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Yogesh BiyaniYogesh Biyani 
I am sure I am missing something really basic here and I am hoping someone can clarify the behavior.
  1. An account and a contact were created, by converting a lead owned by a default owner, and were assigned to a default owner. 
  2. Today, I tried to change the contact owner to a Sales rep but could not do so and would revert back to the default owner.
  3. I changed the account owner to the Sales rep which also changes the contact owner as desired.  
Why was I unable to change the contact owner in #2? 

Thank you in advance! 

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Jeff MayJeff May
Sounds like you have a Process Builder in place (or a trigger) that is designed to keep the Contact Owners in sync with their Account.
Ryan MolineRyan Moline 
Hello everyone,

I am having trouble with a formula so I figured I would ask the experts:

I have 3 Opportunity fields (that should be combined but cant be for various reasons on our end) - One denotes if its an inbound partner account, another an outbound partner account and the final an influenced partner account.

What I need is a formula that allows me to say:

IF Inbound_Partner_Account__c CONTAINS any value, display 'INBOUND',
IF Outbound_Partner_Accunt__c CONTAINS any value, display 'OUTBOUND',
IF Influenced_Partner_Account__c CONTAINS any value, display 'INFLUENCED',
IF all fields are empty, display 'OTHER'

Obviously the above is not a proper syntax but I've tried so many crazy variations that I am not even sure what would be helpful to provide.

ANy help would be tremendously appreciated!
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Jigar ShahJigar Shah
    NOT(ISBLANK(Inbound_Partner_Account__c)), "INBOUND",
			NOT(ISBLANK(Outbound_Partner_Accunt__c)), "OUTBOUND",
				IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Influenced_Partner_Account__c)), "INFLUENCED", "OTHER")
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Julie PraschJulie Prasch 
On the Log a Call page when you are creating a new record or editing an existing Log a Call record the "Comment" field only shows 2 lines. Is there a way to edit this so it displays more while editing? 
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Jeff MayJeff May
No.  You can't change that.
Simon LaSimon La 
Hi guys,
Seeking some help here on a validation rule.

Use case: Need to make a validation rule when a picklist field is chosen AND a custom text field is blank, throw the error message. If not, can save.

Let's say the picklist field is called Product Type and the custom text field is called Environment.

Which function is best to use here? AND or IF?

What I got so far:
AND(Product_Type__c="Op Services",ISBLANK(Environment__c),false, null)
// Do I have to make the ISBLANK --> ISNOTBLANK or something so I can validate the rule to true? else error message.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Douglas BurkhartDouglas Burkhart
Hi Simon,

You only need the AND() statement. The syntax for the validation rule is that ALL arguments must be true in order for the rule to give the error. Therefore, your rule would be as follows:
ISPICKVAL(Product_Type__c="Op Services"),
Now if the picklist is Op Services and Environment is blank, the rule will give an error.

Also, you need to use ISPICKVAL or first convert the picklist to text via the TEXT() function to evaluate picklist fields in a rule.

Matthew HayesMatthew Hayes 
We currently have a validation rule to require a couple of date fields when an opportunity is committed 
AND( TEXT(StageName) = "Committed", OR( ISBLANK (Date_Field_1), ISBLANK (Date_Field_2) ) )
What I am struggling to figure out is how to limit the validation rule to only work with a particular opportunity record type?  I want to make certain things required at the Committed stage, but only for certain opportunity record types.  
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Douglas BurkhartDouglas Burkhart
Hi Matthew,

Try it like this:
TEXT(StageName) = "Committed", 
ISBLANK (Date_Field_1), 
ISBLANK (Date_Field_2)
Matthew HayesMatthew Hayes 
I want to make a specific contact role required "Billing Contact" to save an opportunity as committed.  I know there are a few apps in the appexchange that can help accomplish this, but I am not familiar with APEX and not sure how to update the code included with these appexchange apps to accomplish what we want.  Can anyone help?  This is an important feature for us to have.

