account and the last activity created by a sales rep (custom field). When I run the report, I am seeing the same company show every activity in the report. See image below for an example. I need to the report to only show, in tabular format, every account with the date field. User-added image
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Pattie HeintzPattie Heintz
You should be creating an Account report, not an Activity report then.
Kari MoserKari Moser 

I am looking to relate my email communications to a client (from Gmail) to an existing case in Salesforce.

I added the thread ID to the email subject as well as the email body and I have copied the Routing Address that has been set up.

Instead of tying the email to the existing case, it keeps creating new cases. Is there a setting I'm missing? I am using the formula that we have used in another client org and it is working fine there. I just can't figure out why it isn't recognizing the thread id and tying the email to the case.

Please help! :)

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Ben FullerBen Fuller

@Kari, ya even by SFDC's own admission that formula won't work everytime based on the Case ID itself, you might have run into one of the times that it doesn work... Looks like someone dropped an updated version on this idea recently:

Nidhi SoniNidhi Soni 
I need to grant access to a user to clone an application.
There is the only way I can see is adding the clone button on the page layout. Was wondering if I can create a permission set?
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Chris EmmettChris Emmett
The best way to achieve this is to create a new page layout (with the clone button) and assign it to a new profile, which the person will have access to. There is no permission set setting that can control this.
Jordan BJordan B 

I want to create a VR that one of both fields are filled in, but NOT both.
how do I do that?
Both fields are currency.

I assume it's something like but not sure
ISBLANK (Type Min),
ISBLANK (Type Max)
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Try this = 
    IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Type_Min__c)), 1, 0) +
    IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Type_Max__c)), 1, 0)
) != 1
Lynne ReevesLynne Reeves 
Hi - I've tried and tried - and checked past posts but I'm still no further forward!

I have some currency formula fields that I need to be able to overide...

Unit_Price__C = a formula field
Unit_Price_2__C = a currency field

I need the field I'm working on to display Unit_Price_2__C, but if it's blank, to display Unit_Price__C instead.

Please can anyone guide my before I go mad!
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Try this = 
BLANKVALUE(Unit_Price_2__c, Unit_Price__c)
Vineeth VVineeth V 
I have a validation rule on Opportunity that doesn't allow users other than System admins when the Opportunity set to closed booked. How Can I add 2 fields(License Provisioned and Purchase order number) that should be edited by all users even though the Opportunity set to closed booked.

Rule currently has-

$Profile.Name <> 'System Administrator', 
$User.Id <> "0058000000DY9QG", 
TEXT(PRIORVALUE(StageName)) = 'Closed booked' 

Thank you, Vineeth V
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Like this = 
    $Profile.Name <> 'System Administrator',
    $User.Id <> "0058000000DY9QG",
    TEXT(PRIORVALUE(StageName)) = 'Closed booked'
Katie DeLunaKatie DeLuna 
Hi all, 
This ia very long thread, and I was wondering if anyone can help with my dilemma! I created a custom button (based on sample code) to send an email and I would love if the From field auto populated ALWAYS from a specific email address and always pull in the Contact from the case? This is the code I have now, but it's not what I want:

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Amit SinghAmit Singh
Yes add p2_lkid={!case.ContactId} in your URL