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Mehul AlatarMehul Alatar 
Hey guys,

       I want to have the status light to be yellow whenever the today date is apporching a due date 7 days prior and till it hits due date?
                                   7 Days prior
Todays date----------------------------------Due date  => Keep Yellow Status light. 

I am thinking.
                 DATE(Today() )) <= (Due Date - 7),       
               IMAGE("Show Yellow image", 30, 30), 


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Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson
I should note, that formula will continue to be yellow at or past the due date - so you may want to say: 
(Due_Date__c - TODAY() <= 7 ), 
(Due_Date__c - TODAY() > 0)),
IMAGE("Show Yellow image", 30, 30),
Andrea SloanAndrea Sloan 
I know how to customize my users' tabs through Navigator items on the backend but how do I customize my Personal view Lightning that woulnd't affect the users?
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Adam JohnsonAdam Johnson
User-added image
User-added image
Harini JeevanandamHarini Jeevanandam 
Hi All, 

I have a product with 2 product options. When I select that product, in my QLE I'll see the parent product and 2 product options. What I want to do is, when I update a field in the parent quote line, I need the child quote lines to be automatically updated with the same value as well. Please advise how to do this. 

Thanks in advance! 
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Colby KaminColby Kamin
Configuration Attributes aren't necessary (and aren't recommended) unless you're actually allowing the reps to configure those field values. If you're not, you can either use Price Rules (where the Price Action uses a formula that references the SBQQ__RquiredBy__c lookup) or you can twin the value from your Product Option records.
Deanne WaltersDeanne Walters 
The campaign object was renamed and I just reset it in a sandbox to Campaign. However now on the opportunity object the field that should be Primary Campaign Source is still Primary [old campaign custom name].

Is there any want to change it back?
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Thomas LangeThomas Lange
You should be able to do this by going to Setup -> Rename Tabs and Labels then, pick the Opportunity object. Don't change anything on step 1, but on step 2, you should have access to change the Primary Campaign Source label:

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Stephanie GélinasStephanie Gélinas 
I want to remove a template from the drop down without deleting it. So I thought that putting the Deployement Status to "In Development" would do it but it still shows in my list.

Any ideas why?

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Thomas LangeThomas Lange
Are you logged in as a system admin when you are accessing the template drop down? I think admins will still have visibility to templates "In Development" but non-admins won't.
Kou XiongKou Xiong 
Shot in the dark, but is it possible to keep the rich text formatting in a flow?
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
I don't suppose we can. With the new Flow Builde, I don't think there is any access to Text Formatting. 
Kou XiongKou Xiong 
Seems possible but I can't wrap my head around it.  I have a screen flow for searching and I would like to display a label such as "1 of 10".  I have a loop counter for the total but how would I assign a variable to each result?


1 of 10
2 of 10
3 of 10

As you go through the screen.
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Have you tried this =
  1. Create a Variable. The type would be Number.
  2. The use a Display Text element to display the same on the Screen.
  3. You can use an Assignment element to increment it by 1. The Assignment would be repeated after every screen.
Erik PetersonErik Peterson 
hi there,

I asked a similar question regarding notes, and the ability to have the note that's created on one object basically copied to a related object.
because we cannot use process builder with the notes object, I'd like to use Flow.
is it possible to have flow get the notes record from an "order" object, and copy it to the related opportunity object?
reason for this, my company really likes the notes feature on the order object, but orders get deleted.  so we want that "history" of notes to be replicated on the related opportunity. 
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
We need to create a cloned version of Note by using flow.
In flow we can use "Get Records" element to query existing Note and "create Records" element for create new Note record.
Please let us knoe if details implementation step required.
Anna PowellAnna Powell 
I need to change a custom field type but cannot do so because it's referenced on an  Apex code. How do I go about addressing this?  Is it not possible to do?
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Om PrakashOm Prakash
For quick check, I suggest please check any active validation rule on Account which has simillar error message "mut be 2xx...." in sandbox. (assuming Account object becuase error messge say field AccountNumber).
We can deactivate for troubleshoot and retry running the same test class on Sandbox.

If Test class pass then we can deploy on prd after deactivating that validation rule for few moment, then reactivate the rule. (After Ensure that no impact in business working time)