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larbi mouhibbilarbi mouhibbi 
Hello All,
I have a field in a custom object in where i can write HTML text within wysiwyg editor.
when i tried to export it with a report (csv/xls) my field got exported with text format

is there a way to make Export/Import data from that custom object and maintaining the html format of the field ?

Thanks in advance.
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Maxim MakarenkoMaxim Makarenko
Hi Larbi,
Did you try exporting with Data Loader (
Carlos DelgadoCarlos Delgado 
Trying to create a formula on my report.
This formula works fine
Log_Trends__c.Final_Pay__c:SUM / Log_Trends__c.LogEntry_Hours_Worked__c:SUM 

Trying to get half of the total.  I tried
(Log_Trends__c.Final_Pay__c:SUM / Log_Trends__c.LogEntry_Hours_Worked__c:SUM) * .5
didn't work...
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Did you try using 0.5 ? 

excuse the brevity I'm on my mobile phone
Christy KendrickChristy Kendrick 
I have created a custom text field on our contact object called Last Engaged Compaign. We are wanting to fill this field in based on the contact campaign history, so it would show the name of the last campaign that their status is "responded". I am not sure the best way to approach getting this to happen. 
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Jeff MayJeff May
Instead of using the Campaign History, use the CampaignMember record. Build a Process Builder on CampaignMember and watch for the ContactID to be not null, and 'Responded' to be True.  Then, add an Update Record action to update the Contact related to the CampaignMember and set your custom text field to the CampaignMember > CampaignID > Name field.
Ken HiveleyKen Hiveley 
Hey All!

I struggle with formulas and am trying to create a formula to review an outstanding amount against payments being made.  Here's what I've got:

IF((!ISBLANK(Payment_1__c) && ISBLANK(Payment_2__c), Outstanding_Loan_Credit_Amount__c - Payment_1__c),
IF((!ISBLANK(Payment_2__c) && ISBLANK(Payment_3__c), Outstanding_Loan_Credit_Amount__c - Payment_2__c)
IF((!ISBLANK(Payment_3__c) && ISBLANK(Payment_4__c), Outstanding_Loan_Credit_Amount__c - Payment_3__c)
IF((!ISBLANK(Payment_4__c) && ISBLANK(Payment_5__c), Outstanding_Loan_Credit_Amount__c - Payment_4__c)
IF((!ISBLANK(Payment_5__c) && ISBLANK(Payment_6__c), Outstanding_Loan_Credit_Amount__c - Payment_5__c)
IF((!ISBLANK(Payment_6__c) && ISBLANK(Payment_7__c), Outstanding_Loan_Credit_Amount__c - Payment_6__c)
IF((!ISBLANK(Payment_7__c) && ISBLANK(Payment_8__c), Outstanding_Loan_Credit_Amount__c - Payment_7__c)
IF((!ISBLANK(Payment_8__c), Outstanding_Loan_Credit_Amount__c - Payment_1__c), 0))))))))
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Ali MoshfeghianAli Moshfeghian

Hi Ken, 
Can you give more background? In this result field, are you trying to deduct the payments from the outstanding loan credit amount? If so, it could be as simple as:
Outstanding_Loan_Credit_Amount__c - 
Payment_1__c - 
Payment_2__c -
Payment_3__c - 
Payment_4__c -
Payment_5__c - 
Payment_6__c -
Payment_7__c - 

and check the "Treat blank fields as zeroes" on Blank Field Handling options.

