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Cheryl NormanCheryl Norman 
Good morning all

I created a custom url called Request Quote

What that does is just basically sending an email template to the SalesOps queue.  The template is pre-filled out however it is not pulling in the opportunity name or the account name.

Here is what I have in Button or Link UrL formula

My screenshot of the template ( have the merge fields on the template) but they are not populating as well.  

What Am I missing?
Why is the account or Opportunity pulling over?

User-added image

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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Based on my assumption, can you try this:

Chris BellChris Bell 
I have a user (User 2) who can't see related lists when viewing an account but all the other users can (User 1). Both users have the same profile. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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Chris BellChris Bell
Appreciate the responses! I ended up contacting Admin Assist and figured out what the problem was. I had to do the following:

1. login as the user who couldn't see the related list
2. Switch to Salesforce Classic
3. Go to affected object (in my case, account)
4. Click into any account record
5. Click the "Customize Page" link (located in the top right corner)
6. Add the related list to the page
7. Save

Thank you!
Elaine TurnbullElaine Turnbull 
I have a field update in place for a proposal submitted field, this will enter todays date  (the rule being every time it is created or edited).  However, we can manually enter a date in the past into this field but every time a user changes something in the record the date changes to todays date.

I'd like to add to the forumla to only update with todays date if the field is blank, if a date is already in there it should not overwrite it.  Any ideas what I should add to the formula please/  it currently reads as 

Formula Value (Date) = 


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Usman AliUsman Ali

If you want to use this formula then try this.
	ISBLANK(Your_Date_Field__c), TODAY(), PRIORVALUE(Your_Date_Field__c)

Angel RodriguezAngel Rodriguez 
Hello Trailblazers,

I'm configuring the Einstein bot chat for my company and I was wondering if the Chat Transcript or history of the chat is saved? Does salesforce saves Live agent chat also as history? For how long does it saves the history of the chat?

Any help will be appreciated.


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Eric PraudEric Praud
Hi Angel,

Yes and yes! :)
Chat transcript, field tracking, etc is saved. If you transfer from the bot to an agent, the agent will see the chat the customer had with the bot, just like a transfer between agents.
Not sure what you mean by chat history. If it's field tracking, just liek any other object, it is retained for 18 months. If you are actually tlaking about the body of the chat transcript, since it's a field in a record, it's kept for as long as you keep it in your org.
Steph Byrne_RCSLTSteph Byrne_RCSLT 
I'm working on a requirement where we need to lock down sensitive Cases to their owner and Case Team. However other Users who would normally have a View All setting need to know that the Case exists.

Is this possible? 

Our OWD is set to Private and opened up via sharing rules. To confirm the Users without Access to the Record need to see that the record exists.
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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Great, thanks for the info.

You can do something like this using quick actions and component visibility.
Laura SharpeLaura Sharpe 
I am a Salesforce administrator and when I log in as a certain user, I can see the correct dashboard which his Role should be seeing on the home page. However he says that he can see a different dashboard (the Org default home page) when using Google Chrome, his preferred browser. When he uses a different browser, he can see his correct dashboard.

Does anyone know what could be happening and how we can make the correct dashboard show up on his homepage in Google Chrome?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Kr. Rohit YadavKr. Rohit Yadav
Clear cache for the browser. Also verify the right credential logged in.
Pranil SarodePranil Sarode 
Hi want to update stage field on opportunity based on rating field on account by trigger could you please help me with it.
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Usman AliUsman Ali
  • Create a Process Builder on Account with this criteria 
  • ISCHANGED(Rating)
  • Add action to update records and select related Opportuinties and update stage.
Akis AthanasiadisAkis Athanasiadis 
I am creating a flow tha will be used by a quick action button.
My problem is that the decision is not working as expected.
I have tried to isolate the decision and the flow works.

It is a screen flow which has the following steps:
User-added image
Screen 1

User-added image

User-added image

I do not understand this does not work as expected. I am sure I am missing something but I do not know what.

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Narender SinghNarender Singh
Refer to the documentation link I have shared in this thread.
Lindy HoogsteenLindy Hoogsteen 
I have list with States that I want to create before I enable State and Country picklists.
Is there a way to create them with a mass upload rather than adding them 1 by 1 for each country?
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Coby PressCoby Press
Sadly this is a manual chore :(

I have had to implement this a couple times, and it is a right pain! Both times I have convinced each client to not use states and just have an N/A option for all countries which dont have pre-loaded states!

There is currently an idea for this-

Hope it helps!

Thanks a lot,
Cobes :D

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Eric PraudEric Praud 

I have a simple flow that creates campaign members from contact, triggered by an update on a contact record.
My flow checks for campaign members where the contactID equals the contact that I started with.
It then retrieves all the campaigns where this contact ID is not a member yet and creates the record. However, I keep receiving an error that the campaign member already exists. However, when I look at the email, it says that it's trying to create the campaign member on a campaign where the contact is not a member yet. I even checked the recycle bin as I am testing at the moment, but this CM definitely does not exist on this campaign.
Here is the email I received. As you can see, it finds one campaign where the contact is a member of (7015E000000PBDgQAO), and finds 2 campaigns where it is not  (different IDs: 7015E000000PBMpQAO,7015E000000PBMfQAO).
It then tries to create a member with this contact and campaign IDs (as expected):
CampaignId = {!CampaignMember.CampaignId} (7015E000000PBDgQAO)
ContactId = {!ContactID} (0035E00000vkp2rQAA)

But I am still receiving the error....

Flow Interview Details
Interview Label: CreateCMFromContact 21/11/2019 09:27
Current User: Eric Praud (0050Y0000036xkx)
Start time: 21/11/2019 09:27
Duration: 0 seconds

How the Interview Started
Eric Praud (0050Y0000036xkx) started the flow interview.
Some of this flow's variables were set when the interview started.
ContactID = 0035E00000vkp2rQAA

FAST LOOKUP: Get_Campaign_Members
Find all CampaignMember records where:
ContactId Equals {!ContactID} (0035E00000vkp2rQAA)
Store those records in {!CampaignMemberMultipleVar}.
Save these field values in the variable: CampaignId
Successfully found records.

LOOP: Loop_through_CMs
Loop Through: [00v5E00000COzpOQAT]
Iteration: 0
Current value of {!CampaignMember}: 00v5E00000COzpOQAT

FAST LOOKUP: GetCampaigns
Find all Campaign records where:
Id Does not equal {!CampaignMember.CampaignId} (7015E000000PBDgQAO)
Store the values of these fields in GetCampaigns: Id
Successfully found records.

LOOP: LoopCampaign
Loop Through: [7015E000000PBMpQAO,7015E000000PBMfQAO]
Iteration: 0
Current value of {!LoopCampaigns}: 7015E000000PBMpQAO

CREATE RECORDS: CreateCampaignMember
Create one CampaignMember record where:
CampaignId = {!CampaignMember.CampaignId} (7015E000000PBDgQAO)
ContactId = {!ContactID} (0035E00000vkp2rQAA)
Failed to create record.

Error Occurred: This error occurred when the flow tried to create records: DUPLICATE_VALUE: Already a campaign member.. You can look up ExceptionCode values in the SOAP API Developer Guide (" style="color:blue; text-decoration:underline).
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Narender SinghNarender Singh

Install this package:

It contains the flow as a template.