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Jeff MayJeff May
You might try searching the AppExchange, the Power of Us Hub, and/or your local user groups. If you don't find a good fit, here's a link to someone who can help:
Lindsey CampbellLindsey Campbell 
I am trying to do a true analysis of field usage.  I'd like to identify every opportunity field's created date - then count the number of opportunities created between today and the field's created date, allowing me to get a genuine usage percentage.  
The field's created date is located on the field record but I can't seem to access that date in a report so that I do not have to click into each field's record to identify the date.
Thanks in advance for your help!
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Steve MolisSteve Molis
Ouch...  unfortunately that is not possible with a Native Report or Report Filter in Salesforce.  For that you'd need to use some kind of MetaData Exploration Tool, like Field Trip on steroids.  Otherwise you'd need to use a standard Report and manually plug in the CreatedDate value of the Field Name as a regular Date Filter


Michael WuMichael Wu 
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there's a way to create an opportunity field that populates text based on a contact field. For exampled, on our contact page layour, we have a Contact Notes section. I would love for this to populate on the opportunity page as well. I currently have a contact lookup to associate a contact to an opportunity that also fills out the contact phone number depending on the contact selected.
Any ideas?

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Douglas BurkhartDouglas Burkhart
Hi Michael,

Since you have a Contact Lookup field on the Opportuntiy Object, you could do this. But, since Contact Notes is likely long text field (correct me if I'm wrong), you can't create a formula field to pull in that information. Rather, you would need to create a process in the Process Builder that says anytime the Contact Notes field is changed, to update all of the Opportunities related to that Contact and populate the Contact Notes (Or whatever you name the field0 on the Opportunity.

Vickie SmithVickie Smith 
Hello All,

I'm trying to make a Formula Date field called Date Contracted to reflect the original date we have contracted on all new and excisting bookings.

The Formula should be:
When Deposit Due Date is populated, Date Contracted should be Deposit Due Date minus 7,
Unless the Deposit Due Date is greater or equal to Final Due Date, than populate the Final Due Date minus 2,
Unless the Final Due Date falls on a Monday (Helper Date Day), than populate Final Due Date minus 4
IF(AND(Deposit_Due_Date__c  >= Final_Payment_Due__c,Helper_Date_Day__c = 'Monday'),Final_Payment_Due__c - 4,
IF(Deposit_Due_Date__c  >= Final_Payment_Due__c, Final_Payment_Due__c - 2, Deposit_Due_Date__c - 7))
The formula is not populating the – 4 days when the Final Due Date is populating ‘Monday’. Its still keeping it at – 2 Days from Final Due Date

Would someone let me know what I’m doing wrong with this formula? Thanks you in advance!
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Douglas BurkhartDouglas Burkhart
Put another open parenthesis "(" right after MOD, like this:
MOD((Final_Payment_Due__c +2) - Date (1900, 1, 7), 7),
0, "Sunday",
1, "Monday",
2, "Tuesday",
3, "Wednesday",
4, "Thursday",
5, "Friday",
6, "Saturday", "Error")
Trisha HinojosaTrisha Hinojosa 
I'm unable to show every change within our Opportunity Field History report. To be more exact, reporting for "Demo Completed; checkbox" stops after the SQL opportunity stage. I suspect this is happening because the field is associated with (nested under)  "Lead Conversion (SQL) Criteria". Moving the field into a different section of the page layout, didn't fix the issue (if only things were that easy, lol).

Importantly, I AM able to export ALL demo field history data using the data loader (i.e., regardless of the oppty stage), but I can only get (field)IDs not (field)Names. I end up having to paste the ID's into my org's URL to find out what the oppty/modified by names are.

The Opportunity Field History Report offers me FAR more fields than the data loader. Any ideas on how I can get my report to work?

Thanks so much.
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Douglas BurkhartDouglas Burkhart
So the reason the Opportunity is disappearing if because above the date filters, you have it filterd to only include "Open" Opportunities. Once it's Closed Won, it would be Closed and would no longer be included in the report. See if changing that gets you what you need.