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Vineeth VVineeth V 
I need the difference in number of days for Today and a date field in account object. I used below formula with number as return type getting error- Error: Incorrect parameter type for operator '-'. Expected Number, Date, received DateTime

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thanks for helping
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Pattie HeintzPattie Heintz
Hey Vineeth - try this:
Today() - DateValue(CHS_Last_Updated__c)

Todd MillerTodd Miller 
Trying to create a workflow formula that will update a picklist when a chekbox is marked TRUE. 

If(Engineering_Lead__c = TRUE,
AND(Owner.UserRole.Id =“00E1C000001Eoa1”,“00E1C000001Eoaa”),
ISPICKVAL(Engineering_Lead__c, “Kent BlackBurn”),
AND(Owner.UserRole.Id =“00E1C000001S4wQ”,”00E1C000001S4wa”),
ISPICKVAL(Engineering_Lead__c, “Justin Citrone”),
AND(Owner.UserRole.Id =“00E1C000001S4wV”,“00E1C000001S4wf”),
ISPICKVAL(Engineering_Lead__c, “Matt Koppe”))\

I keep getting a syntax error. Could someone please assist? 
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Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot
A Workflow Rule formula will identify the conditions when a record will get flagged. A Workflow rule will not execute any actions on the flagged record. In order for something to happen with the flagged record, you need to create a related Workflow action, such as a Workflow Field Update. A Workflow Field Update formula can set the value of your picklist field.

There's more that's wrong with your formula sample -- It seems to show that Engineering_Lead__c is a checkbox field in line 1, but then you've got that same field in lines 3, 5, and 7 showing that it's a picklist. You'll need to figure out which field you got wrong. Engineering_Lead__c cannot be both your checkbox field and your picklist field.

All that said, you won't be able to accomplish this with a single Workflow Rule and Field Update. You'll need a separate Rule and Field Update for each picklist value that you want to assign.

SO... Don't use Workflow. Use Process Builder. With Process Builder, you can have one Rule (checkbox field is checked), and you can then evaluate different criteria, one at a time, and assign a different picklist value update for each criteria that you've defined.
Julia SchanJulia Schan 

Not sure what happened here.  When I open a task, I can no longer see any related opportunities or accounts.  However, when I open the opportunity, I can still see the related task. I have looked into the page layout for Tasks and can't see how to add that information back in.  Any thoughts?

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Sarah KhalidSarah Khalid

Hi Julia,

The Task is usually related to an Opportunity or Account via the Related To field on the Task. 
I don't see that field on your page layout and it's usually field that you cannot remove from the page layout either. 
Can you check the page layout for Tasks and see if the field is available on the page layout and that you have the permissions to view this field? 

Andrew KuharichAndrew Kuharich 
I'm attempting to update a group of records (Products) that have a populated LookUp field (related Product).
I want to set the LookUp field to NULL or blank.
Is this possible? I've read that I might need to reference an ID# of a Product in order to update this field, but I'm not sure that's correct.
Any guidance would be greatly apreciated.
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
there should be an "Insert NULL Values" option on Step 4 (Run) in the Advanced Settings
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Michael DelyMichael Dely 
I am trying to create avalidation rule that says if a picklist value is any one of these selections, then another picklist field has to be "YES."  Please take a look at my rule and tell me where I am going wrong.  Appreciate it! 

ISPICKVAL(Compliance_Approved__c ,"YES"), 
"Open - Compliance Approved",1,
"Open - Board Approved",1,
"Open - GA Sent",1,
"Open - GA Received",1,
"Open - Wire/Check Instructions Confirmed",1,
"Open - Wire Sent",1,
"Open - Grant Receipt Letter Received",1,
0) = 1)

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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Hi Mike,

You will have to reverse the condition-:
NOT(ISPICKVAL(Compliance_Approved__c ,"YES"))

 As you want to throw error when Compliance approved is not equal to yes.

Hope it helps!
Marvis ZouMarvis Zou 
My boss has asked me to fix and add things to her dashboard. Is there a way to do it from my SF account? When I click on her dashboard, it is completely empty, but I know for sure that currently when she logs in, there are a few items there. Why can't I see her dashboard then? I know I can see some other people's dashboard.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks. 
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sakshi nagpalsakshi nagpal
Hi Marvis,

Check the profile System Permissions. You'd be surprised what's not auto checked, like View Dashboards in Public Folders. So, here are the things to confirm are checked for your user:
Setup > Manage Users > Profiles > [select profile of interest] > System Permissions> [confirm the following are checked]:
1) Create and Customize Dashboards;
2) Create and Customize Reports;
3) Edit My Dashboard;
4) Edit My Reports;
5) Run Reports and Dashboards;
6) View Reports in Public Folders;
7) View Dashboards in Public Folders. 

I am assuming you have access to folder in which her dashboard is present

Here's a link that describes the User Permissions around Reports and Dashboards. (

 You can also check which reports she has added to her dashboard?Can you access those reports?If you can access those reports then you should be able to see components on dashboard

Hope it helps

Hera SoherwardyHera Soherwardy 
Basically creating a new formula field called "Forecast Date"

The value of this field should just reference "Date A" on the same object. In the case that Date A is empty, it should reference "Date B".

What would the best formula for this be?
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Sunny SinghSunny Singh
Hi Hera,
Try this 

Thank you
Lindsay ThompsonLindsay Thompson 
I added two fields to my account object. I did not add any field level securities to these fields. I created the layout in the sandbox and pushed it to production, and for some reason, these fields will not show up on the account object; however, they appear in the page layout when I go in to customize it. I can't figure out why these fields are not showing up.
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Jake BrushaferJake Brushafer
Did you push profiles? My guess is that your profile does not have access to see the field.
Bill HareBill Hare 
As stated above, I'm trying to create a flow that would create a lead from a case (most likely using a button). However, I just noticed that on the case there is the contact name field but on the lead, there is first name and last name. So, in a flow, would anyone know a way that I could split the contact name field into first name and last name so that my lead could be created?
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Jake BrushaferJake Brushafer
On contact, there are fields for first name and last name that you can map to. (
Carolina CunhaCarolina Cunha 
I am trying to complete the training named: Reports & Dashboards for Salesforce Classic. I am doing the last sequence of this training which is named: Extend Your Reporting Strategy with the AppExchange.When I try to do the challenge, I cannot install Salesforce Adoption Dashboards from AppExchange into my Trailhead Playground.Even when I am already  logged on Appexchange I have to choose the app, confirm Installation Details and login again.
However, when I try to login again I get the error: "Please check your username and password. If you still can't log in, contact your Salesforce administrator." which does not make any sense since I was logged with this same sandbox login before.

I wish your support to conclude this training because I am trying different strategies since 09/09/2019 without success.