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Melissa HubbardMelissa Hubbard 
Custom App (Salesforce CPQ) randomly disappeared from Application drop-down menu on the right for one of my users. No changes were made to the system to justify this. Anyone else ever had this happen? Checked and it shows "visible in app launcher".
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Aleksandra RadovanovicAleksandra Radovanovic
Yeah, that does sound weird. Is the user in Classic or Lightning? Does user have licence assigned to it as well?
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Rajesh Varma MudunuriRajesh Varma Mudunuri
Go to 
  • Setup 
  •  Customize
  •  Tab Names and Labels
  • Rename Tab Names and Labels
  • Click Edit on the left side of Contacts
  • Hit Next
  • Spot the EmailOptOut field
  • you will see something like below screenshot
User-added image

The place where i made it unsubscribe in place of email optout. This is where you can edit the column 
Once you are done with saving go to any contact record to see your new field label once you add and save it to layout.
Only confusion is you wont see the change in the contact setup.
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Gabriel DiazGabriel Diaz
If you edit the user record you will see Manager under the Approver Settings. That's where you will have to fill that in and then upon save it will show under Team.
Noah JurcinNoah Jurcin 
I am simply trying to add 2 year values together:
RIGHT(Fiscal_Year__c, 4) + LEFT(text( Product2.Asset_Eligibility__r.Lifecycle__c), 1)

Everything to the left of the + is a year (ie 2011) and everything to the right is a number of years (ie 4). I simply want to add these two values together, but currently the above formula evaluates to: 20114
As in, 2011 and 4. I want it to read 2015. I thought, okay, that's because the left side is TEXT format. But when I use the VALUE function to turn it into a number, like this:
VALUE(RIGHT(Fiscal_Year__c, 4)) the check syntax button complains "Error: Incorrect parameter type for operator '+'. Expected Number, Data, DateTime, received Text"  Which is strange because the + symbol isn't even passed to the VALUE function. Any idea what I'm doing wrong or how to fix this?
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Pattie HeintzPattie Heintz

Ah your formula needs to return a text, lol.  This will work for you:
Text(Value(RIGHT(Fiscal_Year__c, 4)) + Value(LEFT(text( Product2.Asset_Eligibility__r.Lifecycle__c), 1)))

Lucas AureliusLucas Aurelius 
My client has several duplicate Accounts but with different addresses. The client wants these to exist as separate accounts but the import wizard or even data loader does not provide the ability to match on name and street address. 

Is there a simple way to import these records by creating duplicate accounts only where the street is different? I need to determine if this will involve any sort of complexity (including excel magic, splitting up the import in any way, etc.), which means we’d have to do a change request. Thank you.
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Greg OwenGreg Owen
Yea I recommend you load all the data and merge after, either with appexchange tools or demand tools.... worst case that's low volume you could do it manually using the duplicate management record sets.
Todd MillerTodd Miller 

I created a custom object in Lightning and in the upper right corner over Activity I have boxes for New Opportunity, Edit, New Lead. How can I remove these from the layout? They aren't showing as selected within the Quick Actions?

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Paarth JollyPaarth Jolly
Hello Todd
All you need is to edit the layout of the object and over there you will find Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions. Please refer the Screenshot for more clarity.


User-added image
James EstesJames Estes 
I need to run a report that shows only the contacts(not accounts) that have emails. How do I do this? Simple steps would be greatly welcomed. Thanks. 
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Gabriel DiazGabriel Diaz
Report Types
New Custom Report Type
Primary Object Contacts
Fill out the rest of required fields
Deployment Status = Deployed

Then do your filter as in the screenshot.
User-added image
Henry SchneiderHenry Schneider 

Hi there, 

I want to create a formula for a field that will enter Text based on other custom checkbox fields. The field will be called "Profile" and the logic would be as follows: 

Basic - True or False
Premium - True or False

Profile - if Basic is True add "Basic", if Premium is True add "Premium", if both are blank, leave blank

The two fields are exclusive, but if for some reason both checkboxes are checked, then Profile should contain both "Basic" and "Premium". 

Any ideas on the best way to write this formula?



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Lalit AroraLalit Arora
+ Deepak. But if you need it in simpler form you can refer below as well
IF(AND (Basic__c,Premium__c),    "Basic, Premium",
IF(Basic__c,    "Basic",
IF(Premium__c,  "Premium",

Let me know if see any errors while saving!!
Amit ChandolaAmit Chandola 

If  I have 4/25/2018 5:10 PM  the schedule of the event and my time tiggger is Before 3 hours - what does it count? 3 hours before it hit 25th or 3 hours before it hit 5:10 PM

Thank you. 
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Lalit AroraLalit Arora
Should be 5:10PM, if you have time dependent.
Atif MahmoodAtif Mahmood 
Hi Community experts,

I'm trying to automatically change the status on leads that have gone "stale" i.e. have not been touched by our sales teams in 60 or 90 days. Can I do so in the Process Builder? I need a simple criteria rule of changing status from "Prospecting" to "Marketing" if the Days Since Last Activity (a formula field TODAY() - Last_Activity_Date__c where Last_Activity_Date__c is simply LastActivityDate) is greater than X days. 

I tried to test in a process but I'm beginning to feel like it won't work because nobody's updating the record and saving it, so what'll trigger the process? Do I need to use apex code instead?
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Rajesh Varma MudunuriRajesh Varma Mudunuri
Hi Atif,
Please loon into this thread.