Rebecca TalbotRebecca Talbot 
Why is my report showing the word "blank" and a numeric value for some first and last name fields when I pull a contact report?
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Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for screenshot. 
This shows data as Blank*** means Data was entered at the time of import.If it is really blank it would not show you anything. 
You may clean data for contacts and update correct values.
Chris StolteChris Stolte 
I have 4 date fields that may or may not have values. I want to create a formula field that displays the NEXT upcoming date of the four: 

Date1:  10/1/2017
Date2:  NULL
Date3:  3/15/2018
Date4:  NULL

Today's Date: 11/17/2018
Formula Field Value: 3/15/2018

Thank you!
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Roger that! Try this = 
    DATE(1900, 01, 01) + 
        BLANKVALUE(IF(Date_1__c < TODAY(), NULL, Date_1__c), DATE(4000, 12, 31)) - DATE(1900, 01, 01),
        BLANKVALUE(IF(Date_2__c < TODAY(), NULL, Date_2__c), DATE(4000, 12, 31)) - DATE(1900, 01, 01),
        BLANKVALUE(IF(Date_3__c < TODAY(), NULL, Date_3__c), DATE(4000, 12, 31)) - DATE(1900, 01, 01),
        BLANKVALUE(IF(Date_4__c < TODAY(), NULL, Date_4__c), DATE(4000, 12, 31)) - DATE(1900, 01, 01)
Tom CoffeyTom Coffey 
There's an "email opt out" checkbox on the Leads object.  My plan is to generate a unique opt out URL for each Lead based on the Lead ID. 

When a lead clicks the link, they are routed to my site, confirm their opt out, and then my site will automatically check the "email opt out" box for that lead via the Salesforce API.  

The problem I'm running into is that the formula I use to generate the Opt Out URL field on the Lead object results in a truncated Lead ID.

Original Formula I Used: "" + "?" + Id

The Original Formula generated a URL on all lead records but the URL did not include the last three characters of the 18 character Lead ID.

I thought that perhaps my URL was too long so I created a revised formula that substituted "optout" for "unsubscribe" to make the URL shorter.

Revised formula: "" + "?" + Id

But the last three characters of the Lead ID were still truncated.

What's going on here?!?  Why are my Lead IDs being truncated?
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Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Tom,

You can convert 15 Digit ID to 18 Digit ID: 
Use CASESAFEID(Id)  as suggested by Deepak above. Refer below link for more infor on this.

"" + "?" + CASESAFEID(Id)​

Kristofer MitchellKristofer Mitchell 
Here is the field formula:

( Order_Date__c ) >= DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(TODAY()),1),  
( Order_Date__c ) <= DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH(TODAY()),31) 

My formula return type is "Number", and weirdly enough if this formula evaluates to FALSE, it does return a 0.
It's just when it evaluates to TRUE, it doesn't return a 1, just the "#Error!".
Also to note, there are no syntax errors when it is compiled.
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Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
I think this is probably because this month(November) doesn't have 31st and since your formula is expecting every month's end date to be 31st it resulted in an error for November.

So you can amend it to be like this = 

(The idea is simple. Add to the current month to advance to the next month and then subtract 1 from the 1st of the next month(as obtained) to get the last day of the current month)
        Order_Date__c >= DATE(YEAR(TODAY()), MONTH(TODAY()), 01),  
        Order_Date__c <= DATE(
                MONTH(TODAY()) = 12,
                YEAR(TODAY()) + 1,
                MONTH(TODAY()) = 12,
                MONTH(TODAY()) + 1
        ) - 1
Junko GreenJunko Green 
Hello all,

When attempting to upsert leads, dataloader has been crashing once in step 3 "Mapping". When editing a map, the entire window freezes, mysteriously the "salesforce" text in the app logo in the disappears, and I have to force quit. Please help!
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Sutha ParathSutha Parath
If you have less than 50K records, you could try Data Import wizard.
As per Data Loader crashing, maybe restart the app, and/or restart your computer?
Élodie MartinezÉlodie Martinez 

I created a custom layout for the tasks for the service cloud platform. I can't figure out how to make it visible to my users. They would all have access to 2 tasks layout, the default one and the custom I created. 
Help please!
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Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
Hi Élodie,
Go to Task Setup - > Activities ->Task Page Layout - >Page Layout Assignment- >Edit Assignment.
Assign Task Page Layout to Record Type Based on User Profile.
Also, Go to Profile and Provide Access to Task Record Types.